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    I didn't get candy for Halloween this year, but I did get something slightly better....
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    Just went to my profile to edit my current set up and noticed it's been 14 years today since I joined the forum. While some of you gents have aged I look remarkably the same😉 Funny when I joined Carl had a full head of hair and richieb was still handsome! Oh well...........
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    I don't believe they've been designed to do that for a long time. Each iteration has been designed to be Klipsch's best for the given size. And for sure the new one is better than the previous model... more even frequency response, better polars, lower distortion and better phase response. While we can blah, blah, blah about incorporating the diy crowds innovations, they are , in fact, a totally engineered solution by Klipsch.
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    Riley used to be all alert and stuff; 7 months later it's all about naps. Smart dog as she learned what I do on the weekends. Takes her about 1.2 seconds to go from teats up on the floor to whichever door sounds a motion alarm; solicitors don’t stay at the door long. Average growth approx. 10 lbs / month vet estimates 110-120 lbs at adulthood. Mom is a show entrant and dad is police dog.
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    I took this pic 20 minutes ago.
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    Love my LaScalas...you'll be pleased.....
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    I have purchased several items from out of state sellers, and I always use paypal. Even when disputes, such as damaged goods from shipping, I've always gotten my money back. I'm sure I'll get burned someday, but I've been good so far.
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    My advice: Given the choice of the above or nothing: “Stay thirsty my friend” (the most interesting man in the world). 🥃🍺🍸 Wb
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    Definitely in my top 3 of this band’s releases and the parting of ways for the bands frontman What a brilliant album and I don’t use that word all that often when describing an album Artist - Marillion Title - Clutching At Straws Thanks Mike 🤟
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    You might change your mind once you hear the Cornwall IV. When I listened to it at Chief Boneheads Class I did not expect how significant the audible improvements are on so many levels as well as the new Heresy IV are as well. I honestly am amazed at how much Roy has reduced the box coloration that all previous models had when compared to fully horn loaded models like the La Scalas, Belles or Klipschorns. Whether a loudspeaker is 2-way or 3-way doesn’t really matter in the end but instead what the total loudspeaker brings to sound reproduction and IMHO the new Cornwall IV is going to kick-*** at twice it’s price point... 😄 miketn
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    We had a great time in Hope! Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. It was great to see folks we hadn't seen in years, and to also make some new friends. I decided it was time I got my own profile here since I have loved Klipsch for almost 50 years! The very first time I heard the Khorns I was at my boyfriends house and Stairway to Heaven was playing on an LP. His Dad was an avid music lover and had a top of the line system. I was totally blown away! I wound up marrying that boyfriend (Rigma) and we have been collecting Klipsch from the very beginning. I've never really understood the term WAF as it sure as heck does not apply to me! I look forward to being a part of the group. Becky (MZKITTY)
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    I believe the saying you get the government you deserve applies in every country. Wb
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    I remember when I first came around here and posted, asked questions, got opinions. Followed my gut, took risks and couldn't be happier. 13x19 room. 45 tube amp, 2 lovely watts. La Scala's here too. I agree with the others...totally changed me.
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    Pickup Noblesville, Indiana... 216th and little chicago They have been sitting in my dads garage forever. Ill settle for a case of bud light beer or free. They need some tlc and replacement parts, I just want them to go to a good home o
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    I have settled on a morning coffee ,and I don't feel the need to look any farther. Its a local place called TJs Roasters. I get a bag of their Ethiopia beans and a bag of their Guatemala beans and mix half and half in the grinder. This to me is perfect. Also the wife found this at TJ Maxx, and its works well for storing beans. Push the botton on top and it gets the the air out and seals the container. Its OXO brand. https://tjsroaster.com/shop
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    Recently acquired KPT-415 cabinets. Looks like they are due for a woofer rotation. I will remove them, measure, inspect and clean the drivers, then turn each one 180 degrees, just for fun.
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    Dont discourage him. His stories are too funny.
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    I think it's appropriate to put an almost Klipsch badge on an almost Klipsch speaker.
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    the reference to fingers is not new to me. More familiar with the term used to measure mj in the old days. It's still used in bar lingo... cool
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    When I was on active duty, we had to take turns doing public events. One event, it was HOT and the ceremony was LONG. I was holding the American Flag and my buddy next to me has a rifle. He whispers that he’s going to pass out. I tell him to bend his knees and hang in there, that the ceremony has to be almost over. He didn’t last much longer. he broke rank and went and sat down, opting to do that rather than pass out. This old man, WWII era, comes out of the audience, grabs the rifle and joins our formation. That was so cool. To see someone with so much pride that he’s motivated to do that was really cool to experience. People can do some really neat things when they accept that there are things bigger than themselves.
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    Cornwall IIs BEAUTIFULLY veneered by the one and only @Khornukopia on a trade. Swapped Dave A's MAHLS into these guys. Gonna rock these for the mains for now. Infatuated with em right now....
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    We just finished watching the PBS Ken Burns Country Music documentary and enjoyed it immensely, way more than expected. The wife (who was reluctant at first) described the episodes as “compelling.” It was a reminder of the all too often link between artistic genius and excesses regarding alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. The world would be a poorer place without the suffering of artists from van Gogh to Van Halen.
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    That's how he responded, with generic references but never called the Yamaha 5000S by that name. Scam. +++ UPDATE: Buyer/scammer has not contacted me in two days. All contact stopped when I demanded cash and to meet at the local police store.
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    Chase Young is amazing.
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    My new, previously owned K-402 horn(s). Just sitting on some rolling carts in the garage. The included passive networks are crossed a bit high and therefore not exactly correct for using with the K-horn bass bin network, but it sounds very impressive anyway. Will probably active tri-amp these, after they settle into a fixed location. Edit: I looked up the crossover specs for the intended cinema application and it appears that the passive crossover on these K-402 will work okay with the K-horn bass bin.
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    He's intimidating, Chuck never got any pics of my "guard" skunks. they spoke softly and carried a big stink. Sorry @DizRotus is a bad influence
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    The Cornwall IV horn flares are so good looking that it should have a see-through/sheer grill cloth option.
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    Lol! Yep. That’s what I do. I troll to find ways to get ideas on the next klipsch speakers. That’s why I am the chief bonehead......
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    i used to get the best burritos at this joint where all the employees spoke Spanish. I was able to order and was given a number (i was ordering to go). I was hoping for a number 1 -10 because i know those in Spanish; but i ended up something 147. So, the very next number that they called, i walked up and gave the lady my ticket. She looks at it and laughs, shaking her head “no.” My ex thought i was stupid; but i told her that when our order was ready they’d tell us instead of calling a number. Sure enough, when my order was ready, she just pointed at me. That worked every time. Used to get the best Birria there.
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    Here's an early Fuel Injected Corvette from the car show earlier here today. Probably interesting to work on. Wb
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    http://vinyljunkies.co/vinyl-101-original-vs-reissue/ https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/503285 https://lp.reverb.com/articles/what-to-know-about-japanese-pressings https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/70s-us-vinyl-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly.693837/
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    My late-Uncle was at Normady in WWII. He told of the landing craft doors opening and immediate enemy fire. When i saw Saving Private Ryan and the same thing happened as he had described, it was chilling. He had basically described the beginning of that movie to me back in the early-mid 70s. When i was a kid his stories were so exciting that i remember saying, “I hope there is a war when i turn 18.” At about age 15 or 16 his stories changed and i remember saying, “I sure hope that i never have to go to war.” Some of the things he went through and witnessed are simply mind-boggling. I remember sitting in his living room asking him how close was he to an enemy shooting at him. He said, “maybe here to across the street,” which was probably about 50 feet away. Look out your front window ... i Can’t imagine being on one side of the street and having an army on the other side shooting at me. I told him that i’d just walk alongside a tank and he said that they avoided the tanks as much as possible because they drew the heavy artillery fire. He’d rather take his chances against a man with a rifle.
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    Good deal on the mower! 👍 Forecasted high of 85 Degrees F here in the desert today. Hotter here today than the hottest summer day this year back north. I can see the residue of snow ❄️ in my home cameras back in the GWN. I fully serviced my snowblower and parked it in the garage awaiting my return. My Canada 🇨🇦 Goose parka in the front closet. Wb
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    Great deal you have there mardisgrapete. Look to be version 1 also. I'm not far (3.5 hrs.) If they hang around until the weekend, which I doubt, you might get a pm. GLWS
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    It was good, been back for a while just been busy, and then we had company. Well company for a couple days as they were going on a cruise, they will be back Sunday and leave the next day going back home. It's been fun.
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    Damn hot at 73 degrees F. Like a summer day if only the sun didn’t go down at 5:00PM. Wb
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    You've got to move the chicken sandwiches up to the top, along with that crap call 'cheese'. One inproperly cooked can kill you, or make you wish you were already dead. The other is just plain gross! ☠️💩 The originators of Chedder Cheese, must spin in their English graves, every time someone asks "Do you want 'cheese' with that?" If you say 'yes' it won't be real cheese they'll slap on 99.9% of the time. Wb
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    after the 10 zillionth time, it gets old. I can't listen to it anymore... even if JimmyPage is playing it.
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    Krav Maga = Israeli military self defense discipline. MAGA = Trump slogan for Make America Great Again
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