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Klipsch Sightings

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I've been searching for a good shop to do engine work on my motor cross bike (Kawasaki KX450f) walked in to a shop in Little Rock and on the wall were CORNWALLS!!!! I knew then that shop was the one I've been looking for!


Years ago I checked into a HI in Jonesboro. Small bar had four CW's flying!


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See if you can list all four model numbers in the backgtound shown in the video.

I can, had to watch it twice.

See if you can locate the speakers in this photo.

attachicon.gifSession 007.jpg

La Scala II and KL-650's?

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Fortes sighting, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Tennessee.



And in my days in Smyrna at the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center, I got to hear those Fortes a lot in Mt. Juliet at Bradley's Barn. And I even got the spare pair on loan in my dorm room. Owen was a friend of mine, met him through Harlan Howard. He was a very fine gentleman of the highest respect. All of Nashville loved that gentleman, he loved them back.

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I know y'all know that Chipotles that were built after 2009 have Heresy IIIs installed. The one closest to my work keeps having to replace the crumbling drywall the bass keeps destroying in front of the speakers. If only they want to downgrade I would be more than willing to take them off their hands.

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One more story?  25 years ago at a Kid's Square Dance Recital being held in a school gymnasium in Lamar, Colorado (southeast corner of state near nowhere) I couldn't help noticing the wonderful sound filling the building while the kids danced and the grown up's cheered. After a while of searching for the source I spotted in the distance, on the other side of the gym, standing proudly in each corner on the top row of bleachers birch LaScala's.  The distance allowed the mids to chill a bit while the bass notes developed and didn't weaken at all.  

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