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3 minutes to Miller Time


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12 hours ago, oldtimer said:

If they did they would be showing off...

You know me too well my friend.   True story, I was at a parent/teacher conference once and the teacher asked me if I could read. She misinterpreted my statement that I couldn't help my kids with their homework. I was meaning thet my patience was too short and all of my attempts ended with frustration. She, in a very sympathetic way, said, "you can't read?"  


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4 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

Yes, a sad day.  That's some good juice right there.  


I should have quit after a couple (few) but there was so little left, I decided to  finished it off. Moving s little slower than usual this morning (afternoon). I think at our age it is the staying up late is a tough on us as the beverages....and yes that is some good juice for sure.


Music just kept playing... I've not stayed up till 3AM in a while.

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23 hours ago, MyOwn said:

Happy early Friday... Got some beers going and music flowing, no work tomorrow 🍻


I can only say Ouch to the following....



No way I'm clicking that link.  I got a chill just reading the headline. 

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2 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

going dry again today ... two days in a row.  stomach has been messed up for five days now.  Although I'm tempted to have a drink since my stomach is already jacked up.   No way I'm going to say it couldn't get any worse. 


Yes man, listen to your body. Got all the time in the world.

Enjoy, relax and moderate. 


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On 9/24/2021 at 6:50 PM, billybob said:

Got all the time in the world

yeah, the one thing that I'm not interested in ... more time. 

Thanks for the kind thought though. 

first day that the stomach didn't upset me today. Even after my meal I felt fine and am on my second Stella Artois -- two will do me for today, no sense pushing my luck. 

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1 hour ago, CECAA850 said:

Went to a friend's house for dinner last night. There were 6 of is but not all drank Old Fashioneds.   Be that as it may, I must have made 20 of them.

do you use Vermouth , Manhattan style or what  do you add with  the Bourbon 

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