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How Important Are Room Acoustics

Peter P.

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  • 2 months later...

I've been saying that here for the last 20 years.


Actually, the recording engineer has you by the balls. Recording engineer is king (as former Forum member Dave Mallett used to say). After that, the room/space/place has the most influence on what we hear. IMHO trying to "tune" an audio system by using various audio components is a fool's game. You will never hear its potential without first consideration to the room it's in. Unfortunately, because this is a learning process, the priorities are usually the other way around for most people most of the time.


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2 hours ago, OO1 said:

I'm not so sure , the Recording Engineer only do what the big Studios allow them to do ,  budget wise   ,  the Studios do the final touches digitally in-house   


I don't mean to start an argument, but, I am quite sure what I said is true.


May I ask how much recording experience you have? What kind of music? Where? (studio, live on location, acoustic/electric, etc)


And how much professional (or semi-pro) playing/singing/recording experience you have?


It doesn't matter what the big studio (or small studio) budget is. EVERYTHING, and ANYTHING, the recording engineer does (or doesn't do) directly affects the recording, and what we will eventually hear through our audio systems. Low budget does not necessarily translate to a low(er) quality recording.

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2 hours ago, JJkizak said:

In my experience of having the Khorns in 4 different houses acoustics are very important. Trouble is the money spent to correct the acoustics is formidable.


Absolutely Correct.


Fortunately, for me, I was exposed to this early on. I had bought Cornwalls (1973) and was so pleased after the 3 month wait that I wrote Klipsch a letter. Mrs. Belle Klipsch wrote back and sent me a complete notebook bound copy of the Klipsch Audio Papers (Which I posted here somewhere as well as sent copies to select individuals on this Forum years ago).


It was those Klipsch Audio Papers that opened my eyes to the importance of room acoustics. Took many years and many reads to understand it all but I knew from that point on that when I eventually would buy my Khorns that I would need an adequately sized space with proper room proportions to get the best out of the Khorns. And so the journey began. 


Khorns in 1976. Room built 1982. Currently in its 4th acoustical incarnation.

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On 11/15/2022 at 6:15 AM, Peter P. said:

If you read this current article in The New Yorker Magazine regarding the renovations of Geffen Hall, you'll begin to realize it's your room's acoustics that are more important than your components.


If you haven't already, I suggest you read this. It kind of explains why I don't rely on measurements to make the room sound good. Yes, measuring is important. But I tend to use it more as a confirmation tool rather than something to guide me along my way.

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20 hours ago, artto said:

Mrs. Belle Klipsch wrote back and sent me a complete notebook bound copy of the Klipsch Audio Papers


That's pretty cool.  Good PR if nothing else....here it is decades later and that gesture is still flowing good vibes.



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I sometimes visit larger than average homes with loudspeakers in (almost) every room, wired to a central music player. Walking from room to room lets you observe how furnishings and room shapes have a big influence on the sound. Acoustic treatment is definitely worthwhile for people who want the best sound from their loudspeakers.

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