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  1. Gentec are the klipsch Canadian distributor , they call the AL-5 , the Lascala III for the Canadian market , and most Canadian dealers have switched to the LS III designation , there 's a Dealer in Nova Scotia who uses both designations which makes more sense ( La Scala III / AL5 ) https://glubes.ca/product/klipsch-heritage-series-speakers-la-scala-iii-al5/
  2. NHL / NBA buildings use Crown I-Tech Series and DCi Series amplifiers, the DCi Series amplifiers are Class D chip amps and they sound just as fantastic in a home that in a rink
  3. yes , it plugs into any available HDMI connection on the receiver
  4. yes , it plugs in the back of a TV or a receiver
  5. , the Crown Reference Studio Reference I or II have a Damping Factor: of >20,000 from 10 Hz to 400 Hz.
  6. the speaker grille and mounting points on the motorboard do not look to be home made
  7. these are not 1963 Heresy speakers , a 1963 would have different dimensions ,plus the midrange horn is for a 1967 and up speaker
  8. the Topping PA5 amps have an extremely high failure rate , these are cheap amps from China built for the short term + they are not repairable , once the warranty expires , you're 329$ for the PA5 II PLUS -the Fosi are even lower quality . I would recommend you to avoid these 2 amps you can buy a high end Yamaha A-S 301 60wpc @8 Ohms for 350$ including an exceptional preamp or a Yamaha A-S 501 for 550 $ 85 wpc @8 Ohms , both these stereo amps will last a lifetime of worry free operation . https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s301/index.html https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s501/specs.html#product-tabs
  9. dont get rid of your old klipsch networks since the parts are very sought after due to their quality
  10. there are 2 pairs of Heresy 1 , low value is 500$ per pair , the taller speakers are Forte 1 or Forte II , 800$ no problemo , go over to the Garage sale section , place an ad , the speakers will sell in no time , there are lotsa forum members in Houston
  11. reach out to klipsch Parts dept through email , attach the pictures and ask them to give you the klipsch part number for the RSB-6 subwoofer PCB , once you have the correct part no , and if the part is available , you would have to order it through klipsch Thailand https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  12. 1951 Khorn crossover, Jensen woofer , University SAHF mids driver , T-35 tweeter
  13. Here's a 1955 Khorn 3 way schematic for the Model K-500 / 5000
  14. the Technics SU amps do not belong to a Class , they call it a full Digital amplifier , it does not have an internet port but it does have USB connectivity and it can be calibrated , basically a HIFI computerised Smart amplifier .
  15. how can these subs become bass reflex speakers ? the subs are horn loaded with their own driver , the enclosure is sealed
  16. it depends on the brand , Crown have very special Class-D chip amps that sound fantastic with fewer parts that can fail
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