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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Iv been mowin the lawn every week for the past two months, of course we will soon be buying bottled water to flush our toilets, price to pay for great weather.

yeah it's been brutal down here in SoCal -- wore a sleeveless t-shirt today, washed the car, went down to the beach and relaxed.

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You have our condolences. I know you would rather be in Nocal.

technically, NoCal is home--so whenever i'm back in the bay area--I do feel like i'm home. parents died when i was 8, so on my 9th birthday i got shipped off to relatives in SoCal. I like it here obviously.

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Having a Cup of Community Coffee "Dark Roast" Right now. Staring cup number 3 right now. So please excuse type o's and miss spellings. I have tried many types of coffee in the past. I have to I guess start with my grinder and the advantages. I have a Kitchenaid burr grinder that I love. It's loud but does a great job and grinds slow to produce less heat while grinding. My auto coffee pot of choice will always be a Bunn. The velocity brewers are wonderful, simple pour water in and you have a pot of coffee in less than 3 mins. Now for the time to enjoy a cup on off days when you just want to have a seat and enjoy a cup. I use a bodium French Press one of the coolest things I have ever bought. I can brew in my Bunn have a cup then use the same amount of coffee in the french press and the flavor is completely different so much deeper and complex. With french press I use cream or Bailey's. I get all my coffee from Community coffee club. They offer discounts to members and sales throughout the year. I think the reason I like community so much, one I like a dark roast. When you start grinding your own beans you will realize the days of bitter coffee are over. I tend to change from time to time. French roast during the winter French roast is oil shine to it I think the beans have a higher moisture content. They grind different compared to the dark roast. I am sorry I guess I have started to talk to much. The best option to me for a person starting out. Buy a good brewer then a grinder and you are set. If you love the smell of coffee the grinder has the added bonus of filling the entire house with the smell of fresh ground coffee when you are using it.

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