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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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The projector isn’t mounted yet but it will done up though the

ceiling (going to mess with it a few weeks to find the spot I want it).

I used this hdmi splitter (link below) seems to work well.

The screen is mounted with what came with the screen and it wasn’t

nearly as easy as it looked in the directions lol.


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I like the D2 allot and cant wait to run ARC , I just want to make sure I got everything correct first .

If you really want to see what ARC can do, don't run it for about a month. Get used to how everything sounds, then run it. It's really impressive. Once you're ready to run it, take a disc you're really familiar with and play the same song or scene over and over while changing the ARC's cut off points. Find the one you like the best and leave it there. All your other media will sound good with those settings as well.

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Be sure you get the mic pretty close to ear heigth. I ended up having to take the seat cushion off, set the mic stand on the seat frame and put the cushions back. That's the only wat I could get the mic low enough and still be pointed straight up.

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