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  1. I was going to buy it for the museum but it was sold before the sale even started. I've been waiting since it was posted.
  2. The LF is a straight tractrix horn of @jwc design. The 402 and 510 atop that. Great sounding system. I now have the tractrix and they are about to be my shop speakers.
  3. Wonton Soup broth from real chinese restauraunt. Bahamian Chicken Souse Soup
  4. The asian theater market is still boooming...
  5. If the room is a compromise why compromise the speakers.
  6. You might be over thinking this a bit. It might be beneficial but seriously you can drive Jubilees on almost nothing. I am running a George Wright Preamp and a 1.5wpc SET amp. The room is not big so that helps. Unless you are trying to run an auditorium I wouldn't stress too much about and try what you already have on hand.
  7. They really don't need much power at all. I use anywhere from 1/2wpc to 10wpc anything else is cray loud.
  8. Geek reference to Shatner in Star Trek movie explaining that Spock had too much LDS in the 60's.
  9. Yeah but with live streaming there is no one to offer up the LDS.
  10. I wish... I call myself a selective hoarder lol....
  11. Kevin gave out the video years ago. Youtube made it possible to post larger and longer files. See the factory in 1989 is a trip...
  12. It has the early version made for Ampex with two green felts on the cone. Good stuff but likely tops out at 10-12k
  13. I have a pair of these on my bench right now except mine are the 6v6 version.. I've just oredered can caps to replace the ones on top as there is no room underneath. I still have the console these came in and I am restoring for my wife as her stereo. It has JBL LE8 speakers. Now an old engineer told me these amps were built to make the speakers flat... If that is true I wonder what the bandwidth is and how we reverse the eq to use these elsewhere.
  14. Various places. I play russian roulett on ebay. I've bought some from Brent Jessie. Then found some in random boxes of tubes.
  15. I'm always trying to find ways of making point to point wiring look good. I bought these russian military surplus parts recently off ebay. Too cool...
  16. The down side of motor run is size but the upside is they likely won't need to be replaced in our lifetime. I am restoring a Fisher X1000 and it has a few lytics but it is the only thing that fits so that is what I'll use the JJ are pretty good.
  17. I ain't no expert but I have a friend with 40 year build experience who is helping me. I use big motor run caps in power supplies as I don't want to replace lytics ever. I only use them when I have to. The power transformers and chokes are usually potted. I buy vintage and then painted. The power transformer was from tektronix or paeco as were the chokes. I use two chokes and two big caps. These were pretty high guality. I use PS Designer to dial in power supplies. Then we build to see how close we are. The only thing I'll be changing is adding a 30 second solid state relay so the mercury gets a bit of a warm up instead of manually doing it every time. thanks
  18. I buy 6j5gt tubes often. One day I'll make a preamp with 6j5 insteadof 6sn7 preamp. There are lots of 6sn7 schematics out there.
  19. Awesome someone got a killer deal.
  20. It looks awesome. At least all your tubes are completely vertical lol...
  21. Yup PP 2A3 Brook 12A clones. It was a complete PITA. I did so much wrong on this one. I learn by doing things the hard way LOL.... The transformer on the corner was supposed to be under the chassis but I screwed up big time... .. The rectifiers tubes also sit crooked... I'm thinking of redoing the chassis.. Sigh..
  22. Here are a few. Just finished 1.5wpc 1625 triode wired. Knight KB83 or was lol... 4 x EL37, 2 xgz34 forgot other tubes lol but they are bugle boys. This ran so hot we completely gutted it and redesigned it. It is now a PP triode el37 about 10wpc. Brook 12A Clones I built including PWK or Moderfari mods. A gift from IBSlammin. LuxmanPP triode 50ca10. Just completed cap replacement and putting it back to factory as it has been modified. Going to bring it up this week. Next to be rebuilt two EL84 amplifiers chock full of awesome mullard gz34 and el84 tubes. Love the look. I love the fisher it has been modified so I am not sure what I will do with it... Looks abit ratty.
  23. seti

    Toots. So sad.

    Toots literally coined the term reggae. He started in 1962 and only COVID could stop him. I like his work with Willie. F Covid the list of muscians that have been taken from us keeps getting longer. Wear a damm mask people.... Your literally killing us.
  24. Thanks for sharing. What software did you use to draw schematics? Very nice. Anyone can make a great looking chassis from FPE but it takes real skill and ingenuity to do it your way... Amazing.. I am planning a 112A Preamp with Coleman Regs. I have all the parts just want the chassis to be perfect. I got power supply modules from intact audio.
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