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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Yeah, a little rich for my blood also. Haha. I try to keep my receivers under $2k because I know I will get the itch in a few years anyway. My SC-35 is still keeping me happy and I only have $1k into that. Nice Denon A1UC, she's a beast!

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I had the SC-57 and ended up selling it and wished I never did , but at that time I couldnt find another one for a decent price . I really like the class D stuff thats why I bought a D Sonic . The 4520 seemed to be the best for the $$$ thats why I bought it . I might try the new Marantz AV8801 not sure yet .

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Who makes a good Pre Amp with all these bells and whistles ? Plus this has pre amp mode


I am doing the same thing with my Onkyo 818 avr and Anthem pva5 amp.

Onkyo and others do make some good prepro's but they are spendy new ,as well.

The avr or prepro will likely be the first the get upgraded as technology changes so makes sense to get what you

need at a good pice point.

That thing IS a monster.

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I might try the new Marantz AV8801 not sure yet .

Is that their new flagship model, I read a little about it on AVS, at 3500.00 if I wait the next 10 years when my ht is done I might be able to afford a used one. Nice looking addition, I have the same cable box.

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