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396's, Cornwall 2's, Fastrac Horns, Drivers, other gear

Pete H

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This has been long overdue and I just don't have the room for all this gear and need to finally sell of some items.

I will be traveling from N.E. Ohio (close to Canton Ohio) to Beaumont TX and Hope AR next week if there's an interest in anything that can be transported along my route.

Klipsch KI396 SMA2   $2,300  B stock, 1 blemish on the side panel see pictures.  (Not shipping so local pick up or meet me on the trip or at SWAG next week)

Cornwall 2's   Need grills recovered and exterior finish               $700

Technics SL1200 MK2 with Shure M97Xe cartridge   $650 Purchased new, both items, thinking I was getting back into vinyl, installed the cartridge and dialed it in, spun 3 pieces of vinyl and it went on the shelf and was never put into my system as I'm not getting back into vinyl.  While it's not NIB, it's as close as you're going to get. Sale Pending

Behringer Ultra Drive Pro 2496 $225 Hooked up 2xs and I didn't like the GUI on it so back in the box it went.

Beyma CP25 baby cheeks tweeters (2) $140 (never used) 

SPUD needs some duratex touch up on the outside $300  Fine for HT and will do Ok for music if crossed at the proper point, but I'm 98% music and have many other subs to handle that duty.  

Behringer inuke 1000 dsp $225  Hooked up for a very short period of time and I went to all QSC and Carver Amps.




I will get pics and better descriptions up as well as some additional items later today and tomorrow, but had time to start the post.


396 front.jpg

396 left side.jpg

396 Rear.jpg

396 right side bottom left scratch.jpg

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Cornwall 2's 

Purchased and they were walnut veneer I believe, and the veneer had some issues. Did a quick bondo over those spots and a quick prime and black, but it was never intended to be the final finish.  Been moved, stacked, multiple times and you will need to decide what final look you want, or some minor prep and clean up and a finish coat of paint.  I installed internal braces from the motorboard to the rear panel (see pics) I recently replaced the diaphragms with Crites titanium's (huge improvement over the stock ones) and everything else is stock and in fine working order.  Crossovers are original and the grills need recovered.  I took one off completely because it was so bad. (see pics) and I have the other original badge from that grill (see pic)  I've moved on from these and built Cornscala splits and moved on from them and they need to go to someone that will actually listen to them.  I have too many projects going on to consider doing the detail work to these and then selling them for more.  Please ask anything as I want you to have accurate information if considering.  BTW, pulled the woofers out and they will be reinstalled but wanted to show the internal brace.


C2 clean up 2 on back.jpg

C2 clean up on back.jpg

C2 front without driver installed 2.jpg

C2 internal braces added stock crossover.jpg

C2 other side.jpg

C2 side 2.jpg

Front of C2 Grills.jpg

Rear of C2 grills.jpg

Side of C2.jpg

C2 tag on rear 2.jpg

C2 Tag on rear.jpg

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8 minutes ago, babadono said:

The Fastracs are for??? I know Dave made a few different ones for the different Heritage speakers.


I used them in a split cornscala project and if memory serves me, they horns themselves were designed to be able to cross down pretty low, around 400hz, depending on driver.  I didn't cross them that low and had Dean do a custom set of networks designed around the Crites cast 15's, the fastracs with the Atlas drivers and the Beyma tweeters and I think we were crossing around 500hz.  I believe they were used in many other applications, Khorns, LaScala's and definitely other Cornscala's.

I will post more pics of things tomorrow, I've used up my space for today. 

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3 minutes ago, teaman said:

I'd love those KI-396 but out of my range.

Come on, Michigan isn't that far from Ohio.  LOL  Need terms, have something to barter with?  I'm open to listening, but would never want to see anyone go after something that's not in the audio budget.  I have a ton of stuff, but don't need to sell it for any other reason than I need the room, or a 5,000 sq.' house, and I want to buy some other pieces of gear and get down to 4 systems max. 

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2 hours ago, Pete H said:

I have a ton of stuff, but don't need to sell it for any other reason than I need the room, or a 5,000 sq.' house, and I want to buy some other pieces of gear and get down to 4 systems max. 

I'm pretty much in the same boat going through boxes now trying to make room going to be listing a lot of things soon too Good luck with your sales!

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