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  1. Pretty sure that's as direct as it gets. Is it regulated by ATF? No if it's a replica or made before, 1898(I think), since it's a muzzle loader. The touch hole isn't spiked, unless you plan to fire it you should spike it, and with it blocked you have a big liability problem. If you can get it unblocked can you legally fire a cannon ball out of it? I wouldn't even venture a guess, but I would figure out a way to remotely flash it from 100 yards away with a remote camera. It probably needs to be xrayed and/or pressure tested. Did the guy who made it intend for cannon balls to be fired out of it?
  2. I don't think it should have either, that is why I have been sending emails and notices out. I want to make sure everyone got the chance to get one that showed interest, and I think I'm close to that. After that I don't care, if someone want to buy $6,000 or so worth of books I'm good with that, or two for grand kids, etc. I just want everyone on here who wanted one to have a chance. Between @314carpenter help in the alerts posted yesterday, and the stuff I have been sending behind the scenes I think we are close to getting there on that. I got one and I'm going to donate that one to be auctioned off on the Museum YouTube Channel after I get everyone at the factory to sign it, it will be the "Factory Edition", 1 of 1.
  3. I edited the info that I believe are bugs and will get straightened out on Monday. One of the links was not on the official store, it might result in less funds going to the Museum as intended. I have to get this verified tomorrow along with adressing a couple of other bugs I discovered.
  4. Why us this always a contest for you, why the first sentence. Quit being an *******, it's not necessary, and you had better ignore people who irritate you with every response ir you are going to be long gone. I'm tired of baby sitting grow men. If you think you will get a better shake on this PM Roy or Eldon.
  5. Is there a question I can answer that might help you decide? Over 20 sold today (last time I checked. I have posted it this afternoon on some of the facebook pages, and on Monday I think they will be posting on the Klipsch social media and I think they will really go.
  6. Here is the link for the signed 75th Anniversary signed limited edition book. https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipsch-museum-edition-75th-anniversary-bundle
  7. If I get 42 I will trade you for whatever number you end up with. Travis
  8. Just to clarify, I'm sure you were the 6th order, but in terms of what Number Book you got, you won't know (XX of 75) until you receive it. I asked Jim to shuffle them before bringing over to the Distribution Center so everyone had an equal chance of getting "No. 1".
  9. When you guys say PPV is coming, like you will pay X to watch each game like a fight, or do you mean the way Direct, Cable, etc. have been having the college football package, which gets more focused (by conference) and more expensive?
  10. You can get closer with your ears on LF/HF than REW in my experience. You will see which Fanfare for the common Man instantly.
  11. This thread is a spam magnet, I have blocked about a dozen attempts, but I think one or two snuck through. Be very careful of any hyperlinks.
  12. I would be more.concerned with what digital images might be on any of those phones you are in "possession" of. Does a reset wipe all photos and videos, even from recovery software?
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