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It is a New Year ...... Have any of the new Jubilees actually arrived?


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It is a New Year ...... Have any of the new Jubilees actually arrived?


I mean ...... delivered, in your house, set up, and playing music. 

Many of us would love to see photos on how you shoe-horned them into your living space. The more photos, the better. 


If they have not yet arrived, then wait before responding since none of us want to hear about delays, promises, excuses, and supply chain problems. 


Looking forward to the photos (Jubilees and smiling faces). 



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I have not heard anything yet. I think they will start to roll at the end of the month maybe, certainly by early March. In October Roy said he had a little bit of tinkering he wanted to do to get them just right. 


I don't know what they announced at their big sales meeting in October, if anything, I don't remember any of the videos saying anything about a promised date othered than  "early" 2022. 


Then there is the issue of the phasing of the 3 versions we were were told about:


The standard version, in two woods I believe, Walnut and ?????


The 75th Anniversary Jubilee Edition (limited to 75 pairs) with diamond logo "75" special plaques, in Teak and white lambswool (just like the 75th Anniversary Khorn)


The Diamond Jubilee


It's uncertain how those will roll down the line. I would think that they would want to do some batches of the 75th Anniversary first before the standard version. Not sure if they will roll off all of the 75s first before starting on the standard versions, I'm not sure how that works. In looking across a few audio forums there are a number of pre-orders already, I don't know if it matters whether a majority of preorders, one way or the other, determines what rolls first. 



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5 hours ago, PrestonTom said:

Travis, This rollout has been going on forever. They need to be in living rooms across America. 


Yeah that will be nice, but I read in another forum that a half dozen have been pre-ordered and are heading to Europe. I think they will be up and going all over the world and America. I think they really need to go out when Roy thinks they are ready to go out. At some point he will call it good and they will go.


Just measuring them properly, outside in 1/8th space has been a challenge from what they were saying. Measuring the distortion mechanically was pretty mind blowing. Getting patents written up takes time, they could be waiting on that, who knows. 

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