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Reflective absorption


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37 minutes ago, ssh said:

Is Roxul or acoustic foam more efficient for H/T use? I'd like to cover with framed posters but am thinking that the glass would negate the absorption.


I have used a lot of Roxul in the past with excellent results.  And yes, the glass would negate the absorption.

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I would go with Roxul or any other similar mineral wool absorption over acoustic foam, although I'm not sure what acoustic foam you are referring to, as there are many types. My bigger concern however is what you mean by covering it with framed posters and glass negating the absorption. If you cover the absorption panels with anything that isn't acoustically transparent, such as a poster or glass, then it will definitely defeat the absorption. Glass is highly reflective of sound waves.


Unless you are planning on printing your posters on acoustically transparent material, which is definitely an option, but then I would have them done by a company that uses an acoustically transparent print technique to ensure best results. 


I hope this helps.



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Yes, you would not want glass, you want the sound to pass through the panels with ease.  Check out this site for ideas on creating art panels.  I would also investigate acoustic cotton for in house panels.




Also check out this link to a guy who makes panels over at AVS for some ideas as well.  There is a long thread there for how to make them diy.




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