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  1. I've found I can live with most audio devices short term. Just keep listening the long term listening is what seals the deal..
  2. I know about the new one but I love the asthetics of the Trumpet. I love the construction and shielding... Good stuff.... Great score....
  3. Dammit Joe this has always been on my list of Tube Phono Preamps. Do you have any pics of the inside?
  4. No just wouldn't have been quite right.
  5. This Fisher X100 wasn in rough shape. It had a few blown resistors. The faceplate had been butchered in the 90's so I went ahead and cleaned and polished it. I think it is brass.. Maybe... Nothing fancy here just replaced the electrolytics with some from Hayseed Hamfest and replaced the rest of the caps with WIMAs. There isn't much room so no space for fancy stuff. I still need to put lettering on the faceplate and open to suggestions on that and I'd like a nice wooden cabinet for it. The EL84 are russian tubes I inherited from @Daddy Dee so I hope he is smiling on me for this one. This Fisher sounds really good. Now to restore the tuner. I like the fancy mesh for the power cord..
  6. Sorry that is what I meant silver coated copper a dream to use..
  7. I love the Mogami Mic cables I use those on input signals in preamps and amps. Don't make fun but I've learned to love silver plated solid and stranded copper cables. This isn't becuase I think it sounds better (no diff in sound) but I've found they take solder really easily. If you used solid silver wire it also lets you use a much smaller gauge than copper. I'm thinking about doing a line of cables for my system because everything could be the exact length they need to be with out extra length... Thanks for all the great links in this thread.... I like all the colors available for wire coverings. I used a nuetril power adapter for power cord on my 1625 set amp build.. Check it out here... https://www.instagram.com/p/CEDXAghJh9T/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. I am of the same opinion. I've been spending lots of money on restoring old gear. Hayseed Hamfest is the best so far and they do custom voltages. That being said what if you are restoring a historic piece of gear and you want to retain asthetics... Do you risk something valuable for reforming? My friend is a long time tech and he is building a cap tester reformer that would work at actual voltages and currents... It should be interesting but I'll post here when he gets further along..
  9. Your too kind. I love your bass horn designs 1,000% fun. I loaned the Snails to a trusted local friend who didn't have any speakers and he is running them with JBL horns and drivers up top. Stacey bought me Belles so the Belles had to go to the living room. WAF and alll... I pushed it pretty good... When I get my shed built I'm going to put 18"s in the Snails(will need a recomendation) and use as a sub then your straight tractrix horn will pickup from there topped with some giant multicell horns... It is going to be fun 8-) I hate what happened with sharing design but hope you find a safe way to share your ideas in the future. For those that have seen and heard it is fun..
  10. I heard hum and went down the rabbit hole.. All transformers hum or have potential to hum as they all vibrate.. I made a jig to clamp down transformers. I've cured it sometimes with my funky clamps but also with putting rubber washers under the transformers and really clamping them down.. This can be a bugger. I work on one amp that it was so bad I couldn't get it to go away no matter what I did to it..
  11. Nah I donate history stuff to the Klipsch museum. I need a shop to store all my tools and electronics parts...
  12. If you plug EVERYTHING into the same strip it can cause issues. I spent a day experimenting. This is what reduced my hum to nada. I use two power strips. On one I put my tv, music server, turntable, my cd transport, turntable light, and on the other strip amplifier, sub amp, preamp, phono preamp, DAC. This system went from hum to silent.
  13. That really sucks. I have enjoyed your advanced DIY products. It sucks that there isn't a good way to share these. Soon I'll have a shed built and a good place to rock your straight tractrix horns again...
  14. I'm sure but at what price? My favorite is when I someone talks of a SS as being tubelike as a compoliment... Save your money just use tubes..
  15. The scary thing is Slagle of Intact Audio fame also wraps them in silver.. http://www.intactaudio.com/tran.html I am getting interstage and outputs from Intact Audio. I can't afford silver but yeah it is .999 copper. Sadly I have a few projects to wrap up before I get to it. I'm rebuilding a Fisher X100, building a 112A Preamp and collecting parts for the PWK Main Amp/crossover. The PWK project is the most important right now.
  16. I can listen to SS but just short term. I've never been able to live with a SS amp for long. Granted valve amplifiers are fraught with issues but why do they sound so f'ing good. The specs and numbers suck by comparison but they sound awesome..... PP or SET. "I have to tell you man. In listening to sound, I guess what I'm after is the closest thing that I can get to reality. Now, I know it's not going to be reality, cause the thing gotta go through wires and gotta go through filters and this and that. I understand all that. But what I really like is to get as close to the natural sound of the instruments as possible. That's why I like analog as opposed to digital. Because I don't give a shit what anybody tells you man, I know what you guys are going to tell me...'Oh yeah, but it's clean Ray!' Well it's clean but it don't got no balls!!!" - 1999 interview with Ray Charles
  17. Yup I was given a schematic by Jeffrey and Dave of EMIA and built their DC IT amp and it is the one I have listened to the most. This one can run 45/2a3 but I want to scale it up and build a 300b/50 version... The power supplies end up being most of the amplifier.. You don't skimp here....
  18. If you haven't actually heard the latest Khorn you are just talking crazy or out yer arse..... I've heard it and I wouldn't change a thing nor would I bother biamping...
  19. The PWK Klipsch Main Amplifier discovered in the museum basement did this. A little different instead of outputs at the speaker he split it into HF and LF outputs since in 1946 quality outputs were rare. This is currently being built but safely with everything in one chassis. I personally don't wan't b+ from the plates flying across my room. YMMV...
  20. This comes from someone who does not own Klipsch speakers so grain of salt. I have driven Belles, La scalas, Khorns, and Jubilees with 1/2wpc to 30wpc. Klipsch are among the easiest to drive.
  21. @dwilawyer I've never worked on a crossover of that vintage.
  22. Those are among my faves and punch above their weight. Wish I still had mine. I used mine with WLA12A tube preamp
  23. Damm Rigma beat me to these.
  24. I would love a pair of khorn designers perfect show case for a giant premium veneer.
  25. I've tried and listened to lots of subs with horns. It is hard. Bruce Edgars refridgerator sized sub was the first I heard that was any good. Then the kpt884, 1802, and 1502 are among the best I've heard. My room is music only and the number of subs I've kicked out are numerous. You can't fight physics 8-)
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