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8 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Beautiful renditions but...  Do they need more cowbell or is it just me?  :)

Perhaps if enough of us write paper letters to the Record Label,

when they release the digitally remastered, more revealing, higher definition, new sonic heights, with unparalleled energy, and a never before heard track on every song, now including cow bells for the ultimate home listening experience .....

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On 9/14/2023 at 7:30 PM, Bubo said:

I remember hearing it on AM, like 55 years ago....

Surprising amount of video on these guys on youtube

nantucket etc ...

For good reason. See you posting more good stuff of late.

Maybe your schedule allows for more fun here.

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7 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Maybe he's just gettin his groove on too.  He's sneaky too!  😂

In the never ending search for something worth listening to, I sometimes sample 100 tracks, and or CDs and come up empty.


There are artists that sell a lot of songs, that aren't compelling to me.


I was searching for The look of love Krall, but didn't really like it.


Turns out Myers used the song in the Austin Powers Trilogy. Formed his own spoof band ming tea for the soundtrack.


Susanna Hoffs Bangles Alumni, did a pretty good Dusty Springfield.


Solo between Bangles and Austin Powers with limited success, track below cover of a Badfinger tune with Aimee Mann. I know musicians who rave about Mann, but for me not compelling. I like this track, if they did an entire LP together it might be interesting.


The camera loves Hoffs' face, movie star photogenic face, not a swimsuit model.


An owl has moved into my backyard at night, in case I lose track of time. Rabbits and chipmonks once abundant are now in short supply.


A Red Tail Hawk moved in a few weeks ago and spent days singing to attract a mate, and either ate or drove off my once abundant bird population. Even the gold finches have bugged out.


AMs are a few hours of reading and writing so the brain doesn't go mash potatoes, completely.



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On 9/15/2023 at 3:34 PM, Dave1291 said:

How 'bout some Count Basie Orchestra w/a Lil Keb Mo and Lauren Mitchell?  Get ya ready for the weekend!  :)




'n a lil Charlie Musselwhite, Shamika Copeland & Buddy Guy???  Gotta get you right!







If you are into Basie and swing, ballroom etc

Check out WDCB FM on Saturdays, one program after another all day.


Most of the programs are available on demand in their archive section, playlists too. Sometimes you have to chase the program recording to it's source originator as many programs are syndicated.

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In the context of people spending money to see Devo

Amiee Mann was apparently in Tuesday morning

oops Til Tuesday, a punk band

Charted #8 on this song


Who said girls weren't covered with ink in the 80s

Whatever appeal her looks may have had,

the tats would have stopped me at the knee caps.


Recent photos the tats are gone

is removal less painful than getting them.



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Hayley Williams

I believe the recording companies wanted to take her solo out of high school. She insisted in staying with her High School band Paramore, obviously successful.


Like all of the good female vocals, her voice exudes fertility. Maybe there is a govt grant for the study of estrogen and voice. Sirens Song.....


I hope she took some time off to drop some babies, shame if we lose her DNA......


I'll check out her solo LPs 2, hope it's more of the acoustic stuff that showcases her voice



She has also released the solo EPs Petals for Armor I (2020) and Petals for Armor II (2020), the subsequent full-length solo album Petals for Armor (2020), and her second solo album Flowers for Vases / Descansos (2021).

Williams' other ventures include the music series Kiss-Off and the hair dye company Good Dye Young.



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