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guilty pleasures movies


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Just got through watching Team America for the nth time. It sounds great on the Forte II's all around with the Academy center. So I was wondering....what are the movies others watch that you know are not academy award type but you love to watch. Besides Team America, mine would have to include in no particular order:

The Wild Angels



I will reserve two more spaces for later. Anyone else care to put in their recommendations?

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Caddyshack is always a fav, and Hot Shots when I need a Lloyd Bridges fix. Airplane, of course, just to see Betty White rap with the Jamaican dudes.

This stuff is not my mainstream fare. I just pull them out when I'm home alone and feeling silly and mischievous.

Watched Italian Job last night with the family. I love the driving scenes with the Minis. Can't wait to have the HT up and running mid-year. Watching a movie in 2-ch with Heresies alone creates a vacuum of sorts.

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Deep Thr....oh, you meant above board flicks, well you said "GUILTY PLEASURES!" OK! All seriousness aside I love to watch Blazing Saddlers or almost any Mel Brooks film, the original Caddy Shack is a must. I think I actually know Blazing Saddles and Caddy Shack line for line I have seen them so many times. I also gotta throw in Monty Python "The Life of Brian"

EDIT: Almost forgot Braveheart

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All Time = Farris Beuller's Day Off - I somehow have managed to watch this flick more times then I could possibly count

current fav = KungFu Hustle - no doubt about it, where I found kung pow dissapointing to the point of being un-watchable, Kung Fu Hustle ROCKS!!

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A recent one I have liked to watch multiple times is:

National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. I like the intricate story and it is very entertaining to me. I know the portions where the clues are being figured out in a matter of seconds is a bit "yeah, right, that was a stretch" but just think of how long this movie could have been if Peter Jackson had made it! [:D]

Some of the others I drop in from time to time:

The Fifth Element - sort of my crazy comedic action flick

The Incredibles - my feel old I want to get off the couch flick (of course, I stay on the couch and watch a good movie!)

Minority Report - Haven't watched it recently but I really love this action/suspense flick

Hitch - Well, I don't own this but I have watched it several times on Starz (or something like Starz) so this is my romantic comedy flick (just recently watched French Kiss and thought it was great! Made my azz twitch but, other than that, it was a very good movie! [:)])

There are many others I will throw in from time to time: Toy Story, Tombstone (loved Val in his part), LOTR Triology (okay, I haven't actually watched this again because I was waiting to get my entire system with my new Hi Def TV, but I will!), etc.

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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension

John Lithgow as the mad scientist; Peter Weller as Buckaroo (particle physicist/neurosurgeon/martial arts expert/rock star); Ellen Barkin as the damsel in distress; Jeff Goldblum as New Jersey, the neurosurgeon/side kick; Christopher Lloyd as John Bigboote (one of the aliens).

This is a nutzo, entertaining take off of Orson Wells' take off of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

This movie is a real hoot!


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Hard to pick out just a few, we have over 100 DVDs and at least that many VHS tapes. Some that come to mind but in no order are:

Guy movies:

Eraser ... A very Arnold flick

Under Siege, Ya gotta love Steven Seagal and Gary Busey together

Any of the Matrix movies

Any of the Star Wars movies

Any of the Star Trek movies

(is there a trend here?[:D])

XXX (the first one)

The Babysitter

X Men

Moving to chick flicks:

Shall we dance?


Runaway Bride

Hanging up

The first daughter

Princess diaries (1 or 2)

Ice Castles


Blazing saddles

Life of Brian

Silent movie

American Pie


A fish named Wanda

Any Die Hard movie

K-9 (1or2)


Power hammer tooling

Fly press tooling

Home Videos of demonstrations I attended at blacksmithing conferences

Well, thats enough for now[;)]

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