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On 3/21/2021 at 7:56 AM, Full Range said:

Here is another band from Australia that has a similar sound signature 

I’m sure you will like this band 


The bio of them is 

Butterfly are a band who want to rock like it’s the 70’s, have a heavy metal party like it’s the 80’s, and write damned good songs like it’s the 60’s.






This one´s on my buy list as well. I´d forgotten the name of the group. Recycling this thread brought me back to it. 

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7 hours ago, billybob said:





When I saw Bloodrock this is what I was expecting

I believe it was pulled from radio it was so controversial at the time



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2 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Hey @Bubo did you post this at halloween a time or two? Seen it before here and it was serious serious déjà vu the first time!

Don't recall posting it, happening more frequently

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7 minutes ago, Bubo said:

Sounds like the Django Reinhardt recordings

same era music?

Bing Crosby recorded it in 1937 and tons of folks have done ever since.


I remember hearing this on tv in the '60s



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Possible posted it here, but more likely an earlier Youtube thread. Or both...(doa)


 Panza (RIP) created it and I tried to keep it going.

I have posted band and songs mostly from Bloodrock 3. A heck of an album! 


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21 hours ago, JohnJ said:


First one sounds like it was from that "Charmed" tv show my X watched every week back then.

Did a little IMDB research

It was on a soundtrack for a Danish TV Series Jul I Valhal

Kids find Loki and a doorway to Valhala


Haven't you noticed

was a collection of Bent Fabric written tunes

feat Liv on only one track, the only track I like.


Chi might be her song that she wrote ?

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That stinkin horse was NO WHERE to be found out there when I was there!  I've just about had it w/that song.  I mean a horse w/no name???  Come on man!  Look!  You see a stnkin horse down there???  




I ALWAYS knew it was a lie just to help sales.  NO DURN HORSE!



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8 hours ago, Full Range said:

A song as mainly spoken word - so a little different to the norm

Enjoy Roxy Music 




a typical brian eno production ,




like this one , where he was producer as well



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