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  1. I didn't attend enough. Yes, they had good sound πŸ™‚
  2. Kid Charlemagne definitely knew something about good sound combos. I use newer McIntosh (MX151/MC255) to drive my all-Cornwall theater (one might call it "The CornWall Of Sound") and it still "has it" - that body, presentation, "way" with the performance, albeit with a little fresher face. I spent a ton of time with MC30s as well as MC250 on various Klipsch and still believe that the Mac/horn combo is one of the best in the biz. It's not practical to use tubes or Firstwatt (class A too hot anyway), Luxman and Accuphase don't make five channel amps. When I rebuilt my Cornwall Theater and had to choose how to power that, the Mac seemed a good logical fit, and it still is. From the Grateful Dead stage to here, and all through the years, they most certainly were not wrong, and I still think of Mac first and foremost as "The Amp Company" because of it.
  3. You DO want the 12AU7s to have matched sections (phase splitter). But Mark identifies the same tube sets I use (save for the fact I use real Mulalrd 5AR4s cuz I have them) and I find them to be excellent. This is what the amp is "designed center" for, it has other options but I don't recall how to set it up. Haven't relly needed to because the current setup with Amperex smalls and Penta KT88s have been sooooo good in that amp, and even as a cap roller (I now have all Teflons in my NOSValves gear) can vouch for the quality of that setup. To get into the specifics of the other tubes you could use, and in what specific combinations, I would talk to Craig, as I don't think any of those options were laid out in the manual. If you ask me, an amp performs and sounds best with the tubes it was designed for, and having heard VRDs with GEC KT66 and a few others, the stuff that works "stock" actually performed better, because that's what the amp is designed for.
  4. There's a whole lot of conjecture in this thread, but has anyone here actually heard this piece?
  5. Welcome. We definitely get it. Some of us found this when "Lycos" and "Excite" were a "thing"..... We also knew about Hope Arkansas BEFORE Bill Clinton was president.
  6. No issue here. I had one, that's pretty much what I did.....
  7. Audible Nectar

    Checking in

    I thought discussion of mods on this forum was verboten πŸ˜‰
  8. Craig and Mark would set up their customers with preamp and amps respectively, then their customers (also known forum members) would come on here and do all of the talking. It was so ridiculously and consistently good that I drove across three states to hear what they were all talking about. A number of us did similar. Too bad I wasn't here when said subject was insinuating the build of equivalents for a third of the cost. Anyone who knew Mark and/or Craig's gear knew that was BS because I've run across very few who gave you so much sonic quality for the $$$ and anyone who has handled that stuff knows the same. I realize that a manufacturer has to start somewhere but the lack of track record might have been a tipoff. Did CBH ever deliver a product to a member here successfully?
  9. I have Belles and Cornwalls with P serials and laser badges here.....these are "klipsch" with no pie slice
  10. Once in corners they "hide" relatively well compared to their size.
  11. We bought all of the good ones up already πŸ™‚
  12. I would LOVE to put that to the test. I REALLY want to hear the CIV against my OG CI cabs, and I am quite sure I would be able to tell them apart. They are MARKEDLY different in their setup (better tweeter and steep slope crossovers just for openers). While so much of this is truly subjective, I suspect the CIV would come out better in some aspects (less honk and less cab boom to be sure) and maybe some tradeoffs in others, with the edge going to the IV in the overall from that lack of boom and honk. The IV is made to be a more refined product.
  13. They can/do "honk" on a good deal of program material (at least with the earlier versions). Some would call it "bite", and depending on your specific use and taste could call it a bug OR a feature at the same time. I play my Cornwalls at low-90s db at the listening position at a max by and large, and if not overdriven that "bite" becomes that "jump of life". If these are run like PA speakers, at 100+db at the listening position, they are going to "bite you" in most situations, and mine will in a lot of situations too. On clean tracks, like DTS in my Cornwall Theater, I can get away with much more on the throttle before having "the honk" be an issue. On CD and a good deal of 2 channel stuff this can show, but I'm not doing music at that level anyway. But I don't listen that loud, and really neither should you, and when kept within what PWK seemed to understand was normal listening volumes (before Flame Linears came along) they do just fine. On a technical level there's a lot better for "system crankers" within the Klipsch line than a Cornwall, but for reasonable to even a bit more volume the Cornwall is one of those speakers that performs a LOT better than it should when you look at its technical aspects. If you want more extreme adressing of that issue in a Cornwall the newest IV version would be one to investigate. Steeper slope pickled onions on a sesame seed bun.....
  14. He's a good dude, sold/sent me a Crown K! amp that was just what the doctor ordered for my passive subs in my HT. No surprise he made somebody else's day.......
  15. Teflons are better, LOL πŸ˜‰ I don't think the conflict is irreconcilable, at least if you consider that one just cannot use it for some certain prior purposes. It would be irreconcilable if it were all about those certain purposes. It's easy to get wrapped up in that, especially one like myself who pretty much arrived where I am today because of those specific purposes. But it is too a fact that nothing stays the same, and he who owns the gold makes the rules, as certain as death and taxes. The said, the place can and still be good for other approved purposes, it might be a bit before a lot of us adjust to those new realities - some of us in fact have been working on things as a result of these new realities for some time now. There is a such thing as cup half full if we wish to drink from that which IS provided.......or not. So I try to not step in it too much, as much as I am attached to those old concepts there's still another aspect to the place that is still useful, just not on those certain subjects. It WILL take some getting used to for a lot of us.
  16. This has become a bit of a running joke on other forums, what to call our modded stuff (Antifawalls, etc). My understanding is "no non-Klipsch updates". No aftermarket that's not Klipsch. If it is we are to yap about that elsewhere.
  17. There have been a number here over 20 years who were very much good with Cornwalls over any of the larger brethren, fully knowing that "by the book I know I should like the bigger that's supposed to be better, but there's something about those that I just like". Read it, heard it hundreds of times. I have oft said here that if a Martian came to Earth and asked me what a loudspeaker looks like I would show a Cornwall. That box is so perfect for the purpose inherently (approximates the golden mean/ratio), and while the IV version is no doubt tweaked and perfected to make it the best Klipsch can make it be today, ANY of the iterations, I-IV inclusive, perform far beyond what technology exists in these boxes. Big enough to have heft, and the 1" midrange throat gets you into the "bigger leagues" in terms of openness vs the smaller stuff - where a Forte just cannot compete. A low order B2 networked Cornwall from the 70's shouldn't sound as good as it does, but it does πŸ™‚ No where else does a whole exceed the sum of its parts like exists in a Cornwall, and almost anyone can find a room that they can work in, and used are the grand champion speaker deal of all time while yet still offered in the most refined version yet brand new. I have an all-Cornwall theater, with three across the front inclusive and it's quite an impressive experience.
  18. Does this mod make this "no longer Klipsch" (non-Klipsch installed modification)?
  19. John Deere x739 owner here, certainly not what one would think of as a "prototype tractor owner" but that setup has allowed me to take care of our property in ways I never expected. Shaft PTO really is another level for an in town property tractor (triple lot plus wooded). Mostly it allows me to do the big jobs such that I have more time to take care of smaller things that really make a difference in how a property builds out or looks. When the work gets heavy I can do it now, be it turf or snow.....that machine plus the COVID shutdown made for one of the most productive periods for property improvements that we've had here, and since I got it before all that stuff broke I got it on terms I couldn't refuse. You haven't lived until you've greased some of these setups lemme tell yaπŸ˜ƒ Love that little beast......
  20. Absolutely. I've seen people attempt to install these speakers in some rather inhospitable environments. If I get a "no bass" complaint there's a whole litany of things to look at - phasing (yes, people DO make errors here), gear (YES, there are "better" amps for these Heritage than others and they are NOT all "The Same"), as well as the room which could just be an acoustic nightmare one cannot do anything with. With Cornwalls, though, they have enough flexibility that if you let them have "first pick" - IOW, you put those speakers where they sound best in the room, then build the rest of the room around that in terms of layout - that you should have a good chance of success. I've had these speakers in some less than ideal rooms too, but there ARE things that can be done if the room isn't cooperating. It might not be "ideal" but one can make it "better".
  21. I don't think that most people could measure light in degrees Kelvin nor would they have any real clue years ago about the "temperature of light". Now we expect that spec to be on the box of the bulb being purchased in a lot of cases. I think many of these characteristics are simply things we haven't attempted to measure but not necessarily "unmeasurable". Can you measure the dryness or sweetness of wine? I experience the "warm up" characteristic every time I turn on my systems, neither sound their best for a couple of hours...... .....all that said I find it odd that a Cornwall would lack bass for 500-700 hours, if anything I would expect the top sections to be a bit edgy until the caps complete the break in, not knowing for sure but wouldn't be surprised if it took a couple hundred but that's a high frequency thing (and usually rather subtle) and the bass driver should "be what it's supposed to be" within 20-50 hours at most (as the woofer "flexes" out of new such that it attains its most tuneful performance). I find "The Hue Of Sound" to be a really interesting topic but I would think waiting for a 500 hour change on a set of CW would be akin to waiting for Godot.....
  22. I tell people that it's no different from a boat (a large hole in the water you throw money into). Similar results πŸ™‚ Another way I look at crypto is "an attempt at private (as opposed to government) currency". Trust the "private" part of this at your own risk.
  23. I know it all seems high/crazy, and I'll agree with OP on the Heresy example, but I see it as the market knowing and realizing what they really are and worth to a degree (see Mac stuff 30 years ago). We said for years that these speakers (like Cornwalls, LaScalas, etc) were the greatest speaker deals on the planet with sound quality far exceeding their cost, and that was absolutely correct. Today, people are paying what they think they are worth, and given the performance it's hard to really argue - and I say all this full well knowing "the magic trick" of getting this stuff for pennies on the dollar years ago, while home designers were forcing the expulsion of Heritage to the favor of "sound cubes" and acoustic messes. Remember too that with the increase in price comes the "right buyer" ponying up the coin because they are close, or just the vintage the buyer wants, or whatever, and you then see what used to be outliers becoming the norm. The secret is out now and the market is speaking. So you can blame it on us crowding all up in here yapping for the decade of 2000-2010 about how good of a deal and how awesome these are and how it's crazy these are out of production. Well take a look at things now. Feel free to forward the commission check to this inbox (or said certificate for a free pair of Cornwall IV) for letting the world know what they were all missing, and for increasing the value in these precious assets and getting Klipsch back into the business of building a Heritage LINE. Just the fact they are building Forte IVs tells me they are making a big success of it. We told you so πŸ™‚
  24. Currently, I'm suggesting the new Adam Curtis work "Traumazone" (BBC), a seven hour documentary film on post-Soviet Union Russia from 1985-1999.
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