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Ugly La Scala's for Sale $500


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That's "normal wear" if used as patio speakers on a submarine.

If those tweeters weren't dismantled when the horns were painted white, there's a great possibility the screens are filled with paint.

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Lol I like how the pictures are taken of them outside in a part of the country where it drizzles constantly for most of the year. $200 would actually be a pretty fair price and if anything you can make that up selling the parts out if needed.

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Hmmm. I usually hate to lowball people too hard but I might offer him $200 for them.

My brother is quite handy and he likes projects...


I like projects too, and I love for people to bring back and restore Klipsch speakers, but those would be a lot of work. 


A fair price might be one to one-fifty, and that's not a low-ball price, that is the value IMO.  Then be prepared for a looong restoration. 

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I just offered him $200 for them. I will let you guys know how it goes.

I told my brother that I would pay him to restore them and he was on board. He offered to do it for free but I think these are larger than he is expecting..

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