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Klipsch Sightings

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The link is for a BBC/David Attenborough documentary on African lions.  So what does that have to do with Klipsch speakers?!


Run the video in the link below until the 18-second mark.  Then hit pause (paws?) at exactly 18 seconds. Tell me what you see.


And then run the video to the 40-second mark.  What is your response?


Here's mine:   Mr. Klipsch, your product failed the "Lion Test".  You need more base response!  LOL!




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55 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

Klipsch sighting


Cary Audio listening room, Raliegh, N.C.




I have been in that store, but it was years ago. Since they were a little snooty way back then, it's nice to see that they aren't too good to display a nice set of F3s. An exact twin of my pair, no less.....



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1 hour ago, Tony Whitlow said:

Went to the Oasis 30 years ago and had nachos. They brought out a platter with a pile of nachos the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

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Food back then was so-so, the reason to go was, and still is, the drinks and sunsets.



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I believe elsewhere on this forum it was reported Chipotle had contracted with Klipsch to install Heresy's in their restaurants.


I remember after reading this, I purposely took a trip to 2 different Chiptole's to see  and hear them. Sure enough, they've got Heresy's!


But I go into the Chipotle at the Danbury CT mall yesterday and there's something else. The woofers look similar to Klipsch woofers and the tweeter is the same color but the overall design-I don't recognize it.


Not to mention,they didn't install the speakers out of reach like the Heresy's so meatheads have already dented the tweeters.


Funny though; the coworker I was eating lunch with spontaneously mentioned the music must be good because everybody was bobbing their heads.





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