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    I have been dragging my feet on cutting wood tweeter lenses and also learning how to do it. Unfortunately the wood I had on hand was small so I have to get more. I can say though that I have no doubt these Walnut lenses will be cutable and should be strong enough to be screwed into the old tweeter holes and not split. The surprising this is the 1/4 20 threaded holes look like they are going to be OK strength wise. Finish is very good and will require minimal finishing and while I was concerned with the pore size in this batch of Walnut I think that will not be a problem either and no chunks picked out while cutting. This one finished today has all the features in it and cut OK so all systems go. Apologies to you know who you are for taking so long on this and your wait will soon be over. Stopped last week at a local hardwood supplier last week and there are some very colorful woods out there. There was a purple wood from Brazil I think that was super dense and should cut well. I might cut some free standing horns too with a large body (maybe 8" x 8" or so) and a cavity cut out on the back side for the clamp plate and driver. Whether or not I will end up cutting these as limited offerings I don't know. The mess it makes in my mill takes some time to clean up.
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    FINALLY figured out where I want to go tonite... Maybe, since it's ALWAYS subject to change isn't it?
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    Doobies aren't bad either but yes Charlie Daniels is a Master Storyteller. ** "Wouldn't it be Nice if ?...."
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    I'm thinking 3 now and have a new one "Swamp" coming soon. Derek has always loved EC and he finished the tour then the kids were old enough so they're back out. You're right on that one John... CDB always late, but it always worked! Been so long since I've sat down and truly listened to that LP. I'd TOTALLY forgotten how side 2 just rocks it. Sittin here thunkin just how damn good this system sounds w/that side. I'm battin a 1000. with it so far. Friends sit down and just grin... Inside I don't laff too hard! Don't know what I would have done w/o this place actually. Shit just rocks it! lol Time to Doobie ON!
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    May as well keep on truckin...
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    Lil "Fandango" from '75! Dancin to that "Jailhouse Rock" and a lil bit of "Tush" soon! Cookin!!! 😎
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    I've got all of their LP's just shared the Youtube in case people haven't heard of them. Many haven't but that's certainly changing Think they're playing in Akron VERY soon. Great show and well worth the money! I caught them in Ft. Wayne this fall and they were fantistic. Derek has picks in his fingertips... He's great! Time for a lil Neil Young from thinkin 75 or so... Great LP! And we roll on...
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    ,Splits! I'll have some KP-2500s for sale soon as these will replace them on my back patio.
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    Appropriately the last LP of the evening. None better and the first to use 24-track...
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    beep beep At the same time in the 70s a fella down the street had two of these in his garage!!!!!!!!!! Two shock absorbers opposed to each other on each wheel, "I can drive 160 mph with only a finger on the steering wheel" was his response to how good the handling was on this fantastic beast. And my boss at the mall when we walked out one night and she had parked next to my new to me Charger because "It's pretty" said "If I had known you liked these I could have sold you this car." "It's getting harder to get a good mechanic to tune the three carburetors correctly. (1980) Then she walked around my Charger and got in her dark purple Barracuda 440 six-pack four speed that shook me when she cranked it up! Where is that "bangs head smiley" ?
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    Mike ---------------------------------> To the corner! 😂🤣 😂😎
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    he, he , he They're playing Tedeschi Trucks and the CDB over here and that's how I'm dialed in tonight!!
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    seems like everone is having fun here... and I'm hanging with the other dics
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    Welllllllllll, what kind of trouble can we get into tonite/day? Needed a lil fix from Derek and Susan Tedeschi... So hitting their "Revelator" LP for a while... Could be interesting! Not much better than them out there today imo. lol
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    Someone was asking earlier if my brown forte II grills had gold thread. I don't think so.
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    Yeah, keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel Keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel Yeah, we're goin' to the Roadhouse We're gonna have a real Good time
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    Ouch, bad for the 20 somethings. This guy came from Alice in Chains and actually got better after them.
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    That does not take effect until after 11:00 pm here. Trust Me. I know.
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    @moray james, et al, this thread is over 10 years old and the OP hasn't visited the site since then.
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    Geeze, don't they have about 20 LPs out, noticed there was a lot to choose when I picked up my Revelator last year! First saw them on one of those Clapton Crossroads multi-hour deals on tv, that one had a couple they played well that year. Will always love the CDB even if they always arrive two hours late for every one of their shows I've seen....... you get to meet more new folks that way!!
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    A great album Back in the day I was a roadie for a band that played Neil Young and James Taylor music
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    Well lets see what we can do about that. This is a photo of (from left to right) Ian "SETI" Moore, KHMA Trusee; Matt Sommers, Senior Creative Director, Klipsch Group Inc. and KHMA Trustee; and Jim Hunter, KHMA Curator, all reviewing sample swatchs for final selection to go with the venner sample showing the wood that will be used on the Museum Edition Khorns and Museum Edition La Scalas. Travis
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    would be a plan to remove all your drivers and stick a few flat tooth picks intro each hole along with a good daub of whit wood glue, trim the tooth picks sticking out of each hole and re install your drivers snug them and later after an hour snug the screws again. This will tighten up all the screws. Would also be a good plan to install fresh closed cell foam gasket material but not 100% necessary but you have to know after decades the gaskets in there are all flat by now. While you have the drivers out you might also plug the holes inside of the cabinet where the grill studs mount to make sure they don't leak use a caulking any kind will do just fill the holes and you will have plugged pretty much any leakage there is. This will have a positive impact. Oh one last thing before you pull your drivers make a discrete mark on the frames (passive also) and when you re install the woofers and the passives rotate them 180 degrees, odds are they have never been rotated and it is about 10 years past due. Every five years ought to keep them well centred.
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    This is what I ended up with: Marantz AV8802A (pre-amp) Marantz MM8077 (LCR & surround amp) Marantz MM7055 (Atmos amp) 4 Klipsch CDT-5800 (Atmos speakers) 4 Klipsch KPT-8060H (Surround speakers) 3 Klipsch KPT-904M (LCR) 2 SVS PB16 Ultra Subwoofer The thin sound was caused by AV8802A setup and bad cables.
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    Yea, mine is 308 sq ft. So that is 11% of 2800. So I can get by with 88 watts
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    Thanks for all your offerings...and Dave...Tobacco Road...Blues Magoos. Show me the way to the next whiskey bar...Moon O'er Alabama (The Alabama Song)...Doors version
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    Bosun is the “hooked on phonics” spelling of the nautical term boatswain. Each is an acceptable spelling when referring to those devices. This tragic incident reminds me of the attached iconic photo. Without much dreaded and maligned OSHA regulations, the need to earn a living tempts desperate people to unnecessarily risk their lives to be low bidder on dangerous work.
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    As a bass player and late 70's Heresy owner I have never been unhappy with the speakers, you would think as a bass player I would but I always liked what they brought to each recording. I was however intrigued by your mod and followed it closely. Not wanting to change mine I went on a mission to rescue two HBR cabs if I could find them, I did find two a few months apart nowhere close to matching SN's I just made sure to get decent cabs with matching internals. I purchased them at 200 bucks each, the cab's needed some veneer gluing in a few spots, a bit of elbow grease and off to Parts Express for a pair of woofers and ports. I already had a pair of Cornwall B networks from an earlier plan that never materialized so it went pretty smooth based on your efforts in this thread. I left the networks as they were, didn't change the polarity as I am not sure I could tell the difference.. Needless to say I just put both in my listening space and really appreciate the difference they bring. Always wanted to get some Cornwalls, almost bought a pair of CornScalas but space was just a little too tight so I held off. I have to say I am very pleased and glad I saved the cash I might have spent. Much appreciate your sharing this information. Gary
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    === they have since grown new fangs - big ‘uns —
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    A+ for the valiant effort @JohnJ! That's 1 more light than I'm putting up! In my defense though I did buy a $600 tree after Christmas at Lowe's about 6 years ago. I watched that tree drop in price for about 3-4 days until it was the only one left in the store. Snagged that puppy @ 715 one morning after what the Manager said was gonna be the last price drop... $250 out the door. Beautiful tree but STILL in the box sitting upstairs talking up half of a closet. lol My two girls are stretched 6 directions during Xmas so sure they're here for a while but the grand kids have it figured out. They're 7 and 8 so they get gift cards. They love to shop the sales after Xmas and it's good for them. They have to add up what they've spent and make decisions on what they both want. Pretty amazing to hear that they "get" what they didn't get and even share their funds to get something they both can use. This year it's a $100 card for Dick's Sporting Goods. Gonna tell them to think T-Ball... I do like your blue lights though! Just had to bust ya a lil but you know that! lolol
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    Dude, I could not find strings without blue except for the clear lights. I put them on an emptied string in case I needed it in the future to keep the sockets clean. I've only seen the blue pulled off in a satisfactory manner a couple of times, and this place isn't a multi-million art-deco or bambi & thumpers Frank Lloyd Wright place in Vegas! We've got Salmon, no Clemson Orange brick on a 50s small ranch house. **That wasn't a FLW in "Diamonds are Forever" It was someone that was an apprentice of Mr. Wright, John Lautner. This place could pull off blue Christmas lights! http://anguloarquitectura.com/en/elrod-house_diamantes-para-la-eternidad-1971/
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    Those are two separate guys on Bolsons Chairs? That high? UH uhhh (shakes head sideways smiley) Never remember using this word before but read it many times...... That is incredulous! Either malice at play there or stupidity. Harsh but true. If you can't tie off properly... to a good fixture, and tie a good knot, immediately prior inspecting the rope... you should not be up three stories let alone that high! It's sad but from that height after a couple seconds of terror there was no pain for him.
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    This one is called Blitz. It is one of our island cars, 1970 with dead stock 1969 1500cc VW engine.
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    My uncle had a VW he called the green monster. It had a Porsche racing engine in it and was a real sleeper. A friend of mine here in Nashville used to have a Mustang with a blown engine in it and he got the cops to agree to clock him to see how fast he could go. 176 mph. He then says you wont believe me but the only car that ever beat me was a green VW. Said he had it wound out one day in Indiana and saw a bouncing green thing catching up to and then passing him. The guy was waiting for him at an ice cream stand with a big grin on his face. I asked my friend if the guy was a kind of gangly toothy looking dude and he said yes how did you know? There was only one Russ crazy enough and smart enough to build that thing and it is amazing he did not kill himself with it. I did see it in pieces in Houston where he had taken it all apart and never did revive it as far as I know.
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    Still up by over 100 from a year ago plus they are getting better at producing more from one drill. I remember when they, the major network news that is, said shale oil was over because it could not work at prices lower than $70 per barrel. Then it became $50 and those drillers were making money and the middle east pooped their pants over that one. Largest potential oil and gas field ever over Saudi Arabia and Venezuala discovered in New Mexico/Texas recently. Part of this is as I understand it subject to refinery capacity also which is being expanded to meet supply.
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    The road runner stuff ended in the 71 model year a couple of months before I hired on. They made those Sattelite Sebrings with big blocks in them too at Lynch Rd. The Barracudas were the fastest thing going at the time from Chrysler as they weighed a lot less. Those were back in the day when gas was cheap and you could see wheelie popping rides street legal and affordable doing their magic on Van Dyke and Woodward Ave at times.
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    No kidding. I worked the afternoon shift there, summer of '73,driving cars off the line to repair stations. Small world.
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    I will be using a projector and probably 120” screen. I just put a 75” Samsung Q6 in the living room. I dig it. We had a full theater with all Martin Logan stuff in our old house in a room that I spent a lot of time building. I just never felt the MartinLogans and the dual SB2000s made up for their price tag. Long story but I left all of that stuff in the house because the cabinet I built was built specifically for the SLM XL on walls and the subs. So now we want something similar but I fell in love with the RF7-llls and I’m trying to talk myself out of buying them...but I still think Klipsch is the way I want to go. I just had way more time when I built all of the stuff in my last house. Now I have two kids and zero time so I’m trying to do it right the first time. Here are some pics of the last room. I designed and built the cabinets in the playroom as well as the barn door and chalkboard wall. Behind the barn door is the media room where I built the cabinets and screen surround as well as gutted the closet and built av racks and vented the closet. For the record, that room was 17.5'x14.5'. The room in the new house is 16.5"x14.5'. The plan in the new room is to do theater seating which should make it look less cramped than that room looked at the front. Makes me miss that house house a little...
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    Good Night folks. Lights out, the front door here has a sliver of a window down the middle. No those aren't blue lights, bleh! must be the green ones showing up like that. It took forever to take all the blues out of all the strings and replace.
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    Yes, my preciousssss. Those are pretty Mike. and my digital has been offline since after the game tonight:
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    just a dusting.... and the weather's warming up the dynaco st-70 series 11 sucks.. and the dared vp-20 stomps in the ground !. with only 14 bench tested watts... Conrad Johnson pv-7 preamp
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    Yep, wonder how the experiment he embarked upon panned out? Love my HIII's straight from the box. Bye from the way back machine.....err thread
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    Nice amps you've got there bro! Good to see the thick carpet in front of those beastly LS and the anti-reverb under them. Got snow? I'd bet you've got a lot more than us, it's all gone except in the shadows here tonight!
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    These splits came off a riverboat. They were put inside a wall compartment and then the opening was coveted in cloth. They've been there for years and now are still in really nice shape.
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    I cant decide if I want to live in your garage or on your patio! I'll just head south and decide when I get there.
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    I'm playing a great double disc ! and I just picked up a vintage vinyl copy... a few weeks back.. thanks so much brother John..
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    The only other Bob Dylan album currently in the collection is a live album Some like it some hate it But it takes some songs to the extremes You could say over and out of the norm Artist- Bob Dylan  Title - Hard Rain 
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    Too bright? Sorry, but no clue I don't even think my new "Fortehorns" are too bright
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