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On 8/3/2023 at 9:03 PM, JohnJ said:

Yea guys, I looked up Cyrus a couple months back when Paul and George were talking about them.

Who's, where's Ringo? Must be you Andre!

Interesting design just stands out to me

Just a quick update 

The DAC on the Cyrus CD8SE CD player is simply amazing so I don’t want to be messing with that 


However I am going to hook up an old friend to the Bluesound Node streamer then to the Cyrus amp 


I may or may not have mentioned about my little battery DAC 3 by Starting Point Systems

At the moment a direct connection to the Cyrus amp is close to CD quality sound but I want to see what is the difference when I hook up the DAC3 

Fun times ahead 



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