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3 minutes to Miller Time


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Happy 10/1/2021 to all here. Got some Ayinger Pils going down, internet music playing from my PC....Yuk


I learned something today.


My cable modem worked fine this past Wednesday, Thursday I turned it on and it would not power on. Thursday morning there was a big crash bang lighting strike near by.

I picked up a new cable modem today, got it activated and am connected.

However my wireless router sees no connection at the Ethernet WAN side, No link lights are on. I can get to the Web interface on the router through all the available ports, all looks good. I've rebooted it, backed up the config file and reset it, still nothing.

The unit was not on, it was plugged into a cheap power strip as was the Cable Modem. The Cable Modem had the Coax screwed into the back and it was connected to the router with CAT6 to the Ethernet WAN port.


Chit happens LOL 🍻





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3 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

@babadono  enjoy the fruits of your labor young man. 

Thanks but methinks I'm older than you.

Any way...jeesh went to HomeRDepot and  1 10 foot long piece of 1" electrical plastic conduit cost $10.38.

OMG!!!  I used thousands of feet of electrical cond. 1" and greater when I built my house. How can anyone afford to build now?

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Eric you do know that BigStewMan is not a real person right?  Many years ago several of us developed his persona and opened a forum account for him based on the life and career of a federal inmate named Sylvester Penrod.  Penrod was doing time for maliciously smashing guitars and petty theft!  A quirky guy who would go through the chow line and pocket those little packs of ketchup when no one was looking.  I think he is now on the lam traveling up and down the west coast doing odd jobs and blogging on several forums.

So if you need help with your construction projects you will have better luck getting Rich and Carl to stop by.

Hope this helps😁

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12 hours ago, babadono said:

BTW when are you due back in my area?:)

in your state, next spring; but still six or seven hour drive from your area.  


12 hours ago, babadono said:

Sooner or later one of us is going to have the pleasure of meeting you, mystery man.

don't set yourself up for disappointment.  


3 hours ago, Tarheel said:

you do know that BigStewMan is not a real person right?

but why did you create this persona with very real pains?  life is kicking the crap out of me -- and it hurts.   oh yeah, unlike the infamous Sylvester penned, I treat my guitars very well. 

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