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Prepare to sell all your speakers.


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If you look at the video at 1:29 you can see a unit with the screen off. It just looks like a tiny down firing sub with 2 small full range drivers on either side and probably a mixed channel center firing forward. The signal processor probably tweaks the phase etc for the sound bouncing off the wall behind it to match the center. Its like that self shifting bike, for what it is its clever engineering and good for certain things but to try to compare it to high end stereo systems is laughable. For a portable boombox its actually a decent idea instead of just shooting the sound forward.

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$500 (on sale with the $100 off coupon) per module?


It would have to defy the laws of physics to have a big sound from such a tiny box.  I can believe it can sound decent but I can't believe any decent sized Klipsch speaker wouldn't blow it into the weeds.

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"Each Core can play individually from a local source or in unison."


Pile up about 40 of 'em...



That's funny, one time when I was early on working for a sound company, we were given an assignment. How many Bose (901 at the time) and how much power would it take to equal a Crown DC300 playing through a pair of Klipsch LaScalas? 

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They have a ton of electronics inside that little box to achieve this hat trick. There can't be a whole lot of room for good drivers, tuning ports and the amp. The reviews seem to say it's OK when placed in an exact position with a perfect setup, but even then it won't play very loud.


It could be a cool new science, but my intuition tells me that this is BS. 


Do you all remember the Paul Harvey commercials about the Bose Acoustic Wave. It could magically fill a room with sound, yada yada. IMO, this is probably a less-good version of that. The reason I say less-good is that this needs positioned perfectly if you even have an acceptable place, and it doesn't go loud due to it's size constraints.


We have a Marley bluetooth speaker which I will put up against this little device any day of the week. It cost about $200. 

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