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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Well I haven't posted pic of my HT in a while so I thought I would shoot a couple of new ones. New additions to the room are movie posters, some lighting and my new htpc which you can see in the equipment rack. I had a choice of new theater seats or my htpc. Since I have not upgraded my pc in 7 years or my dvd player I decided to gothat route. Now I have an outstanding media player the biggest gain is in dvd pq and pvr capabilities not to mention all the other cool things that an htpc brings. So anyway here are a few new pics.



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The theater is 26x18 and yes the scala's sound awesome in here. Having a large stage really adds an extra dimension as well not only in looks but really helps the overall sound. But it is also the mix of heresy's on the sides and my custom center. I souldn't forget the fill in for the back sides and rears as those are the lonely WDST. I pitty the fools that have to sit in the back..lol (shhh not really)[;)]

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Mike, Yes SVS has a new driver for their Plus series called the 12.3 driver which is sprayed with a black aluminized paint that is suppose to help the heat disperse more evenly, and add durability to the cone itself! Also it's a completely different design! Check it out on www.svsubwoofers.com and go to the PB12/Plus2. SVS will give previous SVS customers a discounted price on the new 12.3 driver, and let you keep your old drivers! If you bought yours a couple of years ago, you either have the 12.1 or 12.2 drivers. Many SVS customers are upgrading to the new driver! You will see where they are selling their old 12.2 drivers on ebay and audiogon. Its definately worth the upgrade!! Good Luck! Nathometheatre

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What a nice set up you have! Your HT is definately in the top 20 based on what I've seen! Very classy! Nice and organized equiptment rack! The built in fan at the top is a nice touch!

We have very similar taste, and Im in the process of converting our 19'long X 9' wide study (with no windows) in to our new HT.

Im currently looking for the best price/performance HT Projector, and really don't want to spend more than $1500 if I can. Any suggestions??

nathometheater: First of all, although you've been a member for over a year, it's nice to see you posting! I'm sorry for not responding to your post sooner, but I haven't read this particular thread in a while. Thank you so much for the very flattering words about our theater. I am honored that you feel so strongly as to place it in your Top 20. I doubt it's deserving of such high honors as there are so many great rooms shown on this forum, but thank you for saying so. Our projector is a high-end model that we bought about 3 years ago. I'm afraid I've done no projector research since, so I am probably not your best resource from which to obtain a recommendation in your $1,500 price range. I tend to send a lot of folks to Projector Central to do their research. Yes, being well-tuned to the environment, I love the manner in which our RSW-15 performs. There is no wanting for more bass, unless maybe you are my pal, fellow member, TheEar [;)] . But the bass never seems over-powering either, despite the small room.

Regarding the placement of our left RF-7, the wall actually helps! It eliminates early reflection. There's another on the opposite side near the RH speaker, too, which also accomplishes cancellation of early reflection. Most folks comment about the theater chair directly in front of the left channel. It too, has been considered in the equation and although, their might be a perceivable improvement in the overall sound if we eliminated the chair from the room, the manner in which the room is currently calibrated, using the Pioneer Elite MCACC system, we don't noticably miss anything! Imaging and sound stage all sound correct and even. There's plenty of high and mid information from either channel and it allows on extra person to join in the fun in our tiny room. The diagram below attempts to illustrate what I am fumbling to explain. The two triangles (one from each RF-7 horn) show a clear path to the 3 front seats. My sub is along the bottm wall directly behind the seats! Who needs butt-shakers? [;)]

scooter: I like this theater better than the one you had in the Bay Area! Nice job. I like the vivid color. Beautiful! I don't remember if you were at the June 2005 pilgrimage at Indy, but the Klipsch folks had set up an all LaScala theater for us along with 2 THX subs. Man-O-Man did that ever sound sweet! Don't get me wrong; I love my reference series. But, if I had the room: I'd trade my RF-7's in for LaScala in a heatbeat! Your room has got to sound sweet!

mikesp1: Hey, welcome to the forum and NICE JOB!! A very clean design. I like the risers and wish I had the room to do something like that.


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