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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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@grasshopper was thinking about her the other day.  At least you're there and stepping up.  What's a couple fingers right?  😂


Oldest daughters bf rolled another 300 the other night in league.  I asked her how many he had and she said like 34-36 she didn't even know anymore.  The guy he bowled against had a 287 and she said they were each telling the other it was their turn the whole game.  Crazy.  I'd have been done at 5 in a row.  😂

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All the sudden it´s autumn here, temps droped down to 50 F max. fresh wind and lot´s of rain.  Sitting on the sofa and listening to Steely Dan´s Album " two against nature " . Is´s a great album , maybe one of their best .


Earlier I had cooked pollock with a brocilli cream sauce, plus mashed potatoes. Was delicious. Yesterday I had still fetched personal things from the house. I still have to make 2 or 3 trips then everything important is in my new apartment. With my Mitsubishi I can transport a lot, actually I have, except for a few exceptions where I was helped by friends, everything done alone.


Today at noon my washing machine was delivered, of course a real German BOSCH and have already washed a lot of laundry .


Maybe you remember that I said in the spring of this year at the latest in autumn  I'm away from the woman, strange ... excatly that happened and that's good. To my children I have constant contact that is the most important.


Life is good to me ..think , act , do ...that´s my philosophy

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Gyros today, rainy and in the 50s here all day. After football I'll see about some good LPs I spied in the den.


Mine is long gone.... had red onions and pepperchini with the extra gyro meat also. Think the pita could have stood to be twice as big.... didn't slow me down though!123-1.jpg

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I picked up some crossovers to rebuild for my recently acquired KP-250s.

I knew they were a little funky but they had the autoformer and some of the other parts I needed.

Last night I sketched out what was actually on the board vs the actual schematic.

Wrong and substituted parts in pink.



Replacement parts have been ordered and the KP-250s should be back together in time for some Halloween parties outdoors at the end of the month.


It’s been a beautiful day here in western North Carolina.

I ran a load of trash to the dump and then went to grab a cup of coffee at my usual place downtown.

There was some sort of little festival going on today and all of the usual parking was blocked off so I parked next to my buddy’s gun store and went in and had a chat before hiking a few blocks to get my fix.


I came back to the house and called @Marvel up and we talked for the rest of the afternoon.

Now it’s time to make some dinner.

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This is a preemptive post:

No matter what @Dave1291 posts about our ill fated trip to a restaurant that was last good 40 years ago. Don't believe it. I only ate three breadsticks. Problem is I don't believe they're complementary anymore because we had trouble getting more when I could have eaten a dozen. But anyhow, after my frozen entree that was reheated and the DJs green beans in his pasta. It was laughter and joyous banter for the rest of the afternoon. The people were staring at us and no believe me nobody in our party was stoned. Yeah I know it's a strange post but after he told me what he was going to do I had to do this because I'm not driving right now

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Wellllll, I had a brain fart.  That's all I'm saying.  Saw a special a while back for all you can eat pasta @ the Olive Garden near here.  So off we went and I'm ready since it had been 3-4 years since I'd been there.


Got seated and it was all down hill after that.  "Never ending pasta bowls" for 12.95.  I'm down!  I'll stuff 3 of those puppies in and take one home.  So I told the waitress that's what I wanted.  Add meat for $4.99?  So we're pushing 20$ now.  That wasn't the deal though.  It was on a card standing up on the table.  Screwed and too late now so she brings our $3.49 drinks and 3 breadsticks for 2 ppl?    John gets salad and I get some soup so she's grinding cheese, stops and leaves. 


I asked for more breadsticks since piglet ate them all and I'm going to need them w/the all you can eat soup I ordered a second bowl of.  John eats 3 bowls of salad and I'm waiting on my second bowl of soup, which I never got.  I dove on the breadsticks quick and then here comes the food. 


She's grinding cheese on his food, comes to me and starts grinding, I'm laffin w/John about the entie fiasco, look down and there's a two-inch mound of cheese on my fettucini and she's still crankin that thing.  I said "whoa" and she says well you never told me to stop.  Look up and John's gnawin on breadsticks again.


THEN a light bulb goes off.  Imma gonna get them now.  A full order of fettucini alfredo to go for 9$  BOOM!  It said cooked to perfection then chilled enough to take home safely.  Huh?  Wait, it's LEFTOVERS and yup it was.  Two "perfect ice cream scoops" on one side and a wad of noodles on the other side of the plastic tray.


I'll skip the part about using my card in some game machine on the table to pay my bill.  ANOTHER mentally handicapped fun time for me.  So we walk outside and there's a SGT Schultz clone telling John about his tour in Nam after seeing my retired plate.  Yea buddy it was a wild ride this afternoon for sure.   😂


A pic?  Seriously?  Just say NO is all I can tell ya.  Never, nope, won't EVAH happen again!




😂😂😂   💪





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