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    🤗Placed an order today for a pair of Cornwall IVs in black ash, I have wanted a pair sense I first heard them in the early 80s! Retiring later this year and thought it would be a good way to start my new journey.
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    If you’re lucky enough to find your soulmate here, she/he will need to be re-capped and/or re-coned.
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    Jayco 1006. Very easy to set up and tear down. We're at Buffalo River state park east of Fargo ND.
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    As I lie on my comfy couch listening to music I have listened to for many years and spending much time and research and experimentation with different speakers, amps, cables, turntables, CD players, streamers etc etc I get that familiar feeling I have had many times before. Once the chase is over it is often times a tad bittersweet. I am pretty sure that many here are happy with the way their systems have come together and are just listening and enjoying the music like I am. A great place to be but kind of sad whenever the search and pursuit is over for better amps, dacs, cables and speakers are behind us. Almost hard for me to admit I am satisfied just listening to the music I love from the comfort of my couch with the various parts I hobbled together.
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    Another birthday to add to the list. My wife surprised me at work... brought food and a nice little cheesecake. We went out for dinner last night... ate a a place overlooking the Tennessee River. I had wood fire grilled salmon, black beans and rice. It was a beautiful time to spend with my wife.
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    Happy Birthday Bruce, nice picture of you and the daughter.
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    Stunning news! Had the opportunity to meet Dave at the 2018 Pilgrimage.
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    A tribute to Dave; some will get it
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    We made the drive up to the top of Mauna Kea for the sunset. Around 13,800 ft elevation. Maui is on the right horizon in the photo above and below stars just becoming visible
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    My backyard view after 8 years of waiting... finally fully retired.
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    Black Walnut. I don't know what I will make out of this if I get it but thinking I just can't pass it up.
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    for all of you....................
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    Thanks to those that served and have passed. My Dad was in Germany as an 18 year old in WW2 . He lived through the war but never recovered from it. If he could only have had a "safe space" and a "cry closet" and that mean ole Adolf would have been "cancelled". Of course he lived in the real world, where you lived or died based on your wits and your fortune, daily.........Thanks Vets !
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    The car I miss the most is the Rotus 8 in my avatar. I built it in 1990, starting with a powder coated tube frame purchased from Rotus in Hagerstown, Maryland. I sourced the 63 Buick Special 3.5 liter aluminum V8, Borg Warner T-5 transmission, Toyota Supra 3:90 LSD rear end, and all the other bits required to be a car. At 6’1” Fitting into a Lotus/Caterham 7 was problematic, hence the slightly larger Rotus. The wheelbase was 10” longer and the track was 4” wider than a Lotus/Caterham. It was still snug. At 1800 pounds wet, the 200+ hp V8 provided plenty of oomph. With rocker-arm front suspension, coil over shocks and wide tires it handled like a go-kart on clean and dry surfaces. On wet or sandy surfaces it had serious oversteer. I reluctantly sold it when my older son (~10 yo in photo) was on the eve of getting a license. The cost to insure it with him as a driver was exorbitant, and the prospect of keeping, it but excluding him as a driver, seemed unfair. It was fun to drive, but every time I went for pizza I had to be prepared to answer three questions: Is that a kit car, How much does it cost; and How fast is it? The answers: No, in the sense that it is not a fiberglass body bolted to a donor VW frame. Yes, if a bare frame, no engine, no transmission, and no instructions fits your definition of “kit;” Ask my wife; I don’t know, perhaps 120 mph if pushed off a 10 story building, but it goes 0 - 60 in under 4 seconds. The fastest I ever went was 85 mph merging onto an expressway. These days cars are just tools to me. If I were to do this again I would start with a Caterham 7 (now they have a stretch version) and use electric power. Full disclosure, the above photo is not my car. My engine was prettier. It too had Offy valve covers, but the headers were neater looking. My battery was in the boot (trunk) and I ran a larger Carter AFB; the above carb is a Holley.
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    We did get pretty cold back at sea level after an evening snorkeling with manta rays. It’s an amazing experience. I’ve included a few shots that were taken by a pro ocean photographer that went along with us and shared some of his photos.
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    I know, I know, I know.....I am very rarely with you at the moment. I'm really sorry, but I hardly have time for my hobbies at the moment. On the one hand I'm back at work , then I additionally build a lot of audio cable for my german HiFi friends. One could already speak of a flood of orders in recent weeks. On the other hand , my beloved wife has a tumor in the spinal cord , she is since 2 weeks in the hospital and comes tomorrow in a special clinic. This means for me even more work and daily efforts with my two teenage children. So you can imagine that everything is very turbulent. I´ve got an 18 hours working day. Nevertheless, I have always found a little time in between to read in the Klipsch Community. As soon as everything has improved, you will hear more from me. With my very best wishes to all .........
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    God Bless you Dave! I KNOW you're at peace but I want you to know you're missed by so many here. Yea, you're laffin I know. Remember when I first came here and we found out we both graduated from the Defense Information School? You the broadcast boy and me the writer./shooter? Yea, that was just part of what we did in the Army, I went in the 90's and you were there during Nam with me somewhere. I remember you linking me that post for your chili recipe. The fact you used an old darkroom timer was funny but the part that got me was when you said to put it in the garage and skim the fat off the next morning. Just wish I could pull up my Dave1290 account so I could share it with everyone. It's here though we both know that. No reason to "stay low" anymore brother! Stand tall and know your family is going to be just fine but also know you'll never be forgotten by anyone you've ever met.
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    C'mon guys someone tell the gent with the bass problem that when Cornwalls are packaged at the factory they put the bass in a separate box😉
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    Very sorry to hear this. However, Dave's chili recipe will live with me forever.
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    MN fishing opener and I got my first walleye!
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    Mornin' Afternoon folks! Been productive today, first coffee at 5, second at 8:30 and I'm finishing it up right now after being on the phone & bleach + TSP-ing my 1980s Rubbermaid Roughneck trash cans so they can hold stuff from the storage room in them. Made a quick run to the UPSstore too with the help of that now-not-estranged-aunt. Asked her if I had worn out my welcome with requests yet and nope... she brought homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies with her! Out of creamer, but had a few of these leftover from my birthday week splurge. These aren't as good as the homemade ones but the added orange zest to the Koulourakia isn't that bad really! Oh yea, my desk is an old tv box now.
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    Unless all of your music is recorded well, then tone controls are necessary. I have music that I like to listen to that is not recorded very well (I don’t use it for voicing by the way). And I have to use at least tone controls to make the music listenable and give it back some dynamic range.
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    I should post a pic of when we were together in the Philippines in early 2007... So... here we are in Manila in Feb, 2007 ... and she's definitely not my daughter.
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    To move away from the grim reaper a little, as if we could. I have been working on putting lipstick on an old pig lately. Cleaning up my old planer, it goes back to the late 70's and works great. There was nothing wrong with it except a little rust and plenty of dust and dirt so I cleaned it up and painted some of the parts. I left all the working parts as one and just cleaned them up a little because there are many chains and things I was afraid to not put back exactly the right way. I mostly cleaned up the stand and a few easily removed parts to repaint. I also added some rollers to the top, when a board comed out you usuially set it on top to run it back through again and the rollers will help the top from being messed up and easier to slide the boards to the other end. It's on a metal frame with wheels because it is very heavy, I had to get help just to remove the main part to a table to work on the rest.
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    As of yesterday no definite arrangements have been made. As soon as I am notified of arrangements I will post comment here. My friendship with Dave dates back 16 years. I met him at a Pilgrimage within weeks of his daughter, Jennings passing. We bonded instantly and became close friends. I can not express how much I will miss him. With all of his oddities, he was truly an honorable, loving, compassionate man. I know from our many conversations that Dave is now with the Great Physician and his suffering is over. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Interesting as a collectible too. The Vinyl album is valued at around 10 euro, the music cassette is 16 euro.
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    On the third day of my CWIV ownership, I have become more and more impressed with the bass I'm getting out of these speakers. I haven't read through this thread yet (I'm about to) but before I do I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your experience has been exactly the same. I'd be very surprised to hear you still had a lack of bass. These speakers are breaking in beautifully. I've also experiemented more with toe-in and placement. I'm in love with these speakers. EDIT: So I just read the thread and it seems maybe you aren't having the same experience as I am. I want to add that it's not your amp. I'm running my CWIVs from a Best Buy Onkyo A/V receiver with amazing results. I'm feeding it an analog signal from a Schiit Modius DAC so I'm running the receiver in direct mode with no internal processing going on. So no EQ either. I'll also add that my room is likely what many of you would consider too small for Cornwalls, 10.5 foot wide, 16.5 foot in length and 7 foot ceilings. Pretty damn small really. All the same they sound incredible. I'm gonna be honest here: I was not impressed with the bass I was getting out of these speakers Friday afternoon when I took delivery. Yesterday it was much better and today it's fantastic. I've probably put 20ish hours of music through them since Friday afternoon, even playing them when I wasn't at home. Don't give up on your Cornwalls yet brother!
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    I do have a good ladder accident story. I had a nickle section of cancer between my elbow and shoulder on the front side. It was not going to be long before a trip to the dermatologist to remove it like the time before in a different place. Well I was working on the workshop and moving my big ladder and it fell sideways and I caught it. A few minutes later my arm inside my jacket felt wet, so I took it off to find alot of blood and pieces of skin. I went inside to wash it off, cover it and change jackets, that night I looked better and noticed it tore off the spot that was growing. It healed over and nothing growing, I was shocked, so I guess i removed a spot of cancer with a ladder. It still has not come back you can not even tell where it was.
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    I tend to forget how old I actually am, and do things a younger person might not even try. You know... like moving the MWMs off the truck and into the house by myself. It could have gone wrong so easily and quickly. Fortunately, it went ok.
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    Had some great ice cream... sooooo tasty... made from purple yams.
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    First pot full of backyard goodness: orange, red, purple, and yellow tomatoes, a small hot and one large sweet Chile, 1\4 garlic clove, medium onion. Oregano, prickly pear balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive irl. Dice all solids, apply heat. Wait 4-6 hrs, chow down. swerved from my intent to make sauce. Cooked a pound of mixed beans in a pressure cooker. Browned two pounds of sweet Italian sausage. Threw it all together, simmered, and will call it paella. Changed my mind: will call it delicious. Me Gusta......
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    Can we be honest? Computers when you were a kid were called the abacus 🧮- . Just sayin’ -
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    Right before a young family showed up after 7pm to look at the place once more I shot this `cause they have a cute little girl that I wanted to see it. A young bunny hopped around after eating something in the back yard for ten minutes. It's scrawny compared to the ones from last year.
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    Don't worry Chuck got you covered ! Need some Lorna Doone's to ?
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    Nice to see one of the best threads back at it. Busy again in and out! On the phone half the day! Now to feel 38 again would be better. A week of messing around outside when its 90 wasn't that bad days ago but with the 60% today it had me tired by 5. Live Clapton, good live REO, Scorpions, Lou Reed, BOC & Ted today. Buyer 1 got dismissed unfortunately, buyer 2 is out of the gate STRONG. * Now I've got a third wanting to get in here, dang... nice folks again but they might have been beat already. Phone has not stopped today after I let the still interested parties in on what was up. Then the iron skillet, evoo, butter, garlic clove, mushrooms, red wine with this strip in the middle Yup the grill is packed away too. I just love beef & mushrooms Put the shrooms in a little early but the carnalized flavor is so good I'll do it on purpose next time. Lifted it out a little to soon... and you see the blood? Arrroooo beerwolf. Well at least I've got some EC A121 left. Beat, and my belly's happy now, shot of EC with a shot of cold water was a nice finish to that all entree meal.
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    Monday morning and I'm thinking already... Bi Biscuits ready yet???
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    When people don't hear "one voice", they throw in the towel. The only thing he really needed to do was find a single K-55 off of eBay. He could have done the network thing later. Like I told someone else lately, the pearl-clutching over capacitors kind of needs to stop, there just isn't any real point to it. Over the years, and not just on this message board, claims related to varying sound and performance have been all over the map. Unfortunately, even Klipsch hasn't been very consistent with this. I have never bought into the placebo thing. I would have absolutely no problem sending someone to JEM if they emailed me and said, "I just want them to sound like they did when I first got them." There are also people looking for something different, and there is a market for that too. Do they just want their speaker fixed, or are they looking for something different? So, we should try and discern what they are looking for and then point them in that direction. I try to view these threads now as a casual observer, and to be honest, it just looks like noise.
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    I am not sure where to begin ....... Old capacitors have probably not appreciably drifted off spec in terms of capacitance. What folks worry about with old capacitors is ESR (Equivalent series resistance). This requires more than an inexpensive volt meter. The above post does not really address the issue at hand. In fact it is just noise in the discussion. While I am at it ... there is this myth being perpetuated (IMHO), that Bob Crites was unaware of how to measure and specify capacitor parts (functionality -- including acceptable levels of ESR). This is not true. In fact Bob had a nice post about how he was able to "work backwards" and figure out the functionality of how the original parts would have performed and measured. His argument was convincing. While I am still at it ... no one has fresh OEM capacitors that were used in some of the older Heritage products. Now, a vendor may claim that their products meets those specs, but is it fair to claim they are actually OEM parts? Should folks blindly repeat the mantra that these, and these only, are "true OEM parts". I think some of you folks are victims of advertising. IMO, I would not hesitate to use the either the Crites replacements (or the JEM replacements), but let's be aware of the sales pitch .... -Tom
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    This is the alerts section, I think you should criticize the seller, not the member generously offering to help out.
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