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Hello. I’m a huge Klipsch fan including Klipsch licensed products such as the Electro-Voice Georgian and Patrician. 

Over the years I’ve had a lot of Klipsch products including a Klipschorn with a serial number in the lower 200’s. I’ve never owned or seen one inspected or signed by “PWK”. Has anyone here?

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PWK signed many of his speakers.  I've seen some photos here on this forum of his signature on the inspected by (or maybe tested by or maybe both) area.  Sometimes he would sign the speakers somewhere else.  I have a cousin that bought a pair of Chorus IIs.  When he went to pick them up, PWK happened to be there and PWK signed his speakers (I believe it was on the back radiator if my memory serves correct).   It happened to be near closing time so he also got to enjoy some spirits with PWK and the store owners.


efe8ecae20acfb597fe15973e5960c75.jpg large_Paul.jpg.90de1634dddccc18dd270d33c Klipsch PwK signed Klipschorn.jpg

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