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    I'm going to be really honest and possibly ramble on so bear with me. Almost exactly a year ago I had what was diagnosed as a panic attack that sent me to the ER. I had never experienced anything like that before and I thought I was going to die. My body was shaking uncontrollably, I was having chills and my breathing was very shallow. I have a history of anxiety and depression but this was a whole new ballgame. I was prescribed a daily anti-anxiety drug and also Atavan as needed for severe cases. This last week and a half was really, really bad. Four days in a row with panic attacks with one where I made my wife drive me to the ER so I'd at least be in the parking lot if things got worse. It got so bad I was having muscle pains in the center of my chest from tensing up so much. I had a phone visit with my doctor today and it was good to talk to him about it. He made some adjustments to my meds and i already feel a lot better. Fortunately I already had a physical and med check scheduled for this Thursday also. Anyway, of all the forums I belong to this is the only one I actively check several times a day. It helps take my mind off of things and I really enjoy the discussions and camaraderie this forum provides. Hopefully at the next Pilgrimage I'll be able to meet some of you and thank you in person.
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    Just had to say it. Over the last few days I have been getting my '80 KHorns back in stock configuration in order to list them for sale. Last night I completed the task. Got them tucked back into really the only two good corners in my basement rec. room. Hooked them up with one of the Crown D75 amps that I modded a while back. Ran cables from my mixing desk across the floor to the amp(not elegant but functional). Hooked speakers up with relatively short cable runs........ MAN-O-MAN do these things sound good...40 year old non modified crossovers and all.. Absolutely no problem being pleased to offer these for sale to a new owner to enjoy....For another 40 years. THANK YOU PAUL W. KLIPSCH
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    Up date on the Jakester. Took him in and the tech shaved his stomach in preparation for the procedure. Then the vet comes in and states that the specialist who was to do the ultra sound husband tested positive for Covid so the procedure was cancelled. Jake is feeling better and getting his meds wrapped in turkey bacon so we will hold off for a bit. Seems fine by Jake!
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    It’s pretty simple and it’s not very complicated. It’s just not “Roy” endorsing JEM, it Klipsch. And for the umpteen time, crites and alk or anyone else and the products they sell, are not Klipsch approved. Most people who modify a part on their network have no idea how it might affect the overall voltage transfer, which affects the spectral balance of the speaker. But it’s your speaker....do what you want. If you want the original intent, then replace with original specified parts.
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    Home again, floor looks really good. This is pictures of it wet, it is not gloss but satin when it dries. 100 year old oak, the first time it has been sealed.
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    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Had a great day celebrating with family. Wishing each of you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi All - Pretty new to this Forum; even so, I have already gotten some great help and advice from the members here. I thought there might be some interest in following my journey to refurbish a pair of 1971 Klipsch Cornwalls that I happened to luck into over the summer of 2020. By sheer luck, I came across an ad for these listed for just $50. The seller was located about 2 hours drive (one way) from my job. And, that day I happened to take my convertible to work instead of my Suburban - I mean, who wouldn't want to drive a drop top on a warm, dry, sunny Utah day? So here's the backstory: I texted the seller immediately and was surprised that I was just the third person to respond (although the ad had only been posted about 10 minutes at that time). I told him I would definitely take them, and offered to pay immediately via Venmo or Paypal. The seller said he was OK waiting for me to show up to collect payment. He explained that when he mentioned to the first 2 prospective buyers where he was located, they both backed out. I knew that if I wanted these I had to go there ASAP; no time to drive back home first and get the truck. I explained that I was 2 hours away and was DEFINITELY coming .I verified his exact address with GPS and saw it would take 1 hour and 58 minutes to get to him. Would he be OK holding them for 2 hours and 15 minutes. I would have been devastated (and a bit pissed off) had I driven that far only to find that they were gone. The seller said "no problem - but at 2 hours 16 minutes I move on to the next guy". Deal! Imagine his surprise when I showed up on time... but in a convertible. With a good bit of luck, we managed to load them up. And, by the time I got to his location, he had gotten close to 50 other calls / texts from interested buyers. To his credit, he kept his word and didn't sell them out from under me. He did mention that he even got a few offers significantly over his $50 asking price, but declined them, telling them that they were already sold. So, I will end this first installment with a couple of photos. I knew even while I was driving there, that if I was successful, this was going to sound like a BS story. So, I made sure to take a screenshot (a few actually) of the original ad showing the price. And a few of the Cornwalls loaded up in my 2003 BMW 330cic. I've attached one of each to this post. P.S. - BTW, the seller was the original owner and yes, he knew what he had. He just figured that in this day and age of Bluetooth, Alexa, and Beats headphones that no one would want such large speakers anymore. If you look at the ad he even mentions taking them to the landfill if he gets no interest(!) Boy, was he wrong...
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    I have thought of how we could offer upgrade kits in spirit of how Mr K did. And I am still trying to figure out ways to make them simple and doable.......
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    With all due deference... I come to this forum for interesting opinions and some excellent information. I do not come here for drama. I do not like seeing someone who is new seeming subjected to abuse (esp. from someone like "Chief Bonehead"). I really enjoy my Klipsch speakers. I also enjoy playing with older models and trying to wring the best possible sound that I can from them. My 1976 Klispchorns have large EV horns and DH1A drivers in place of the original mid horn/drivers. I now have them time aligned using and Ashly unit as well. They are mine. They are Klispchorns. I do not need anyone's permission to call them that.
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    It’s funny but back in the 80s there was no internet and so unless you were reading audio magazines you would never know what was really good equipment. I knew of klipsch because my older brother had a pair of Klipshorns so my dad and I went to the closest high end stereo store that carried klipsch. My dad did not have useable corners in his beach house so we did not even listen to those but listened to the other speakers in the heritage lineup and the chorus was part of that listening experience I can’t remember what it was about the Fortes that made us decide on them but we both just loved how they sounded better than others in the line. Remember sound is subjective. Now 34 years later I might like the chorus or lascalas better but on the day we brought home the Fortes we just loved their sound. When my stepmother saw them in her living room she had a hissy fit but my father would have gotten rid of her before his beloved Fortes. Now when I listen to them I think about my dad and he would love that all these years later I’m still rocking out to his Fortes. ps - I loved my dad we were pals that spoke every day and he was one of my biggest supporters and his smile when popping in some Linda Ronstadt into his NAD CD player could light up a room - I miss my mother and father so much.
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    Anyone nearby I have left overs. Jake got a rib bone with a bit of meat still attached.
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    Received my kit from JEM Performance today. Very nicely packaged, sent Priority Mail. Comes with very detailed instructions and a schematic that even a novice could follow. I'm replacing the caps in my center Heresy that has a completely stock network from 1980. Commence soldering! 🙂
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    (This is a continuation of a deeper look into horn-loaded loudspeakers as a result of an in-depth review of Floyd Toole's book (Sound Reproduction, 3rd edition). Many threads have been about horn (a.k.a., waveguide) loaded loudspeakers on this forum. This isn't the first--nor will be the last. What's different about this thread is that it addresses those readers that are a little more than "just a little curious" about horns/waveguides and why a company like Klipsch produces loudspeakers that effectively 100% have some sort of horn loading of drivers. (Even earbuds are "waveguide loaded": the ear canal is a waveguide). This thread is aimed at those people that would interested or motivated to buy this book and read it, but need just a little help getting up on the technical language. In other words, this thread is a gloss or explanation/exegesis of this text: This book is available from Parts Express (in the US) and elsewhere. Here is the book's website for those living in other countries: https://hornspeakersystems.info/. It's not an inexpensive book, but when you see it, you will understand the price--it's over 1000 pages--large pages and has many thousands of figures, etc. _____________________________________________________________ "Why horns?" That is the subject of this entire thread. Based on another thread that reviews Floyd Toole's book, Sound Reproduction (third ed), it became clear that an in-depth discussion of horn-loaded loudspeakers, and horn/waveguide theory in particular, is needed for those that wish to learn more, and which are not deterred by the technical challenge of learning more about it. Why here? Klipsch has always been about horn-loaded loudspeakers (even when it wasn't cool--which was a lot of years). As such, I consider the Klipsch name synonymous with horns. If that changes, I would be extremely surprised. I feel that an in-depth thread to counterbalance the "frequency response is king" direct radiating monkey coffin enthusiasts...is sorely needed. I've been waiting for someone else to do it. It hasn't happened, however, except for the author of the book that we'll be using (released in late 2019)...Bjorn Kolbrek. (The first part of the book--the history of horn loudspeakers, was mostly written by his co-author, Thomas Dunker). This is as good a time as any to start in this forum. I think PWK would actually be flattered to know his technical legacy survives. I hope that I'm up to the task. I've had a lot of practice of late (tutorial threads) and good familiarity with the subject matter--albeit at an engineering ("educated consumer") level. If anyone in Klipsch engineering wants to take on this task--I'll get out of their way. Perhaps this thread might kick-start that involvement...or perhaps not. Comments from Klipsch design engineering staff are always welcome. As this thread develops, I expect the format to be refined as we go along. Questions are encouraged, but this is not a "social media thread": if you want to talk about the social aspects of owning and listening to horn-loaded loudspeakers...start another thread! You can link to those threads from this thread if you feel it's relevant to do so. If you are still bothered by the technical language even after reading the gloss explanation here, you still have a couple of choices: You can ask questions about those specific horn theory topics here or perhaps the mathematics of horn theory here, or If you are still bewildered by the whole subject, start another thread and talk about it, and you can link back to that thread here for reference. My initial approach is to follow the book's table of contents, starting at chapter 9 (page 413) of the book. If this proves to be too laborious or not useful from the perspective of "why horns?", I reserve the right to change it up to keep the thread moving forward. Here is a table of contents of the book: https://hornspeakersystems.info/images/pdf/TOC.pdf. The contents of chapter 9 are: Title: Horn Loudspeakers - an Introduction 1 Efficiency 2 Impedance Transformation 3 The Horn Loudspeaker 4 Directivity 5 Basic Topologies: 5.1 Front-Loaded Horns 5.2 Rear Loaded Horns 5.3 Full Range Systems 5.4 Multi-Way Systems Since there are 30 chapters (22 chapters to go, that are specifically related to this thread) and three appendices...comprising over 500 pages, this is going to take a while. We're not in a hurry, however: the Klipschorn was designed over 75 years ago and it's still around. 😉 Chris
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    Almost 24 hours since a post in this thread so an update. Almost done, a little trim on the back top rake edge and 2 roll up doors and it's done. Well except for electrical and a couple benches then deciding where the tools will go.
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    Great album Paul. Saw it the other day here and thought about it. Spent most of the afternoon watching the NFL & now it's after 9. Ugh! Pulled this signed Doyle Bramhall II out for a spin. His 4th solo studio album released in 2016. It's also his first release since 2001 with many of the songs written about his father Doyle Bramhall who passed in 2011. Followed it up with a lil Buddy Guy & Junior Wells. Such a great album Why stop now?
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    Here's a form to be used.
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    STEP 7: FINAL ASSEMBLY, TESTING, AND SUMMARY Materials Needed: - Velcro Strip 4-pak / $3.88 Home Depot - 1.5" #8 Stainless Wood Screws, Box of 50 / $4.39 Home Depot Total Cost: = $8.27 (plus tax) Time Needed: Approx. 1 hr. to install rear panels and Velcro strips; place speakers and connect speaker cables Finally, the big day is here... Went home yesterday and installed the drivers and crossover, etc. in the second speaker cabinet. Next, I installed the rear panels back on both cabinets using new stainless wood screws. I should note that ALL the screws used on the project were stainless (most of the originals were either brass / plate steel and had either rusted or corroded badly in some cases) so these fasteners should stay new looking and corrosion-free for the life of the speakers. Once the cabinets were complete, I uprighted the speakers and placed them in the approximate location I wanted them to go. Next, I installed the speaker wire cables from my system onto the rear panel terminals. Then, I cut the Velcro strips in half (to make 8 of them) and adhered 4 to each speaker motorboard. I adhered the second half of each Velcro section to the appropriate location on the inside of each speaker grille. After everything was finished, it was time to turn the system on and hear the results: My Front Room Audio System I've got 3 vintage receivers to choose from: - Pioneer SX-780 / 45 wpc - Sansui G-5700 / 75 wpc - Marantz 2230 / 30 wpc The system is wired through both an amplifier selector switchbox and a speaker selector switchbox so that I can choose any combination of receiver, media player, and speakers that I have. For media choices, I have (2) different Technics turntables (one belt driven and one direct drive); a Panasonic Pro Logic 5 - CD / DVD changer; an Akai GX-265D Reel to Reel deck; a Pioneer HR-101 8-track deck; and a Teac A-400 Dolby B /C Cassette deck. Regardless of the media / receiver combination, sound flows through a Rockville 21 - Band Equalizer and a Pioneer SW-202a Reverb Amp and then out to the speakers. For speakers, I have pared myself down to these Cornwalls and a pair of 1959 University Dean Cobreflex 12s. At one time I had 14 pairs of speakers in my Front Room (boy was that a nightmare, LOL) but I chose to keep only these 2 pairs as they were the best sounding (or had the potential to be) IMO. Anyway, enough background... here are some more Cornwall photos so you can see the finished project: With the grilles removed: Once I fired up the music, the sonic improvements vs. the original condition speakers were quite obvious. First and foremost, the entire mid-level sound profile was entirely different. The midranges now provide not only an enhanced sound throughout their range; but they also bring a more well-defined sense of 'presence' and soundstage detail that I had not heard before. The tweeters seemed to extend higher, but at the same time were a little more subtle and delicate sounding than before. I had to go back and recalibrate my EQ as the previous settings were resulting in a sonic profile that was much too bright and flashy now. The next thing I noticed was a change in the bass response and characteristics. Overall, the low frequency tones were now more sharp, less muddy and tighter. The amount of 'punch' was not only increased, but the frequency where you experience that punch seems to have dropped down by maybe 40 - 50Hz. Again, I had to adjust the lower frequencies on the EQ as this new combination of correct woofers / rebuilt crossovers / added 2.5" risers didn't seem to need as much manual assistance from the EQ settings as before. Overall, the sonic tone, soundstage, clarity, and spatial layout were noticeably improved and just a richer, more well-defined sound overall. I tested these out using a couple of Steely Dan recordings; a CD of "Can't Buy A Thrill" and an LP of "Aja". I asked my son - who has no interest or great knowledge about anything audiophile - I asked him what he thought of the new sound. His response was that when the music had a horn section, it felt like the players were standing right in the room... and he could hear different instruments coming from different parts of the room as if the band was somewhere in front of him... Cosmetically, I am quite pleased with the decisions to go with a contrasting darker walnut oil finish and the ivory grille fabric. I really like that look; also glad I painted the risers the same black as the motorboards. Grilles off, the matching risers look more 'factory' to me; grilles on, they kind of let the speaker cabinets stand out more vs. if I had finished them to match the cabinets. I think I got the level of sheen just where I wanted it to be - a nice, reflective surface that is not so glossy that it makes the wood veneer look like vinyl instead. I do think I should have went with the smaller (OEM) logo size; to me, these larger logos look a little too overstated and 'gaudy'. I may visit eBay again and buy the smaller set after all... In Summary - First, for those keeping tabs on the project metrics, here are the totals in cost and time: Total Cost for All Materials: $487.06 + $50.00 initial purchase price = $537.06 Total Labor Time for All Work Performed: Approx. 24 Labor Hours So, basically, I now have this pair of fully functional, fully restored (and pretty nice looking, IMO) 1971 Klipsch Cornwalls for a total cash outlay of a little less than $550 and 3 full workdays of sweat equity. In my case, the labor was spaced out over a period of about 4 weeks. Now, in the interest of accuracy, if someone was attempting to complete this entire project non-stop, that actual clock time would be significantly longer when you factor in the dry times for the paint and oil finishes, etc. More like maybe 72 - 80 hours of clock time when you include non-labor items like drying times. So how do I feel about this whole project? Well, again I want to emphasize that I am NOT a 'professional' cabinetmaker / carpenter, painter, furniture finisher, or electronics guy. I honestly feel that if I could do this successfully - most anyone else could. I would say that there is a bit of patience needed on things like the cabinet refinish; you definitely don't want to rush that. But, overall, the skill level I would say that was needed for this project was "moderate"... if you know your way around basic hand and electric tools, if you have ever painted anything like a room in your home, if you understand simple electrical concepts like polarity and if you have ever used a soldering iron... YOU can do this.
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    I know what you mean. I recommended this forum to someone once and he joined. he posted one question and got zero answers; but got a lecture for his word usage. the guy never returned to the forum. I'm all for busting a friend's chops once in a while; but you should create a relationship first. bashing a new person right out of the gate is pretty lame. take care Dave.
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    Save the Date: Roy Delgado, Jr. @Chief bonehead will be hosting a livestream event on [Cancelled due to scheduling conflicts- we will announce new date and time] Central Time. (Times subject to change). During this 90 minute event the Museum Edition Heresy IV speakers will be auctioned and the following topics are planned to be discussed [TBD]
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    Wonder if any of these survive?
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    UPS guy, on an icy driveway, making sure his delivery gets there .👍 There is no sound on the video.
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    on January 1st, hindsight will literally be 2020.
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    Haven't seen that picture of dad in years.
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    .....and a couple more.
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    Not so, if the coffee was from MacDonald's take-out...
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    In 2006 at a Pilgrimage in Hope they had 2 drawings for prizes, the first one Daddy Dees name was picked, he won a pair of RF 7's. His daughter was just married, Dee gave the RF 7's to his new son in law so they would have nice speakers. My name was picked in the second drawing and I won a pair of Cornwall lll's, they gave me a disc of pictures with the employees who built them. http://www.cyclonecj.com/dtel/Dtelcorns-small/
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    Good evening folks, Bill Evan's at Town Hall vol. 1 Recorded Live, February 21, 1966, NYC.
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    Bending the rules a bit on today. But I built new baffles for the new woofers (big improvement) and got them dialed in TODAY. Grant Green's Idle Moments has never sounded better.
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    Well, I certainly didn't ask for it, but I/we got it. So far we've received about 3 inches of snow here in our area of East Texas. It can stop any time now!!!! Here is a picture I took from our back porch, down towards our woods, about 30 minutes ago. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
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    Steely Dan´s Debut Album " You can´t buy a Thrill " 1972 , ABC Records, Printed in Germany
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    I am cleaning some things out. These are free and I will ship them to you. Dakiom R103 feedback stabilizers. You can look them up on the net, all sorts of reviews. These are the RCA connector ones (female RCA on one end. male RCA on the other). They go between a cd/dvd player (for example) and a receiver, between amp and preamp, etc. They are supposed to "smooth out" the sound. I think they were about $100 for the pair. I have two of these. You may claim one or both. Headphone extension cord - probably 10 ft or more. The cord is an black, umbilical cord (like an old phone land line cord). 1/4 phono plug on each end (male on one end/female on the other). Dayton/Parts Express mini headphone amp. This is not the current version they offer, but it is a digital amp, it has speaker connectors so it could work as an amp for very efficient speakers or use it for headphones. I have one of these, basically new in box - I think it was a $30+ item on sale. I am pretty sure this is the link to what I have. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dta3116hp-class-d-mini-amplifier-with-headphone-amp-2-x-15w--300-3810 My only ask is don't claim these to simply sell them. I can do that - If you don't like them, please offer them back up here to someone else. Send me a PM me on what you want, your mailing address and give me a few days or so to get them in the mail to you. Thanks, Kevin
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    Drinking Elijah Craig Old Fashions. Have 3 tickets for the big Power ball tonight. Free toasters for all.
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    I didn't think they were awful for pop-rock, but I'll tell you what was. Searching for Nicklebag and getting results about nickelback every time... polar opposites as bands go!
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    Happy Birthday Christy @dtel's wife.
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    lol, similar but not quite. More a period of time during a few teenaged years, where music became ribbons of colors, along with a bit of astral traveling. 😀
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    Merry Christmas everyone. We received just enough snow overnight to satisfy Bing Crosby, but not enough to fire up the snowblower.
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    Ditto! White one here. Got about 4-5 inches of snow here. Think I should fire up the big snow blower @ 0530 and go for it here in the hood? Bwa ha ha Firing up the coffee pot instead!
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    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night of enjoying (your Klipsch speakers and) your cheery company! Long may we roam (to get a pair of bargain priced speakers). Much may we smile, as we think of the better year to come (and the likely upgrades to our system). Merry Christmas from Vancouver Island, to all the great friends who I spend so much time with!
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    Gave away alla da pies I made yesterday. "Due to the Pandemic" more neighbors at home. So I had to knock out five more real quick to restock the house, for the kids to share with their SO's. This years production was about 45 pies, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not as low as 2018, the year of the great gourd shortage, but next year should be better. NOTE: I still have enough punkin for 7 more pies, but this is the strategic reserves.
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    Wishing all seasons greetings Our granddaughter’s first Christmas 🎄 We added her mark to this years Christmas tree
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    Well the LF just gave me an early present (no not that).......a bottle of Elijah Craig and a bottle of Proof syrup for Old Fashions. Just mixed the first one.....bien!
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    I'm gonna steer clear of this stuffing stocking convo Been waiting for 4PM... That's when the UPS usually comes... Hear dogs barking... he's here..... Merry Christmas and happy b'day to me. Just what I wanted... RP600Ms. ... I know I looked at size specs... they are bigger than I was expecting.... and heavy/er. Put the box on a hand truck, rather than carry a 40lb box across the property... The sound is much more refined. I got a few years out of the R15Ms and for what they are, are OK.. Won't need to upgrade for a while... I expect these will get some better as I get some hours on them... They're pretty nice out of the box. Running 'em w/o a sub for now.
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