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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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Thank you everyone for the likes on my Yes pick from last night.....................now, listening to this wonderful LP from David Gilmour, another tribute to his friend Richard Wright :sad:......IMG_0388.jpg

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Spinning now a traditional rock with prog leanings album from 1978

This release is dominated with keyboards and guitar 

I’m sure most members will know this band and songs 


Extra info

This album was part of a purchase I made a few weeks ago 

I was surprised that it was a sample gatefold record that Discogs say is from NZ 

Suprised that it’s as new and has the promo literature inside, this includes a story of the band a magazine clipping and a B&W photo 

See photos 


Artist - Styx

Title - Pieces Of Eight 












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Guest wdecho

Tommy Shaw was raised in Montgomery, Alabama my home town and my best friend was a close friend of his. He actually came to see him the day he decided to join the band Styx. Just tidbits, never meet him myself. I now live in the suburbs of Montgomery. 

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Have a Styx and a Bellamy Brothers lp here. Do not know if I can load it. Cannot see the pics load that K5S$ posted above.

Maybe it was a TT...King Crimson ^^^+++++There is a youtube of KC in Japan live. Takes about 5 minutes to come to audible volume while fans are talking, laughing, wondering.

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15 minutes ago, K5SS said:

Got the player and needed some play. This box was on OfferUp for $20 so I took a nice 30 minuet drive and snagged them. 7125931aafa81c09c497359362bee910.jpgfa0c0b5bd7c18afd2ab25dcfeff160f7.jpg

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That's  a nice score...

 other things to consider





Or any bubble level





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