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    I grew up in central Illinois, lived in Wisconsin (beautiful but the winters are too cold), now in north Georgia. Much better, but we're planning on the Philippines before much longer.
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    Having fun Testing the new La Scala AL5 ME with KPT-1502-HLS sub setup while also experimenting with integration of the acoustical room treatment arrangements. This song is an awesome test/demo recording..!!!
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    Thermostat set on 73 degrees and on auto.
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    Do you miss the weather? I'm from Michiana, operative word "FROM"... miss the weather... uh no. I'm quite OK with bad weather being too much sunny, warm, dry being bad weather. We get a sample of winter every AM this time of year. 22`this AM ... on its way to 72`....throw a little wood on the fire... Wife tickled me when I told her I was getting some new speakers.... ..."You aren't getting rid of the big ones [the LS] are you? ... I like them". I guess I'll keep her
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    I think the move worked in your favor. You present as laid back for sure. I would never have guessed your origin.
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    Welcome to the Forum, no one will really see you lising in a year and an half old thread, you would be better off listing them in the Garage Sale Section, with photos if possible, and general location, Reno, Las Vegas, Pahrump, etc.
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    Good night mates 2 am in germany .....
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    Listening to music. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @baron167 So where are you we are off topic again LOL
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    Allright Sir ....LOL ..I am listening to Triumvirat " Spartakus "
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    My cats breath smells like cat food.
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    FINALLY!! After being on the hunt for at least one 1980-82 Heresy with a soldered midrange I came across a pair on Ebay. Made a lowball offer and it was accepted!! I just picked them up. Drove about two hours one way. One has its original box. Lady purchased them new when she was in college from a place in Wisconsin. Anyway, I'll finally have a matching LCR!! The speakers were raw birch and they were stained nicely. Can't wait to get them home!!!!!!
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    Good for you. Sincerely. As for me, I let 13 years slip by while living with a woman with an apparent fear of ever being straight or sober. I can get too comfortable in a situation, even if it’s less than ideal. Since then, a number of women have come and gone. Some have come several times. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, I’ve lived alone for a long time, and now my health means I need a housekeeper more than a partner. I try to keep an open mind, and heart, though. One never knows when you’ll meet someone you should have met a long time ago.
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    That’s pretty primordial. She’s giving you the opportunity to be a manly man and make fire for her, so she can cuddle up with you on the sofa. Or maybe model her great sweaters. As for understanding women, here’s an added complication, as if we needed one: women are attracted to different types of men at different phases of their monthly cycle. During one phase, they’re attracted to the big tough good hunter and protector, while during another phase, they’re attracted to the caring, nurturing, type. If it sometimes seems like you can’t do anything to please her, that may be why. In her mind, you’re not the right kind of man for her that week. I remember hearing a woman of some note (don’t remember who, but she may have been a writer) mention on the radio that she was happy menopause had finally arrived, for now she had a clear head, for the first time in her adult life. No longer was she controlled by her hormones. Life is not simple for women, unlike us dudes, who need only to find food, find a fast bike, find a mate, find a house. Okay, one of those middle ones may be optional. My feelings on which one vary with the state of the pavement outside. And we need our music, of course, for when the weather makes use of the pavement a bad idea, like during monsoons and blizzards.
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    They aren't really good now, but everything still sounds amazing. Plus, it's all powered with a 20 watt amp. That's the great thing about horns.
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    I will be downsizing... after all, it's just stuff. And the Phils runs on 220-240.
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    toss the tv and I don't see anything in there that takes more than a few watts to run
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    Got my doubts that you´re moving to the Philipines....Not enough space for your gear , not enought current supply ....
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    I didn't know I could play guitar so well and have such a great voice. I should maybe start a music career with these talents
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    .....or she will have the windows/doors open until the house gets cold and then want me to build a fire..... I only said "I like women" nothing about understanding them
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    that's a little cool to let fresh air in if the sun is up and shining in the windows, I go sit in the sun [indoors]. We open the house as soon as the outside temp exceeds the indoor It is supposed to hit low 70's today. My wife would let the place get cold so she could wear her sweaters... Still can't figure that one out..............
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    Up here in the Great White North, normal room temperature in the winter is mostly 22C/72F. It’s too cold outside!
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    I don't run the heat at night as it sometimes wakes us, so this thin walled house just gets to the temp it does til morning. I do take a certain pleasure in seeing how cold it can get, while my girl and I are safe and warm beneath the down comforter. My place has a reverse floorpan, with the bedrooms downstairs, so it is even colder than the upstairs. I do remember a morning bedroom temp of 38 degrees one year. 👍 The heat is going now, the house warming up nicely.
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    If you like it that cold, save your heat money. I do like it chilly, but not cold. My wife is in her mid 40s, and recently has been turning the temp down (mid life!) She likes it colder than I do.
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    My phone says it's 48 degrees outside. perhaps, I should close the windows a bit more and turn on the heat.
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    I rather enjoyed going to the beach on Christmas and NewYear in HI.
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    Not when you can wear a t-shirt on New Years Day more often than not. So anybody think that qualifies? Since it started at dusk, didn't stick until almost bedtime... I say no.
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    Geeze it's almost afternoon in my day today at 8am. Woke up with the rain at 4a so I had to go. Made some coffee at five and yuck🤢! I've had Nicaraguan before and it was alright, but not this two pound bag that I just opened. Arrgh, don't like it sweet, don't like it flavored but what else can I do besides toss it! Got plenty of extracts: almond, butter-nut, real vanilla, then the peppermint and orange I'd never try. Then there's maple syrup... talk about sweet though, or milk... with after dinner coffee that's ok but nope to that too. I'm gonna shower before the heat dies off for the daytime, I let it kick up at six for a couple hours. Paper here has been talking White Christmas for this town for a week, it keeps popping up on the scroll-left feed on my phone. The ground is too warm for it I think, highs in the 50s coming won't help either. They say we had one in 2010 here? Nope, that's bull, I was here. Not on the southside 6 miles north of the city limits now. Maybe miles north and west of here but that isn't this berg. Geeze. See? I've got it documented: Wet Snow started as faint flurries 12-25-10 about 5pm. Build up on colder (everything above ground) objects by 10pm. It was snow the day after Christmas. That doesn't count in my book! That pic's caption says 12-26-10 7:17 am
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    Well....well. Carl was right. He said you were wrapped too tight for a SoCal boy.
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    I literally forced my buddy on the morning of his wedding to drink one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. And then we drank more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I heard that song in my head when you wrote what you did George! & George was singing it! Don't like wine except red (burgandy) to sautee mushrooms and then beef in a dish. & Sherry a couple tablespoons in the last five minutes of simmering my Caccitori ! Dom's B&B I've had and a little is nice. Now a days I ration my EC Barrel Proof and have a shot of my Knob Creek 12 year once or twice a week... without music that would obviously double. But I can't ever go back to the way I was!! Enough ot for me tonight, you guys deserved an answer.
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    My cats chase dogs right now
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    One bourbon one scotch and one beer
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    It´s a long time till summer John , how will you survive ?
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    Yes it is , because @Full Range and I myself are DIY Technicinas as well and love to discuss those subjects. btw , scroll above on this page ...I spinned enough , now it´s your turn LOL
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    I have said it many times before on forums and in conversations Capacitors and resistors make a big difference to the sound signature Thats why I used great care to choose quality components that worked well together in my crossovers and also on the DIY First Watt / Nelson Pass amp builds Happy listening
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    Have finished my tube Phonopre upgrate since yesterday .I have installed new Jantzen Cross Caps ( black ) for the low pass and Superior Z Caps ( red ) for the mid-high pass. In addition, he has now got two new PCC 88 Siemens tubes. He is still in the " Burn-In " but the sonic increase with my Micro Seiki TT I can now already call very remarkable. It sounds as if I had a much higher quality and more expensive new phono preamplifier connected. Better dynamics, faster resolution, the voices and instruments gain body, the entire stage representation is more precise. This exceeds my expectations many times over. I am very happy about that. The 230 Volt power supply is in a seperate housing and therefore not visible here.
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    Tripp*Lite makes good gear. The Isobar Ultra 6 and Isobar Ultra 8 surge suppressors/line noise filters have been cleaning my power since 2008 and still seem good as new. When I first connected the TV to the old CRT TV that I was using at the time, the blacks were clearly blacker, so that told me something good had to be going on.
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    Just keep a good lighter out of sight and handy along with some starting fluid. Magical...
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    I am the guilty party using the Lil' Mike's on their side under my Belles. They work out great with them. My room is about half the square footage as yours so the two can easily keep up for me. I am not sure if two would be sufficient for your size room but at the listening levels you describe, they should. Where are you located? There are a handful of us here with them and most of us would audition them for you. I use an outboard amp. Small Dayton SA230. It does all I need it to do. Plans can be found on line. Google images is where I found mine.
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    So, for you guys that live in cold climates, its 54 degrees in my home in So. Cal. At what point do I turn the heat on?😀
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    Quick reply to give some feedback. Just gave the volume knob a spray of deoxit fader - the only product of this brand I have found in Switzerland; wc-40 seems to be king in here - and the difference is huge. No more erratic behaviour or weird static sound when changing the volume. I just have the feeling that I now have to turn more rightwards to have more volume compared to before, even though this was already happening before deoxit and I am not 100% sure. I have also sprayed a little bit of the function knob (fm, am, phono, etc) and also notice some difference. Hopefully I did not do a silly thing with this knob but I have figured the logic must be the same. Would you advice also applying dioxit on the balance, treble and bass knobs, even though there is nothing strange about them and they are less used?
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    Is this appropriate for this topic? Please spin and tell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Of course, confirmed ! Got the same experience with my external DIY X-Overs ....and yes I enjoy the approved phono stage sound quality as you can see
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