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    Finally good weather to get these out and breathing.....wow. Thanks to Derek @Fleawatt for helping out with the crossovers. These are seriously badass....
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    I ran across this and it seemed appropriate to post here: RIP Sancho. https://www.ngams.org/retirees/fallen-hero/capt-ret-kendall-payne/?fbclid=IwAR1FxQQiv3_y0y7_xNTgh85oMZLHTfhBTZC3kSQ87rGBWv0NXchG0PnfvCQ
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    I was asked by a forum member to post pics of the LaScalas I was rehabbing for Kirby at the time of his passinger. Here are a few pics of the LaScalas I have just about finished for Kirby. His wife and sons with pick them up this week. Pretty solemn build.
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    Mornin all together ... How´re you today ? I got in my car yesterday and drove to my sister's house. She lives 300 miles away from me. She lives in another state at a good 30 km2 large lake with the name "Steinhuder Meer".a wonderful landscape. I have decided over the Easter holidays to stay with her to relax a few days. My wife and child agreed that I would be away from home for a few days. Today we visited the nearby air base. That was already impressive. Unfortunately, we have unusually cold weather at this time of year. But ..no problem if you wear the right clothes...stay tuned ..I´ll keep you update .........
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    I've been an audiophile for over 40 years and have had some of the best electronics and speakers money can buy, excluding jewelry audio that only oil barons can afford. I've owned a variety of speaker types, including dynamic, planar and electrostatics. I had never tried horns, and am ashamed to admit I've looked down at Klipsch for all the reasons many folks find them wanting, unfortunately without ever having listened to them. Woe to me! A few weeks ago I needed a pair of near-field speakers for my computer desk. The problem was I am so used to superb sound quality I did not think bookshelf speakers, even those fed by superb electronics, would entertain me during the many hours I spend writing. That is, until on a visit to Best Buy I ran across, yet again, into this black bookshelf with the funny copper colored driver and a horn, an R-51M. It sounded horrid at the store of course. But at a deep discount and in these days of easy returns and full refunds one has very little to lose on a trial. I was almost embarrassed that someone I knew would see me walk out with them and was sure I would stop the music after a few bars of my favorite tunes. My ears were not ready for the surprise that ensued. I am Cuban and the first album I streamed off Amazon Music HD was one of Celia Cruz masterpieces. Now, Cuban music is highly percussive and I've never been satisfied with the tonal accuracy of speakers up to $30,000 a pair when it comes to reproducing music from my native land. Hearing it for the first time on the 51 Reference Premieres literally brought tears to my eyes, my 72 year old hips started swinging and I got up to dance. I pushed my desk chair aside and enjoyed an unexpected workout over many tracks. I also listen to Americana. The lyrics on many songs are pure poetry. Along with the simply orchestrated music that is one of the many hallmarks of the genre, beautifully reproduced, I felt deeper emotions than I had ever felt. Ditto for my Classical music favorites. Symphonies by Mahler with over 100 musicians blasting away had power and clarity that came ever so close to my memories of live concerts. I never would have believed that a pair of $200 speakers could create music that sounded so real. But I've lived to see the day. I then replaced my $12,000 Focal towers in the main listening room with $375 RP-160Ms. I could almost hear my top-notch PS Audio electronics sneer at having to share the stage with such a modest component. I never told a soul in my audio club for fear they'd see me wasting great electronics on $375 speakers, $500 with stands. I had my fellow audiophiles blind-folded for a listening session and saw their smiles as the music played. The sneering from the components did not last long. The openness, accuracy and engagement of the 160s took but a few minutes to win me and everyone else over. It was priceless seeing the surprised looks on faces after blindfolds were removed and the musical culprits revealed. I've read reviews that rave over these speakers. I don't know if their sound varies with the quality of the electronics that feed them. I do know that I can finally check the musical Nirvana box in my bucket list. I also know that all the things I thought about Klipsch speakers were preconceptions. Space keeps me from having bigger horn speakers. Downsizing homes after retirement was a necessity but one I no longer musically regret.
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    Well @Shiva, your wish is my command ....all what you see on the following pics is at least in a distance less than a mile from my house. Our lake called See Kemnade A Fortress from the 12th. century Our Watercastle , " Watercastle Kemnade " and a view over the Valley "Kemnade"
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    Hey there people! So I've been fascinated by the whole idea of Synergy type speakers. Read a lot on DIYAudio forum and even tried to build a few using off the shelf horns. They sounded OK, but i still had that bug inside that made me want more. Then I stumbled upon ChrisA's thread on a synergy type speaker based on K-402 horn. Gone through the whole thread and through many more others, read up benefits of full horn loaded systems, modulation distortion, constant directivity and all that jazz and that made me crave a pair of K-402-MEHs even more. Buying a set of horns was out of my budget, so i started exercising an idea of building the whole system from scratch. I found a thread on an Australian forum, where a guy made a pair of K-402 replicas out of wood and XPS foam. The guy had already made huge part of the job on estimating the size of the horn, expansion rate, where it starts to curve and the curves themselves. So i opened SketchUp and started playing with the model based on images of his horn. After i was satisfied with the model of the horn, I began working on other parts - the box, placement of HF driver and woofers, small parts that help hold the whole thing together. This is how the model looked first: But i knew that i am not an engineer or an experienced woodworker and since i was not going to (or was capable of) assemble the whole thing by myself, i was in need of a help of a professional who would work on the model and made sure that all the elements fit together nicely, that the parts could be machined on a CNC and prepare the drawings necessary for production. Here are some shots of how the model looked after the guy i hired modified it: In the end I had drawings and STL files so those could be used while CNCing the parts. Now all major parts are ready and guys from local woodworking shop are assembling those: I will be using Faital HF204 for HF duties and Beyma SM-115N for LF. Bought them already. As for the amp, i will use an old AV receiver. Beymas are 8Ohm but i will connect them in parallel, so there is enough power in the receiver to drive them. And i will probably not need deafening sound pressure levels. Will consider swapping the receiver for something of higher quality if i am not satisfied. I have a room that is relatively big - 12X6 meters which is about ~40X20Ft. Speakers will be in the corners. If i am not satisfied with LF performance i will build a couple of tapped horns (have a few ideas on those). I want to thank ChrisA for all the help he provided via private messaging and patience to my questions. Without him I would never come up with an idea of building this speaker in the first place and without his help i would build some garbage So i hope this project turns out well. Can't wait to bring those monsters in my house and start the tuning process.
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    Picked these up today.
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    The FCC has adopted 988 as a 3 digit number to be used nationwide to reach the national suicide prevention & mental health crisis lifeline.
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    FYI.......For those who would like to know PWK better there is a new Klipsch Museum Of Audio History (You Tube Channel) that can be subscribed to... miketn 🙂
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    ^for sure, there is NOTHING wrong with trying new things... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I finally was able to get around to framing up my Jeremy Mann Art work this past weekend... My wife calls it my art gallery...
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    Here are my Juicy Music Pure Class-A Triode (pCAT) Lynx monoblock amplifiers:
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    My BB rack finally came today so I can start hooking up the system. And yes I dinged the bottom shelf with that heavy azz amp. Node 2 Oppo UDP203 McIntosh MX160 (the 151 is still for sale) Xilica McIntosh MC8207
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    Okay, I have to respond to some of the comments on this thread. Sancho Panza requested that I replace the caps in his AA networks that had been through a lot and were pretty rough. I gave him a quote to replace the caps. When received, the networks worked. Sonic caps had been installed by a previous owner. Normally, I don't replace caps the way those were done. Since all the wires had been trimmed, I installed the new caps in same manner as the sonic caps with the exception of soldering all connections. The sonic caps were installed with just the wires twisted together and some shrink tubing over the ends. I re-installed the shrink tubing over the soldered ends. It was tight so no reason to shrink the stuff anymore. Sancho informed me he had a much better looking set and sent me photos. Since the repaired networks worked and he had a better looking set, why start replacing parts in the ugly networks that worked fine? The job wasn't "half done" as a comment suggested, Sancho paid for a cap replacement, which is all that was necessary. Oh and by the way, all networks are tested before they are sent back to the customer. Do you really think a service approved by Klipsch would be that careless and not test for proper operation? So how do I normally install caps you ask? When I first started this service, I received a set of AA networks that had been serviced by the Klipsch factory. This information came straight from the original owner customer. The Networks were from 1976 and the caps were replaced by the factory in the mid '90s. PIO caps were long gone so current new production caps were installed. The caps were glued to the board, wires soldered to the cap leads. Nothing fancy, no shrink tubing. Simple to replace, just unsolder the wires, remove the old cap, install the new cap, solder the wires, done. That's the way the factory did it. I have had numerous customers ask me NOT to cut the cap wires anymore than necessary so they could re-install the PIO caps should they wish to sell their speakers 100% as-built. They ask that I return the old caps. So, in the interest of authenticity and the ability to retro-fit the original caps, I install new caps using the original wires and soldering those wires to the cap leads in a presentable manner. That's my decision. This may look crude as someone commented, but it works just fine and, well except for gluing the caps to the board, is factory authentic. If a customer wants the caps glued down, I will. On pricing: ricktate, the $106.00 from Crites is for an "A" network, not a "AA". At least compare the same networks. I am sure there is return shipping and insurance charges also. Our pricing is fair and you are getting genuine Klipsch approved with JEM. Yes, you can buy just the cap kit. As to not being a "full" repair center, as I have stated before we only use Klipsch approved replacement parts. What is so hard to understand? We can't use off the shelf parts in these networks and have authenticity. This service is all about keeping the older Klipsch models functioning as PWK intended. That requires factory approved parts. If you don't like or agree with what I do or how I do these repairs, don't use the service. But show some respect for what we are doing to preserve authenticity and proper operation of PWK's speakers.
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    As long as she did not giggle, then NO! Turtleing is a common medical condition given the circumstances.
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    just added to my collection Restored by Chris Keller here in NC
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    Reluctantly selling my vinyl set-up, this beautiful Rosewood turntable is in excellent condition and sounds glorious. Stellar Speed Stability, Quiet Operation, Grand-Scale Sound, Glorious Musicality: Experience Gorgeous Dynamics, See-Through Transparency, and Stunning Low-Level Detail from Vinyl LPs Winner of The Absolute Sound's Golden Ear Award and Stereophile's Product of the Year award, the VPI Classic Signature turntable takes to grand sonic heights the state-of-the-art analog design elements that guides VPI's world-famous Classic series. Formerly known as Classic 3, Classic Signature features a half-inch thick aluminum plinth so massive and well-damped, it virtually eliminates resonance. VPI also updated the 'table's tonearm to a high-tech 10" JMW Classic 3D printed arm, one of the sweetest-sounding tonearms available. The 3D printed arm includes large stabilizing side weights, a adjustable counterweight, and copper-shielded internal wiring. Classic Signature also features VPI's stainless-steel Record Center Weight, the same fitted as standard equipment on the HRX. Gorgeous and glorious. Asking $3,495.00 O.B.O.
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    I didn´t want to miss the opportunity to wish you all ..........
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    Picked up a pair of heresy II speakers today. I used rejuvenating oil and Howard's wax. Grills got a bath and are still trying. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I’m out. The urological issues that put me in are somewhat under control; to be further addressed on an outpatient basis. Thanks to the efforts of the attending, I was able to get Pfizer 2 prior to discharge, which I missed yesterday due to hospitalization. The kind thoughts and words are very much appreciated.
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    Actually arrived Friday but it was a busy weekend.
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    Here is my old Heathkit AA 121 which I have had re-capped and the original EL 34 replaced with KT 77's for more headroom, better highs and a slightly fuller lower end.
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    Yes - My wife and I live close to the Marina and many days we do a loop from SJC to the Marina and Beach Rd and back - a nice 12 mile ride - on warmer days we ride the San Clemente Pier or all the way to Trestles which is a 20 mile round trip ride and so much fun.
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    Both great, can’t go wrong with either. The Fortes definitely had me smiling, they were great. Then they switched to the Cornwalls and they were greater, as they should be for the cost. The fortes were awesome but you could kind of separate the base, the mid, and the tweeter if you wanted to (I think this has a lot to do with the room being gigantic and I was at the back and slightly off center. I do NOT think this would be an issue in a home setting). The Cornwalls were everything that was great about the Fortes but more of it. Fuller? More present? Just a wall of music? I don’t know how to explain it. Seemed like the Cornwalls were doing their thing effortlessly. Most noticeably in the bass. They played the same song and the bass on the Forte couldn’t do what the Cornwall bass did. I never, ever listen that loud at home...but in that setting it was like listening to a punchy sub in a car for the Forte...but then with the Cornwall it sounded like an actual instrument (bass guitar) but was fuller, louder, and hit just as hard. Biggest difference was bass. Room was pretty crowded and huge, -my guess is, if I were to sit in the sweet spot of the fortes in smaller room it would have been closer. Like I said, BOTH great. *also not fair bc the Cornwalls had better placement in room that size, IMO. Sonus Fabers and the $17K B&Ws were pretty amazing too, and hooked to some better gear. Tonight was the soft opening of the bigger DTX in Lincoln, NE, and pics are from just one room of many. Great place if you’re ever near. They have all klipsch heritage except the Klipschorns - which I want to hear! Happy listening and like I said, cannot go wrong with either the Forte or the Cornwall. *sorry pic of Klipsch stuff isn’t better! Was taken during the B&W demo...people to the left of me, same room, didn’t want to jump in the middle of demo for pics to the left haha
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    Wonder if I could get a good deal on that car, already have the door.
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    While fresh paint and clean carpet might help sell , most folks [buyers] have their own ideas and will repaint and install carpet to their liking. Mornin' All About halfway through this pot of coffee. No real plans for the day. Another red flag fire day. Humidity is LOW... Dew point was -12`F with an R/H of 2%. Might be a day to go fishing.... after I water the garden.
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    Put the For Sale sign up on the house. Stalled enough. Wanted to put up a "Make Me Move" but with all the signs supporting violence around my side of town figured that was an invitation that might not be nice. Hope to have a new place in the middle of a good bit of trees so I can Shake Rattle & Roll again soon!
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    Happy Easter to all who share with us - חג הפסחא - Buona Pasqua - Xristos Anesti - Frohe Ostern - Feliz Pascoa - Paske - Pask - Pascua De Resurreccion - 复活节 - イースター --Joyeuses Paques , عيد الفصح
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    Today I went with my sister to see a few sights . It was a beautiful but still very cool spring day. The first blossoms sprout, the trees show their first shallow leaf green. We spent a beautiful day.
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    This is our backyard. They must really like the Winter Rye grass I sowed.
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    Young great horned owl. He was very watchful for me. He may also have been a little grumpy as he wanted to sleep.
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    Some Australian parrots They are called Corella and they fly in periodically to feed on the palm seeds and other trees in my yard I had to use a 250mm lens to take these photos
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    The battery went dead on her car and ever since then her touch screen quit working. No nav and more importantly no blue tooth for her phone which she needs in case a caregiver calls her when she's out. She's had several people try to get it going but couldn't. She doesn't have time to go to the dealership as she can't be away from home that long. It took me about a half hour but I got it back up and running. She was so happy she started to cry. I fixed a watch and a door while I was there as well. Little things to me that meant a lot to her.
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    Oh no.....so sorry to read this. I always looked forward to his post and wit. He contributed to the CC&C thread as a regular and we will miss having coffee with him. RIP my friend.
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    Are you allowed to go to the hairdresser in America ? Since last week we are allowed to cut our hair in Germany again. It was not possible for several month because of Corona. This morning I had the long-awaited appointment with my hairdresser. I can't tell you what a good feeling it is to have a decent haircut again. May our leading german politicians shall fix an appointment soon ...think it´s time for them as well ..... Before Corona Right now .....Corona Hairstyle
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    Just a little something floating by the window.
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    Smoke on the water, little flame in the sky.
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    For music only stick with a conventional horn, not tapped. The Cinema F-20 is about the easiest horn sub there is to build. I've built 3 of them. If the footprint is an issue, go with the long version of BFM's Tuba HT. It's a more complex build than the F-20 plus you have to pay for the plans but if you need a slightly smaller footprint than the F-20 that's the way to go.
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    The colonoscopy crew always gets a little behind in it's work. I guess the card was an apology.
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    Gia's Lenten school lunch this Friday pan seared scallops with caramelized onions and kalamata olives... with a red sauce served over ciabatta bread and shrimp cocktail
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    Think so too. The watercastle and the little fortress in our local envirement and forrests are only famous in our local commuinity . They didn´t play a big roll in the history. It´s always nice to have some treasures like this arround the area you´ll life in. Keeps the longlasting traditional history alive.
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    Dana Point Headlands over looking the Dana Point Marina on a day after the rain
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    M3 Competition. Not allowed to drive it until tomorrow when the national unveiling happens (or so I'm told)
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