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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Well my new 82" DLP just arrived and I figured I would share and bump this great thread(we let it get buried 7 pages). Pictures just taken with my Iphone 4S, my cannon is at my office. This set is replacing a Mitsubishi Diamond 65" DLP, the 17" difference is HUGE!! I love is so far but now my brain is wondering if I should have went with the 92", haha.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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you can adjust the picture size in the edit window.

just grab one of the corner control points after selecting the picture and slide it down in size... to approximately the same width as the subject bar. that should make it 100% visible.

frankly.... I do not know why there is not an auto resize function in this forum.


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Hopefully you will get this... I know your posts are a little old. But I have a question. Is your TV base sitting directly on top of your RC64? I was wondering if this would be OK to do. I am thinking to get a wall mount for my TV instead and set the RC64 on top of my cabinet. BTW who made or where did you get your cabinet?


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