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  1. Well the Aiyima went back to Amazon. It was a wonderful sounding little amp however it didn't really integrate all that well with the other components. It was difficult to control the volume. In order for my Volumio based streamer to pass bit perfect audio the volume control must be set to 100% in the Volumio software resulting in the DAC sending a really hot signal to the amp. The volume knob on the amp had very little usable range, you could only turn it about 30 degrees or so, not a good situation. Controlling the volume on the sub was also a pain because the output for the sub on the Aiyima is not a true sub out it's actually a line out unaffected by the volume knob so if you changed the volume of the amp the sub volume stayed the same. Enter the Sabaj A10a amp which solves both problems. It uses an NJW1194 digital volume control chip which compensates for the high input level and gives me a full useful range of -60db to 0 and the sub out works with the volume control as it should so the sub stays balanced with the speakers. I can now comfortably adjust the volume using the remote so I don't have to touch anything. Now to evaluate how it all sounds, my initial impressions are favorable. We shall see or should I say hear.
  2. Way back in the day I built a Dynakit FM-5 tuner and I had an 8 element beam on a rotor. Lot's of decent sounding stations in the 70's in the Boston area. Today it would be pointless to have a good FM setup, there's only one good station left. But I do miss it. I listen to a few internet radio stations that stream flac instead.
  3. On my phone it's from afar. On a 27" monitor, not so much.
  4. I don't have an HT setup per se but I got a low-ball rig in a spare bedroom. Cheap Epson projector onto a bare wall, AudioSource Amp One, Acoustech PL-66 speakers there's also a little Monoprice sub in the corner. Good enough for cartoons.
  5. Love that wall sign. How do you like those amps? Must be pretty good if you got two of them.
  6. The Aiyima punches way above it's weight but bear in mind it only weighs 65 dollars. It does sound better than the other SS amps I've recently paired with those Heresys including a Pioneer SX-780 receiver, a Cambridge Audio AXA25, and an AudioSource Amp One. It has remarkable clarity and detail while not being too bright or brittle and still retains dynamic range even at lower volumes. Quite frankly, I was totally surprised. The TI TPA3255 chip used in this little thing is $4.50 in quantity. Unbelievable.
  7. That is a thing of beauty. Be proud.
  8. In my continuing adventures with my ever evolving "System 3" I've landed on a spot I feel good about. Who would have thought a small sub and a cheap class d chip amp would pair up so well with some antique Heresys. I've been listening with a critical ear for about four weeks now and I've got to tell you it's enough to give this dedicated "tube-guy" reason to think. I think I just go lucky with the synergy 'cause I put this combo together just for grins and giggles. I still prefer my tube setups but this rivals them and considering the low cost of everything I'm more than a little amazed. Anyone else running anything similar?
  9. Yes in some cases, not all. Some of the minimally-miked three-channel recordings using 35 mm film recorders as was done in the late fifties and early sixties by labels like Everest and Mercury sound fantastic. Here's a video with some background on that process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDzLQmUeky8&ab_channel=ANA[DIA]LOG
  10. "Girl Here Plays Mean Piano" Great album.
  11. Musical Paradise and Boyuurange make some very nice single ended amps for around 500 bucks.
  12. Wow! You can literally see "somewhere over the rainbow."
  13. The venue in which it was recorded has much to do with the sound. Not all concert halls are created equal, some are terrible (Sydney Opera House) and some are superb (Boston Symphony Hall) In order to preserve the natural dynamics and reverb of the room, recording engineers typically use only two or three carefully positioned microphones. Look for stuff recorded in great halls. Musikverein, Concertgebouw, Boston Symphony Hall and Tokyo Opera City are all considered great. If on the other hand you prefer close mic'd and mixed recordings (nothing wrong with that) my advice would be irrelevant. Concert halls or airplane hangars would all sound the same.
  14. I like Tidal for it's deep vintage jazz catalog and the quality of their streams. Their servers are very reliable, always connects with no stutter or glitches and I mean never, not in years. I don't use their crappy app though. I use the interface that's built in to Volumio, its very basic but suits my needs.
  15. My first "good" speakers were 901's, got them in 1970 and I rocked out with those and a big black Sansui integrated amp. I thought they were great until I got Heresies in 1977. I still have the Heresies to this day and they sound just as marvelous as they did then.
  16. This is from seven years ago. I remember the boat rolling to port side as everyone rushed to one side for a good look.
  17. Boyuu/Reisong A10 while technically not a SET (it's a single ended ultra-linear design using EL34 pentodes) sounds very good driving my pair of Heresy III. It's half your budget and easily returnable on Amazon. Mine sounds so good with upgraded JJ tubes that I feel no reason to upgrade.
  18. Check the switch positions of the preamp on the TT and the inputs of the speakers. If the the TT preamp is ON set speaker input to LINE, if it is OFF set the speakers to PHONO.
  19. No pops. Actual wpc? Who knows? Between the PS variables and the BS numbers it could be anything. But it sounds strong when you crank it.
  20. I've been messing around with my budget sandbox system which is whatever I happen to throw at my '77 Heresies. I had been running a Cambridge Audio AXA25 integrated and was pretty happy with that but I figured it was time for some more experimentation. I saw a review over on the ASR forum for the Aiyima A07 class D amp and it intrigued me. I had always considered class D stuff to be inferior but the newer chip amps by TI measure pretty good, I just wondered how they would sound. Well Amazon days roll around and they have the A07 with a 32V PS for 64.00, how could my cheap heart resist and if it sucks I'll just return it. Well it's a keeper, two words describe it clean and detailed. But its transparency seemed to reveal the Heresies lack of deep bass. I then find out that the AUX input jack on the A07 can function as a sub-out jack as well, so this being my sandbox I'll bring in another toy just for grins and giggles. I then "borrow" my little Martin Logan Dynamo 300 from my bedroom TV setup and hook that up. Holy Moly! after getting the sub "delicately dialed in" (I'm not a "bass-head") I settled in for a good listen. Wow what an improvement over the Cambridge amp, possibly the best 63.99 I've ever spent. Class D amp and a sub with my Heresies was something I had never even considered before. I never thought such a cheap little amp could sound this good. Now I got an Cambridge amp that will sit in the closet and I have to buy a new subwoofer for the bedroom.
  21. They are 63.99 with a 32v supply on Amazon today.
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