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  1. I have reported sellers to ebay for fraudulent advertising. MANY times. Purposeful misrepresntation is reprehensible. It usually starts with a Q and A that establishes the seller is not "innocent." Other potential buyers will see it too. I find when I give someone the benefit of the doubt, there are two less assholes in the world... And still I struggle... In this case the price is so far out of whack that if it should be a caveat emptor for ANY prospective buyer. But I get it!
  2. I have a pair of Cornwall 2's that have K-107-Ti tweeters, new midrange phenolic diaphrams (in the larger K601 horn...), bandpass filters, and the upgraded Crites crossovers. I also have a pair of Cornwall 1's that I converted to 2-way Cornscala's. I kept the Cornwall cabinets and the K-33-E woofers. The HF section consists of a K510 horn mated to a Faital Pro HF200. The crossover is currently a passive CS500 from Crites. Make no mistake about it, I really LOVE my Cornwall 2's. But the seamless response from 500Hz to the limit of my hearing coupled with the definition and sound stage the larger horn provides is a game changer. I never fully appreciated that "we live in the midrange" until I brought a pair of Forte ii's home. The 2-way Cornscala takes it to the next level.
  3. I took a couple hours during the week to SURFACE mount (flush mounting is beyond my wood-working prowess at this point) the K510's on my "JubWalls". Chris, expect a royalty cheque in the mail for the use of your coinage, and thank you for all of your input here! It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that the improvement in sound quality could be summed up as exponential. Putting the grilles back on as they currently exist is not in the foreseeable future. I will find a better solution later. I have been running these every waking moment since the re-configuration. This weekend I exchanged first my Cornwall 2's and then my CF-3's for the "JubWall's" and played the same CD to compare the sound reproduction. The Cornwall 2's sound great! These love to be cranked and have the punch at the lower volumes most every other speaker I have owned (including my Forte ii's) lacked. They do not need to be coaxed but beg to be pushed. The CF-3's sound great! These have a large sweet spot that grabs you by the boo-boo when you are in it and sound fantastic at at ALL volumes. The definition and punch provided by these speakers cannot be touched by lesser drivers PERIOD(.) The JubWall's sound great! These project the widest soundstage of the lot, with a larger sweet spot. The detail emanating from a horn this big is humbling. What the hell was I listening to all these years?! There is a point, however, with these speakers at which any further increase in the volume dial detracts from the experience. It is roughly the same spot my Cornwall 2's go from making me smile to scaring me, club levels... ANYTHING up to that point is sweet as pie and smooth as silk.
  4. What an interesting assessment! I have come and gone to that point and am back again. I thought my Forte ii's with the titanium tweeter diaphragms were the be-all to end-all. At first. Some of my CD's sounded like new material, in a very good way. Some sounded like new material, in a very bad way. All of them needing a little push in the volume department to bring them alive I referred to them in my ad as "floor standing headphones" once I brought my FIRST pair of Cornwall's home. Balance IS something Klipsch does well. The trick is finding which one(s) of their line up has the "balance" YOU prefer. The fellow I bought my Forte ii's from also had a pair of Belle's for sale. When I descended the stairs into his basement the music playing grabbed me in way I haven't heard since. Then he switched over to my Forte ii's. It was as if the life was gone. Believe it or not, the bass seemed louder from the Belle's. And the presence was un-surpassed. But I had come for the Forte ii's and when I got them home I was not disappointed. I later found a pair of Quartet's and a KLF C7 I mused about making HT set-up with. But I am partial to 2 channel kit. Sold 'em all. Cornwall's have a full balanced sound at quiet levels and beg to be turned up. That hooked me. Fast forward a year and now a pair of Cornwall 2's, Cornwall 1's and Epic CF-3's take turns alternating "on stage." I just built my first pair of Cornscala's which are somewhere between the Cornwall's and the CF-3's sound-wise. They are getting a run at present. But the quest continues... And the same gentleman I bought the Forte ii's from has his Belle's up for sale again!
  5. A lot of what I would have called "noise floor" or background hiss disappeared after replacing the crossovers in my '86 Cornwall 2's with the Crites full boards. Many of the same CD's in my collection played through the same speakers in the same spot sounded as if the equivalent of a cassette players' Dolby NR button had been engaged, but the high end was still there in spades. Imaging improved as well. Especially compared to my as yet un-recapped '84 Cornwall 1's, once again with the same equipment, in the same spot. I waited far too long to accept that capacitors need replacing after a generation.
  6. I had TWO pairs of Cornwall 1's that I paid between $800 and a grand for when a walnut pair of Cornwall 2's in fine shape came up for 600 bucks - CDN! I had no reservations about adding a third pair of Cornwall's to the herd for that price. It took me exactly one day to sell a pair of the Cornwall 1's for what they cost me... I then had no intention of buying another pair of speakers when a pair of CF-3's came up for $500. I have no regrets about sealing the deal for $600. Next pair of LaScala's I see for a weeks take home pay will probably cause some grief on the homefront! Inexpensive is a relative term, I would say Klipsch speakers hold their value well.
  7. I think the K510's NEED to be flush mounted AND if covered by grilles, the grilles can only be cloth, no boards anywhere near the horn. I imagine the motorboard should be flush with the cabinet walls too. No boundaries or impediments. The cutout I made in the existing grille likely reflects a ton of acoustic energy back into the horn. That can't be good... In the five days these babies have been in existence, this was the FIRST time I listened to them without grilles. Kids and cats share the same space and nobody wants to see a grown man cry. I was starting to find this experiment moot when compared to my CF-3's or Cornwall 2's. I think the fun has just begun!
  8. WOW! Does the K-510 ever love to be naked! I just pulled the grilles off to take a picture for my files while I was grooving to some SRV. I have never owned a speaker whose character changes SO musc by simply removing the grilles! It is literally as if I pulled the cotton out of my ears. The subtleties lept out of the horns. Now that's the forwardness I LOVE in a speaker.
  9. I don't know if this wil help, but I seem to recall reading on this forum that Bob Crites had done some testing of the K-33-E square and K-33-E round magnet versions. The only notable difference was the square magnet version went lower in a tuned enclosure. If I recall correctly. I have owned two pairs '84 Cornwall 1's (the last year for that style,) actually still do, one pair came stock with the square magnet K-33-E and the other pair, the round magnet version identical to the ones in my treasured '86 Cornwall 2's. I am dabbling with a 2-way Cornscala/"The Fifteens" (lol) and chose to use the square magnet woofers for this very reason. This forum and it's members have your answers. Somewhere...
  10. Good eye! It IS a Sonic Maximizer. I can't imagine music without one...
  11. I am thinking the amount of EQ is contingent upon the driver used in conjunction with the crossover. Passive in this case. The NAD C162 preamp only offers +/- 5 db of boost or cut at 50 and 10 000hz and depending on what I am listening too has been more than adequate so far. Sometimes flat, sometimes full on one, sometimes full on both. BUT just like with all my other Klipsch speakers, tone controls have a very limited impact on the sound. This pair of, what I would have until a month ago called, Cornscala's is not as forward souding as I would have expected. Maybe because the horn is CURRENTLY behind the motorboard. The soundstage is very neutral, neither forward nor subdued. Just "there." I just spent another hour listening to some Dire Straights CD's from my collection. There is nothing MISSING from the music compared to my beloved CW2's. Like I said before though, the bass seems more present. What a difference a month or so makes. I might very well have titled this thread "K510 / The Fifteens!"
  12. I have two of these. And a C272. I used to have a CerwinVega CLSC 215 in each corner of my living room. Overkill to say the least. The front two C372's were bridged. I have had Heresy1's, Heresy2's, Tangent 500's, RF3's, Forte ii's, and Quartet's along the way, all hooked up to the same kit. Once I heard Cornwalls my Vegas sounded... muddy and compressed, at the volumes I sometimes enjoy. Phenomenal bass, but at the expense of clarity. I sold most everything after my FIRST pair of Cornwall's. I still have the front two bridged and have NEVER had my Cornwall's dialed past 11 o'clock. And that was just to shake the dirt off my windows! Point being - my Klipsch speakers love my NAD's!
  13. Pictured here is the insulating tape that went between the horn and cabinet and along the inside flange where the back panel screws down. The Faital Pro HF200 has only just begun to impress me. The seemless transition from 500hz to the limit of MY hearing puts a smile on my face. ...more to follow I am sure.
  14. Ok. I finally set aside the time to "complete" this project as it stood... I substituted the FIRST Cornscala finished on the right side while I took another two hours to finish the second one. I played my favourite CD's the entire time. In a side by side comparison, both my son and I THOUGHT the Cornscala paled in comparison to my CW2's (modded with K-107-ti tweeters, NEW crossovers AND midrange phenolics from Crites, and fully gasketed drivers), until I realized the CW2's were likely just that much more efficient. I am not sure if there is a burn-in period for titanium drivers, but first impressions were, well... harsh when compared to the left side I know for a fact the K-107-ti tweeters I put in the CW2's took several hours, if not days, to settle down. Once I finished the second Cornscala and let it play for an hour in concert with it's twin, once again with my favourite tunes, the sublte improvement was evident. I do believe the overall efficiency compared to the CW2's to have dropped ever so slightly, BUT, and this is compared to FINE pair of Cornwall's: Imaging was without question better. There was NO loss of high frequency reproduction. The attack and decay of all instruments was present. I love a band with a horn section, and it is all that and a bag of chips. The woofer seems to really benefit from a 500hz crossover. It may have been a result too of sealing all drivers and the back panel with insulating tape. Keep in mind this was WITHOUT ANY EQ. And this horn is supposed to require it. Next project - EQ'ing the K510!
  15. Thanks Mark! I see in your October 13, 2015 post that you use a graphic equalizer in an all analogue setup with passive crossovers with a K402/K510? Chris A was very helpful and to the point about the use of active crossovers and EQ too. The gentleman I bought the horns from had mentioned they could use a little processing... I would like to try to "keep it simple" so I may dust off an ADC, Nikko or Technics equalizer I have in the archives. For now... Audio progress quickly turns to a quest for audio perfection the more you wet your beak in it! It won't be long before I start researching an Ashley or some such active crossover. A topic for another thread to be sure! As far as I could gleen from other posts, without EQ I should expect the low end to lose pattern control and reflect off the surrounding walls? The high end suffers from attempts to attenuate the low, and efficiency is lost? My living room is 12 x 20 feet and I usually sit 8 to 10 feet from the speakers which are placed in the corners along the short wall. One of the reasons the 2-way Cornscala was the obvious choice. Imaging that close with my Cornwall 2's is OK, better than one might expect, but not great. Any guess what sort of adjustments on the sliders will be needed?
  16. The CS500 crosses at 500hz. No EQ is being used. The Faital Pro HF200/HF140 is the most linear driver available for less than the price of good used car. The slight peak right about where my hearing drops off is icing on the cake. I now have ANOTHER pair of the exact same Cornwall's that were modded for this project that I will be able to A/B the finished product with. Just this past weekend a motivated seller on kijiji had them listed for 500 bucks DELIVERED! I really didn't need another pair, but the price was right! It would have been foolish NOT to buy them. When I called him he was on his way to a buyer that low-balled him to $450. It turned out I was half an hour closer and we settled on 520 bucks. After the comparison maybe my 12 year old son can fit them in his room at his mother's place ...revenge is a dish best served LOUD... LOL!
  17. These showed up in the mail today! ...after I greased customs, sigh. Weekends are family time, so I may have to call in a sick day next week and take a day to properly assemble these.
  18. These I kept. And I have NO regrets about it.
  19. Wow. Just spotted this. I kept my CF-3's. And the KLF C7. The Forte ii' s had the ti diaphragms. In my ad I described them as "floorstanding headphones." The CF-3's have everything the Forte ii's have and more.
  20. Hello Newbie! Welcome to an ear opening experience. Heresy 1's were my first foray into the world of Klipsch. I work in bars as a service rep, and every time I heard music I knew in a new light I would check the source. Classic rock playing through a pair of Heresy's hooked me. That was ten years ago... I don't see the journey ending in this lifetime. It took me too long to accept crossovers need new capacitors after 20 years and the type of crossover has a far greater impact on the sound than I would have previously thought. Many upgrades are available. I JUST replaced the crossovers in my Cornwall ii's over the holidays and the result had to be heard to be appreciated. And I THOUGHT they sounded good prior to the upgrade! Imaging, high frequency definition without the hiss, low frequency tightness, it all gelled after the change. Take a look at Critesspeakers.com for starters and plan to spend the smartest money you can on your speakers. New capacitors are essential, wherever you get them. Cheers!
  21. DavidH had asked me in a PM(?) how much the K510 horns cost me. I thought I had responded through my email, but after checking my sent messages folder I see it went to "<forums-no-reply@lipsch.com>" so in future I will answer all questions in the thread to avoid excluding or offending anyone. The more information we all have, the more qualified our decisions. David, and others, the K510 horns were 79 bucks each. I should add, tongue in cheek, that everything where I live gets a hefty 13% tax added. It helps pays for healthcare and lavish, ridiculously unsupervised social benefits while the rest of us earn our keep. Healthy educated people make healthy educated choices. For that I am grateful. I have since enquired about the venerable K402, they are special order, likely added to the next production run, and and go for 570 bucks a pop!
  22. Regarding driver selection, I heard back from the wizard at Gentec, he actually CALLED me with his findings. I had left it with him whether he emailed or called. The Klipsch K-69-A is available here, price 340 $CDN, but Fernando seemed to think there were better options elsewhere. I mentioned the B&C DE750TN, price 338 $CDN, and he said that was an excellent choice. When I told him the Faital Pro HF200 was what I actually ordered he agreed that was an even better selection. After exchange, shipping and customs the price difference was less than a hundred bucks. Small price to pay for quality. Negligible at this point. This gentleman took the time to answer every question I asked him. One of them was given 8 or 16 ohms, which would be a better choice for a high frequency driver? He said if it were up to him he would always pick the higher impedance driver. In a club, less ohms for more power, but at home more ohms for better control. When I had asked Mr. Crites to put together my order he automatically quoted the 16 ohm variant. Bob designs his CS500 crossover to use that impedance. No surprise there! As a relative newbie, I would have erroneously ordered an 8 ohm unit. And in so doing euchred myself! Moral of the story? Assume nothing and ask questions.
  23. ...about that cutout... I went exactly 5 1/8 inches in from the cabinet, on the second speaker. The first speaker I cut 5 inches in and found the screw placement very precarious.
  24. ...the Jubilee's? He spoke of such a man 'round these parts... And yes, I have been in customer service ALL my working life, and at 51 years old was left in awe with that gentleman's product AND applied knowledge and congeniality. He should have a tip jar! Which brings me to my dealings with Mr. Crites. Another true gentleman with a wealth of knowledge and genuine character. Life is good.
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