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So, no questions. I'm a little surprised.


Your thread isn't even 24 hours old, Dean.  B)


Many people have already bought their upgrades or kits, so as a group we are all in different stages of our need or want for upgrades.  Some of us want to DIY the build, some of us don't have soldering skills and building a XO from scratch would scare us to death.


For me I have a newly acquired Khorn with AA XO's.  I've been researching the old threads on AA style rebuilds and upgrades just because it is all new information to me, and it is interesting reading.  Your thread has the potential to become THE definitive thread on the AA build/rebuild. 


I think the questions will come. 


Great thread, thanks for doing it.  :emotion-21:

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Your video works fine on my Windows 10 pc. Very nice, Dean, and nice of you to go to the trouble of posting this. It takes a lot of time to document stuff like this.


I'm still up for a call from you.



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