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Klipsch Heresy HIP W/ Stands / amp / extra drivers


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Klipsch Heresy HIP speakers from 1980.  All drivers & crossover are original.  Work and sound fantastic.  Could use a paint job.


Anthony Audio speaker stands.  I had these stands made specifically for these speakers.  They are very heavy duty and cost me $250 a few years back.  I hate to part with these since Anthony has since passed away but I need the space.


Rane MA6 multi channel Amp.  This amp is a beast!  choose between 6 150W channels or 3 300W channels bridged. Some of the speaker terminals on the back have become striped, so I added banana style jacks for easy hook up.  I can throw in my home made cables if desired.


Ashly LX308 Stereo Line Mixer.  Consider this thrown in at no extra cost.  It works fine but the knobs need to be replaced.  Ashly still has them in stock if you need them.


2 Klipsch K42 Woofers.  These woofers work great and were taken out of a pair of Klipsch KSM floor monitors.  I kept these around in case I ever needed to replace a woofer in my Heresys since they uses the same drivers.


$650 / Pickup in Pittsburgh 



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