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Palladium / Belle with THX Ultra2 Subs


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Today I had the opportunity to meet up with MichaelandKlipsch today after he and his bro-n-law delivered his 4 THX Ultra2's to one of his friend's home from South Carolina to Florida. We had a great time checking out his friend's Palladium, Belle and his newly purchased quad THX Ultra2's. I've never seen or heard Palladium, Belle or THX Ultra2 speakers so I was pretty excited to have this opportunity.


The Palladiums were much taller than I had expected. The finish is beautiful and I love the rounded cabinet. Very classy. They were very clear at high volume and the Krell amps had no problem making them sing. They have a sound that is unique from the Heritage and Reference. The dialog from the Belle was not as clear as what I would have expected but that might be due to the EQ settings from the Yamaha.


The Quad THX Ultra2's were absolutely fantastic. My favorite part of the demo was the super clean, DEEP, heart pounding bass from the new subs. They definitely took his friend's setup to an entirely new level.


We had a great time together calibrating his system and a few demos. We then drove to my home for some lunch and a few demos from the DeanG RF-7ii and the LaScala Trio.


Fun day with some great friends.



Youthman (Left) and MichaelandKlipsch (Right)






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That cherry Belle in the center looks awesome.

Yeah, it had some wear and tear but the finish has a very deep redish color to it. Very nice indeed.

I'll bet the Krell powering those 39s were spectacular.

Yes, plenty of clean power behind the Palladiums.

Outstanding photo's.... Thanks for posting....

Thx Boxx, it was pretty rushed. Michael and his bro-n-law had a very limited time before they had to head back home and they wanted to stop by and check out my setup as well. I wish I would have closed the blinds to prevent the glare on the side of the Palladiums.

Two guys heavy into HT -_- , what did you have to talk about, lol.

Haha....no doubt.

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I'll be honest here. The palladiums were Gorgous and sounded incredible. That being said Youths 3 lascalas sounded better. Please don't hate me but the detail deprecation clarity and soundstage were absolutely incredible in comparison. Youth has a beautiful home and a nice cozy thrater. Had a great time experiencing it all. The belle was underwhelming. The palladiums musically were outstanding an the THX subs put so much bass in my friends house he probably will have cops there tonight. :) wstrickland when you coming to hear my anthem/THX ultra Dual JTR captivator s2 theater ???

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Youth has a beautiful home and a nice cozy thrater. Had a great time experiencing it all.

Thanks Michael. Glad to have you and your bro-n-law over today. Can't wait till I'm up in your area and can visit you and Billy.

Fantastic pictures like usual Youth!


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I would say it is very similar to the lascala in clarity but it may be because my kl650 is in a well treated theater room with the eq of the anthem d2v the lascala was much more pleasing to the ear over the rc64. So far for movie applications I like the kl650. Lcr and I like the lascalas next. I have a feeling the pro cinema gear would be the next step up over the kl650s.

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