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  1. with inflation UR only 39.7 cent.
  2. I've got somethings to say on this, but I am on my cell right now... suffice to say, using historical data or studies based on historical data, especially to make a projection, is something that should be avoided.
  3. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I got a new Tesla! Toot toot
  4. Mine still has not arrived... the wait is killing me
  5. Looking for a single al5 if he has one at a decent price?
  6. does a dedicated 2-channel or monoblock amp work? YES does an AVR work? YES you pick what you want... and don't ask for forgiveness.
  7. Well... the proposed digital asset regulations are out, and it's not all bad news. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/09/16/fact-sheet-white-house-releases-first-ever-comprehensive-framework-for-responsible-development-of-digital-assets/
  8. they aren't equivalent or synonymous? better check again.
  9. Just this week, I went from this beautiful 6dj8 NBS: To this wonderful Passive Khozomo (WELL UNDER $1000): while I am not going to retire the NBS, the difference between the two is rather astounding and eye opening. There exists a big difference between the two.
  10. 40'ish is where I would lowering them to also... otherwise I hear bloom begin to creep in.
  11. Horn loaded Subwoofer please...
  12. beautiful Tele... I ALMOST bought a Danny Gatton fender custom in gold many years ago when they first came out... I should have. they were around 1900$ at Guitar center... now, 😛 I still want one.
  13. I've used some of these before... https://www.amazon.com/s?k=velcro+strap&crid=TFGMZD635G61&sprefix=velcro+strap%2Caps%2C186&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  14. They are reasonably good... and Dennis builds them very quickly when you order from him. These amps are not be all end all top of the food chain amps... but the are decent for the price and a good way to get our feet wet.
  15. Oh that will help get that future Cardioid Heritage Subwoofer built...
  16. good morning. I am the original owner of this MINT condition Astell Kern sp2000t DAP unit, purchased directly from Astell&Kern. it works perfectly and is in MINT AS NEW CONDITION. the sound is superb and I would be keeping it, but I want to upgrade to the newest Astel kern DAP... my loss is your gain. this is the 'T' version with three different amplification choices available for play back in real time... it can also be blended from one topology to the other in real time. You can select between TUBE Amp mode, OP Amp mode or a HYBRID Amp mode on the fly or in any combination. this auction is for the DAP ONLY... NO EAR PHONES OR EAR BUDS. shipping will be $35 within the continental US and carry insurance via UPS. Locals to Las Vegas can pick up in person. MSRP $2400+ tax SOLD https://www.astellnkern.com/product/product_detail.jsp?productNo=22
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