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****SOLD****1963 KLIPSCHHORNS Houston/Austin


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I have these 1963 Klipschorns the guys on the forum helped me identify and some options.  I want them to move on to a new home where they'll get returned to their glory and used.  I'm willing to entertain most any offer that could include delivery with in the Houston area going as far west as Austin and east as Lake Charles.


They need some help and I am glad to test whatever I can in some reasonable manner to prove your getting what you think you're getting. 


AGAIN, they need some love cosmetically and technically.  In a normal market in good shape these could be worth north of $1500 up to $1900.  I know they are worth less, just make an offer if you're serious and see what we can work out.  And glad to answer any questions I can.


That original fully functional McIntosh MC 2002 is negotiable as well, makes a nice pairing.













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On 5/24/2021 at 10:12 PM, 001 said:

58 year old speakers ---badges are missing , but the rest looks complete  including the wooden horns ---GLWTS



Oh, pffffft!  They still have the registration/warranty card....send them in and start the registration/warranty period!!  :ph34r2:

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5 hours ago, dsmdylan said:

very interested but i'm in dallas and have a newborn so i can't leave the wife alone too long. do you think you could meet halfway? feel free to pm me.

you need 5 post to be able to use the PM   feature -


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