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Long time no hear, eh?

Mike Lindsey

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Hey guys... been about 3 years since I posted. Been having fun with the car and doing a lot of road racing. Haven't forgotten about this place, and am just starting to get back into the music scene and have been playing my Klipsch's a lot lately.

Think I'll spend some time on the board and reaquaint myself with the Klipsch scene again. Hope to see some of the old guard and look forward to meeting some of the new folk.


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Welcome back. A few things have changed around here. The following excerpt was written by maxg and should catch you up.

"One or 2 minor changes is all:

Instead of recommending tubes we now recomend Solid state pro amps for your Khorns.

Minimum wattage has been up'ed from 3.5 watts to 350 watts.

The new paradigm for purchasing a pair of speakers - rather than simply connecting them and learning what you do and do not like whilst building up some knowledge along the way is to leap straight into crossover design, amplifier selection and the benefits or otherwise of cork-sealing the speakers into the wall whilst discussing the relative merits of pro-amps Vs tubes.

It doesnt matter how old an X-over is parts replacement is a waste of time.

Testing replacement X-overs can be done on a single speaker in 5 minutes.

Everyone listens at minimum SPL's of 110 dB and needs at least another 15 for peaks.

All DVD's boast a 24 bit soundtrack capable of 144 dB dynamic range - that crappy compressed sound you are hearing is entirely due to your underpowered amps (see item 2 above).

Nobody needs an SPL meter for measuring the SPL's covered in 6 above - this can be done entirely by eye using a $5 meter and a cattleprod. Just hold the prod near the speaker and press the button - the voltage swing on the meter can be measured as a reasonable guess as to the watts you are using which can then be turned into dB.

The forum's definition of success is to be a deaf millionaire lawyer."

Funny everytime!

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Welcome back stranger. Still hanging out in O-Town. Must be happy with the real estate boom out your way. I think prices went up 40% last year alone. Of course if you moved, the last 2 sentences are for naught. I have a pair of CF4's you should hear. I do like them better than the KLF30's I brought over a few years back. Anyway, good to see you back.

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Hey Mike! Hope things are going well your way.

Frankly, you wont recognize the place. You'll spend more time shaking your head in disbelief than anything else. It's the old one step forward, two steps back syndrome and this place might as well have added a "trip" in the middle of the second step back...


Hey, I resemble that! Even the Physics 101 professor teaches the same course year after year. [;)]

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Hey mobile--if you feel that way, why are you here? Just curious...

Welcome back, Mike!

..... because, as much as he whines, he loves being "The Professor." [;)]


Maybe he can help straighten you guys out... [;)]

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Hey Folks, thanks for the welcome back.

I've always had 3 expensive hobbies in my life (golf, road racing my Corvette and audio equipment), and can generally only afford 2 of them at a time. [:)]

Since I live in Central Florida, golf is something I can do all year round, and therefore gets a lot of my attention (and money). I can also drive my car all year round, and manage to run it at Sebring 4 or 5 times a year. Anybody who knows the old saying "In order to make a small fortune in racing you have to start with a large fortune", knows exactly what that's all about.

Anyway, since breaking up with my girlfriend of 4 plus years I've had an opportunity to listen to music again, and had forgotten how much I really missed it. Which leads me back to here. [:)] This was my hangout (lately it's been the CorvetteForum), and I loved talking about this stuff. Also, I am getting the itch to start upgrading again.

I've done some looking around, and must say I preferred the old look and feel, but things change and I am sure I will get used to this. I do not see a lot of the old gaurd (Qman, Shapeshifter, who was the older gentleman that was retired in SF with the Winnebago?).

Real nice to still see Kelly still posting, as I enjoy reading everything by him. His words are generally well thought out, articulate, to the point and somewhat brash. Nothing wrong with that in my book. [:)]

Mike (Flason), bring 'em by anytime. I used to own a pair of CF-2's (they are what got me into this mess in the first place). Just so you know, the last time you were here you didn't hear the 5.1 the way it was intended. I had a problem with the left channel amp in the Sampson that was driving the SVS sub, and it wasn't delivering anywhere near the power it was supposed to. I'm now feeding it off the right channel and it's killer now. Very well balanced and clean! And yes, the house has gone from $210K to about $425K in the 4 years I have owned it. [:)]

Nice to see you Craig. I'm still running your Scott 299 and it still sounds great! If I'm not mistaken I think mine was the 1st or 2nd you modified. The other great thing about it was you did it for free (minus parts). I can never thank you enough for that. I am thinking on sending it back to you though because it still has a couple of those large caps in it, and I want to put the cover I bought for it on. We can talk more about that.

Nice to see Fini, Sal and some of the others (sorry, don't have the thread in front of me) are still here and posting. Funny post by Max, btw. I see Dean is into making networks with Al now (I have the ALKs on my La Scala's). What are the differences between those networks and what I have?

The other thing I notice is everybody has a pair of Khorns now. What, did someone start giving them away? Looks like they are a pre-req to be on the 2-channel board now. [:)] I also see a lot of 2A3 and 300B amps in the signatures. You guys know you can all thank Kelly for that. There were very few tube aficianados on this board prior to his arrival.

Anyway, I'll keep lurking, and probably asking a lot of dumb questions that have been discussed 1000 times. My knowledge with audio is not technical like a lot of you guys. I don't know the first thing about a resistor or a capacitor, but I have a pretty decent ear, and prefer my music loud and often. [:)]

Talk to you all soon,


Edit: I forgot about Colin! Colin helped me with my Chorus and La Scala purchases. I see you are in Tampa now... how goes it?

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Yeah, you won't recognize the place. After people settle in with some gear they like the sound of, they start moving forward with optimized networks, superior drivers, and killer horns. The only people moving backwards or standing still are the new members who are just starting to learn -- or the old ones who won't let go of outmoded ways of thinking about things.

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Hi Don, yeah I remember you. Nice to see you are still here.

Dean - What are the differences between your Networks (with Al) and the ALKs I already have on my La Scala's?

Also, what ever happened to Edster, Shapeshifter, Tom Brennan, JHawk (Rob), Doug Drake and Boa? Are they still around?


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