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Beautiful Klipsch Listening Rooms


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I wanted to share some pictures with those here who enjoy viewing music rooms with great equipment.

The pictures were taken during our visit with some dear friends who truly love sharing their music through their Klipsch Collection as well as sharing some of the most enjoyable meals a person could experience.



miketn 🙂




This is their Underground Jubilee clones with retro equipment collection that they restore and enjoy in all their systems.







Heritage Jubilee in their living room with McIntosh MC30s and a Custom 45 single ended tube amplifiers.







Theater Room which can be switched between Home Theater duty as well as 2-channel Music with again his custom built Tube Preamplifier and 300B Amplifiers.  Heritage Jubilee and UG Jubilees for surround and center duty with a KPT-1802-HLS sub as well.







Pictures just cannot do justice to these Klipschorn AK6 “Teak with Lambs Wool” which serve as a bedroom system again driven with great tube equipment he has restored.



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1 hour ago, The Dude said:

Wow, they really stepped up their Klipsch game. Not one, but two pair of new Jubs, not to mention thier jub clones. Very nice, thanks for sharing.   


Question, what did they do with the other 3 pairs of UG Jubilees?



There are (5) Klipsch UG Jubilees total {ie: (3) behind the screen and (2) for rear surround} + the Heritage Jubilee pair for L + R channels in the home theater room.


You can see (2) of the UG Jubilee-K402 elevated somewhat above the screen in the picture I posted.

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6 hours ago, KT88 said:

The various Jubilees are very tastefully integrated, I am amazed at how much I like the black HJs. Mike, can you tell what brand/type of turntable it is in the room with the MC240?


The black HJs are beautiful and I felt the same way Heinz…the irony 😄



Thorens TD124 /ll

SME 3009 series ll

audio-technica VM 95SH/H











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The more I see pictures of the Heritage Jubilees, they don't look as big and overpowering. I think the early pics with the camera low was kind of an injustice.  Newer pics people have taken make the case that they could fit in a normal house.


I like the black as well.

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Thank you, Mike. I suspect Thorens itself has rediscovered how timelessly beautiful the 124 is. I didn't realise that they were available again, at a proud price. The design fits in with our times again, like an MC275 or a Cornwall. If I didn't have my Oracle Delphi MK4 (which looks modern but in principle is already 43 years old as an MK1), I would be very tempted. Here is the „new“ TD124.



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10 minutes ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

Lotsa rich people here it seems

How much a Pair ??  😀😀😀

I think the list price is $36k...


Pretty sure there could be discounts, but not enough for us, Duke.

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@Iteachstem I like your room and and the matching stereo system. I believe that @mikebse2a3 was not only necessarily addressing the very expensive stereo rooms with this thread, but everything that is beautiful and gives the poster a lot of pleasure. Just like Steve Guttenberg invited us to show our stereo. I like your dark, beautiful wooden floor...and I often have guitars around it too.


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