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Who would purchase a Klipsch T-shirt and what color?

dtel's wife

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Would love to have some Klipsch T-shirts. Make them well and with heavy cotton, in long, half and short sleeves. Get the sizes right. "XXL" in Japan means "medium" in America. Color? Why stick with just solid colors? Get some style going: white sleeves, red piping, red trunk and so forth.............

Now about the baseball caps..................[:D]

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Id buy a couple in XXL especially if they were the good kind of Ts like Beefy Ts. Good quality Ts like one expects from Klipsch.

In the fall Id also like to buy a couple of sweatshirts.

Depending on the logo color Id take black, grey or white.

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Ditto on the XXL (or larger/taller...I like 'em hangin' loose) in black with gold "Legend in Sound" logo. Even the new PWK pie crest would be sweet. Also like Colin's idea of a shortsleeve polo. Throw in some good quality baseball caps as well.[Y]

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i'd go a couple or 3 if all heavyweight cotton, dark blue, dark green, black or white . . . . XL

and good quality baseballl cap. . . . .. none of the cheesy stuff for us klipschaholics......

i dunno 'bout a thong though . . . ain't quite there yet, even if this is california

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