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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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10 hours ago, richieb said:

We just had new carpet installed on stairs, hallway and two spare bedrooms. Used horse hair padding (or today’s equivalent) to avoid foam paddings tendency to compress and flatten out in high traffic areas. Highly recommended by the carpet store and installers. 

Horse hair was used in a lot applications years ago, especially plaster and concrete. 

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4 minutes ago, babadono said:

That's cuz I made it up:) But to me nothing reminds me more about A & P than 8 o Clock coffee.

there's a few remnants around here..

of the old stores from far distant past... Don't remember if I was in any of stores as a kid...

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Cables.  Yes I changed the supplied wimpy patch cords on the Node 2i with some beefier ones.  Like a veil had been lifted😉


Spent about 4 hours assembling a CD tower that holds 625 CDs.  Looks good.  My arthritic thumb is worse for wear pushing in the tiny brackets that hold each shelf up.


Jake goes to the vet tomorrow for an ultra sound.  He has gall stones and has not been eating.  Daddy has been worrying.  Gave him bacon tonight and he scarfed that up.


That's all for now pilgrims.

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Up date on the Jakester.  Took him in and the tech shaved his stomach in preparation for the procedure.  Then the vet comes in and states that the specialist who was to do the ultra sound husband tested positive for Covid so the procedure was cancelled.  Jake is feeling better and getting his meds wrapped in turkey bacon so we will hold off for a bit.  Seems fine by Jake!




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