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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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On 3/14/2017 at 4:54 PM, dirtmudd said:

the carport is made up with 2x10's ...weather reported 8-10 inches of snow ...the snow will stop @ 8 pm...lake effect snow tomorrow  5-8 inches......snow blower down !! recoil broke.... now I just watch out the window.. let's see if my neighbor's help out....

recoil is still broke ..I just removed it... now I have electric start !!!

here's my electric starter ..I still have some more snow removal...but I'm

out and about.. the national guard is town doing snow removal .. clearing fire hydrants ...


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Having a toddy. Made the most of the listening area I could. Still looking for a McIntosh MEN220 room correction device to help out. One used for $3700 can be had from a well known place but searching for a better deal, I am spent $$$ out.

The parts for offsite aircraft that I worked thru the night on arrived unusable/broken within the wooden shipping crate; starting that all over again with none in stock here. Called in again this morning at 0900 after a couple of hours sleep to handle some meaningless BS. Did I mention that I am burning vacation time....

Replaced an ARC breaker and that fixed the kiddos' rooms outlet issue using the vacuum.

Wife finally reported in from Colorado ski trip. It seems that fun has nudged aside her anger with me on the suitcase episode and unanticipated expenses. Kids having an exceptional time and have steadily moved up the ranks in ski school. Daughter mistakenly took a wrong trail (black diamond) and managed to ski down without fall or incident. She is justifiably proud of herself.

Girls are shopping (sigh) and boys are being lazy after exercise; really, say it ain't so?


Son's friend that we invited along in my place is having a great time I am told.

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3 hours ago, minermark said:

Afternoon gents


Dishwasher valve R&R, love this chit, i was rusty laying on cold tile w/wrench.

38 Degree Guinness Blonde waiting.





---- "I give you" - heartburn and acid reflux tonite - shitts in the morning. Fine dining will do that to a body. 

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Good evening gang.......


Chuck, hear you on the Atkins.......I have two good friends that went on that..  They became 'skinny' for a long while, but then as of late, have drifted away from it, and now look like their old selves once again ;)...   Best of luck with it....  :emotion-21:

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