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  2. I get a month to clean up dead weeds before I think about softening up the lawn for rainy season. I use the lawn to cool the house, so I water at the wrong time for max absorption. Mid after noon. seeing another mauling by a tiger on the news. The victim was quick to take fault... ..... uh yeah. 1st mistake, you were in an enclosure with a tiger.
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  4. +1! Many designers I've followed say the same. While they will often use measurement in an academic sense, fine tuning and voicing is always done by ear.
  5. No problem. It'll probably take a minute, to do this right I'll have to build a quick and dirty test box to mount it in to get half the parameters (I don't get a good feeling that the added weight method is as accurate). Then I can take some physical measurements and hopefully generate a fairly accurate driver file. I just got it in my hands today. Wow, it is a beautiful copper beast of a speaker.
  6. MyOwn

    Happy Thad Day

    I don't know you personally But, Happy Flippin Freakin Fluckin Birthday 🍺
  7. That eliminates #2. The height is not so bad for sound but a little too accessible for unwanted hands to grab hold of, IMO. Not a bad compromise and pretty near where I have my surrounds. Bill
  8. Greater torque while at speed would be more desirable if they give that rating. Less startup torque could very well be better if it's because of "soft start" motor control.
  9. JohnA

    otis l

    Which huge Peavey woofers?
  10. ^^^You crack me up....LOL...Cheers 🍺
  11. No, not at all. ..So long as the table gets to speed quicker than you can drop the needle, you're fine. ..And the 1210gr most certainly does that. ..It gets to speed w/in about 1 sec. ..compare that to most belt-drive tables.
  12. Personally I don't care how long the length of the basshorn is.... 70", 80", 90", 100"... whatever. All I know is that the sealed cabinet sounds AWESOME. So whatever Klipsch did, they got it right. I think they did a great job retaining everything what makes the KHorn a KHorn all while making very tasteful and relevant improvements to the design to keep it competitive as a flagship speaker in a tough market. I'm just grateful to be fortunate enough to be able to own them.
  13. oldtimer

    Happy Thad Day

    But he farts much older.
  14. Well with the H1’s and H2/3’s they need to be sealed very well as the woofer has very little movement ability or the X max measurement so it highly relies off of havei g a very well sealed cabinet Dollar for dollar Klipsch has no equals Name one other speaker company that can build a speaker and keep working like new after 45 plus years of service. Answer NO ONE !!!!!!
  15. Hey Rplace, Much thanks for your informative reply. As my friend's speakers have a port, but are labeled Type HI instead of Type HIP, this may seem to be a one-off mistake with Klipsch using an incorrectly labeled input cup. But, as mentioned in my initial post to this thread, forum member triceatops has the identical speaker with the same Type HI indicated on his speaker's input cups. If a mistake, possibly Klipsch mislabeled all Heresy Industrial Port speakers made that day (triceatops's serial numbers are 1320 and 1321; serial number of my friend's speaker in the photo is 1324). I have not discussed pricing with the musician. He could really use the money though suspect he'd be pleased with a win-win sales price. Yeah, I've sold lots of LPs on ebay so am familiar with potential issues with some buyers. But except for 3 or so buyers I've dealt with good people. Maybe that is a common characteristic with music (and LP) lovers. Whereas selling a commercial espresso machine had a different type of results! Rplace, there is something I can't peg that is familiar about your 47 West 63rd address. 🙂 and !!! Am I right your mention of "Analogue = Basis" indicates you own a Basis turntable? If so, which model? I've had a happy relationship with Basis turntables, having owned 4 of their 'tables with the 1st acquired about the late 1980's. Thanks!
  16. That picture is Pure Michigan. Makes me miss home.
  17. $150 plus shipping each I have four available.
  18. Just Call it a Job Machine https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/25/business/economy/jobs-in-cannabis-weed-marijuana.html
  19. I just choose wisely now Carl. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  20. Sorry you couldn't attend. I can't send any of the bathtub pics, Mr. T Smith said he wanted the exclusive. I thought it was a little weird, but it was just his birthday. LMFAO
  21. So option 1 is lower for sure maybe about a foot above ear level but behind ears about a foot. Option 2 is more like 2 and a half feet above ear level but is actually in front of the couch and ears by almost a foot. Option 3 is like 2 and a half feet above ear level but is like 2 and a half feet behind ears though.
  22. Already did that combination. The drink was so stiff, I can't remember what the kinky thing was now. Time for another drink
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