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if you had to get rid of one pair?

Zappa Freak

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Ok I have to many sets of speakers which set would you get rid of? all sets in mint condition.


Chorus II  Oak

KLF-30's  Black

Cornwalls Birch




which do you like the sound of best?


Zappa Freak

AHHH Zappa Freak.....come on are you for real.....to many speakers......I will remind you were you are my man.....

To many speakers.... madness I tell you.....madness.....

Just messing with ya.....

That is a tough one.......only you know the answer.....But really witch one, one's do you really like the sound of??

Some of my speakers take a rest and live in the basement.....then I bring them back up-stairs....just a thought for ya...

I have only sold one set of my Klipsch. I sold my Cornwalls to my shop helper a few years back....but I still see and hear them from time to time.

Also I told him he can only sell them back to me....

Anyway back to your question...to me it's like this

1st Chorus II.....love em

2nd Cornwalls......love em 

3rd KLF 30's.....never owned them......but would like to love em...

So it's easy....pack up your KLF 30's take a road trip to my house stay for the weekend....leave the KLF's with me and BAM your done...

You'll have one less set of speakers and I will have.....MORE KLIPSCH......lol lol...

Best of luck...


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I would keep the CH II above all others, then the CW. 


Another variable would be are you 2 ch only or is there one set of these that might want to be built up to a 5.1 rig?  The KLF is the only series that was built with a purpose-made center and surrounds. 

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Guest Steven1963

Oh yes there is a right answer: Keep them all and sell the wife instead. With her gone and all her stuff, you'll have plenty of room for all the Klipsch you have or want to have.  Problem solved. :lol:  :P  :D  :blink:


EDIT: my wife does not frequent these forums, otherwise my opinion would be different.

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I've owned all three models and the Chorus IIs remain.


But really......find a way to keep all three pair.  As you pick up different gear to use/try out at the front end, you might want to listen through different models.  I certainly do.  It's getting harder and harder to find these models in mint condition.  Are there other items in your storage that can go? 

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I'm keeping my pair - (KHorn, LS, Quartet that is!)

Yea, I was going to say something along those lines.  One would think with a Room Groove, 3 pair of Forte IIs, one pair of Cornwall IIIs, one pair of Heresies, one pair of Hersey IIs, a pair of RB 75s, double stacked MWMs/402s for two channel listening and Klipsch in ceiling speakers in my home based business I could make some sacrifices!  Nope, nada, no way!  Forget it!  Not parting with any of them!!!!  Just ask Dtel......I'm a hoarder of all things Klipsch...

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Are you cash strapped or just looking for more storage room? If not cash strapped, hand em down to family, with the option to retain if ever they want to get rid of them. That might be easier and cheaper than getting rid of the wife..............oh yeah.............. do I dare mention this?................... Those speakers wont cook your dinner or bring you your slippers! Oh boy.  :ph34r:


Disclaimer: I am not a Male Chauvinist Pig. I play one on the internet though. Just kidding to all our wonderful wives/ladies out there. Just kidding.  :D

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