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Hearing Aid????


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16 minutes ago, Randyh said:

yes , you are right  ,  one of our kids took a  hard fall , and a normal hearing child went deaf in 2 hours , the 1st  implant restored hearing to 1 ear after 1 year of trying various other options -   a second implant will be done in a few months or 1 year ,  hopefully , but the hearing was restored in 1 ear - and that alone is fantastic , irrelative of the cost , but the operation is not without risks either  --

I'm glad to hear of that. Truly miraculous. I wasn't aware you had to endure what must have been a parental nightmare, but I am so glad there was good news with that story, and your son will be in our thoughts over the next several months.


@LarryC Dr , Dr.  Larry has had little or no hearing in one ear for nearly his whole life. He hears in just mono, but stereo Khorns and amps. He has a remarkable sense of acuity in that one ear. I learned more about listening to concert music in one weekend with him then all the previous years together. 


MD from Harvard, doctorate from Cal. The point being, with one good ear there is no limit to what your son can do.

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9 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

You're so far ahead of me it's just amazing.  Nothing you can help me with and I can't really help you with anything now since you're, as usual, so far ahead of me.   I'm good but thanks anyway.    :)


Ah good, something we can agree on.

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Thanks for that @Randyh.  I hope things work well for you and your family.  I'd hate to even think about that.  Would be terrible to deal with for me.  So very sorry .


To clarify MY point a bit more.  There was never hearing protection provided for members of the military. Today of course.  Years ago no.  When you were pumpin em out as fast as you could to save lives how much of your hearing did you sacrifice?  You hear an "Expend ALL Ammo" it's ALL goin down range cause it's ON.  Ok, we all know that.  IF I owned the VA I'd buy a million hearing aids and hang em on every person who whined to the VA and in some cases give em some beer money every month.  They'd be happy right?  Case closed and can't be reopened.  Right @jimjimbo?



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18 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

There was never hearing protection provided for members of the military. Today of course.  Years ago no

To those of you shipmates that were in the sea-going services ... back in the day, we on the deck force had to use this stuff called Red Lead and another chemical called Blue Death. Both probably outlawed by now. We weren’t given any warnings about the stuff ... just told to “turn to ships work."

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Yea, whined to the VA AND monthly beer money.  Nothing insulting nor is it rude.  It's fact and happens every day more than you know.  Have you seen the statistics?  I have.  Yea, I DO get it.  Like no one wants to "get over" on the VA?  Some are deserving of the benefits and I commend those who are.  I will ALWAYS stand w/my brothers and sisters in arms.   I'm also sure many would agree w/my statement.  Do you get hearing loss compensation and know exactly how it's figured?  I know many who do and I know what they get every month.  I also know the makes models and features of each of the 3 models they dispense.  Good stuff. 


As I said earlier hit the books and know what you're talking about like I have.  Look at the regs before you just sign here and smile walking out.  Then you'll see a bigger picture of how it all works and things you may have missed out on.  Do you know IF I've applied to the VA?  Do you know IF I'm receiving compensation?  You actually have NO idea what I did for 22 years aside from 10 years in the Artillery.  Perhaps I changed MOS and know medical regs inside and out?  I suggest going back and reading exactly what I've said in this thread.  Trust me I DO get it.  More than you'll ever know.  Thanks for the heads up though.  :)

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I cant say I enjoyed any aspect of the 5 years I spent in.  However, I got an Associate ‘s degree in 8 months for my MOS, used the GI Bill and graduated college with zero debt.


Now, at 46, I’m in year 7 of essentially the “ruined” part of my life.  Complex PTSD led to 3 suicide attempts and 13 hospitalizations from 2013-15.  I’m 100% perm and total. 

People think not being able to work is a great thing....No, having your career taken from you and dealing with constant (every night) nightmares and never ending anxiety and depression....I haven’t left the house after 5pm in 6 years.  Why?  No, idea.  

I get triggered going to our large VA center.  However, in Maine, we have several satellite clinics.  Due to the Mission Act, I can choose an outside provider which they cover.


With all the mileage reimbursement, I get about $40k a year tax free- not what I was making before.  

Its no joke.  If you served, you earned these benefits.  Those that claim they are homeless and the VA leaves vets homeless, etc- I haven’t seen it.  My case was fast tracked and approved in 3 months.


without the, I would have lost everything.  Fortunately my wife and I have been strong throughout.


If you qualify for hearing aids, get them.  If you qualify for medical tx, get it.


I guess I just want people to realize the seriousness.  Living for me is far harder than dying.  I vowed to my wife to stick around.  Otherwise, it’s game over.


This is serious stuff.  It just deserves its respect.  I also fully support using humor to try and create context of the “suck” and everything that sticks around.

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8 hours ago, dwilawyer said:

Last I heard they will only do cochlear implant if you are deaf or cannot hear/understand speech even with hearing aids.


Cochlear implants do not restore hearing to normal. In a small minority of people, they may not help with hearing at all.


They cost $30,000 to $50,000 per ear without insurance. If you have insurance they typically only cover if hearing aids do not work.


That may have changed in last few years, I don't know.


With a Cochlear implant try $110,000.00 for one ear and if they screw up adjusting the electronic module it's another $10,000.00 for a replacement. How do I know? My uncle had the operation performed several years ago. He does carry several new batteries with him as they last about 3 to 4 days. His module got screwed up with a substitute "Adjuster Person"

who got it so out of whack it had to be replaced. His hearing bandwidth is somewhere around 200HZ centered near 900HZ. All music sounds like noise which he cannot tolerate.

The implant busts up the bandwidth into about 20 or so segments each with an adjustment. When they install it through your skull into the brain they "Hope" the multiple probes hit the correct nerves. That about sums it up.


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