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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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Good morning folks!

It's easy to see that when the bulk of the collection gets to me it's going to be out of control here. I've managed to clean most of my records and some of the crate Mark brought to me the other week. My cabinet that I thought would be enough for me twenty years ago is full of restored LPs. Plus there is an entire Farmplast super crate full that doesn't fit since I added some and then reduced the tension in there.



I'll have to come up with a new format for cataloging my records. It will involve crates on the dresser!

I have several that before I take them to the used record store for credit I'm going to offer to y'all. What I know is that if the bulk gets here in the next month or so (I believe so, he's said they are in his way in the laundry room) there will be more but I could tag and then send out some time capsules. I'll adapt to the situation.


@Full Range after this public service announcement gets to the followers of the vinyl thread I'll open a different thread for this stuff if there is interest.


Argent all together now                    G

Ginger Bakers Air Force double      VG - VG+    I literally think they were tripping and I don't anymore so it's not for me. kinda jazzy

the Band & the Band Live double    G

Bowie  pin ups                                   didn't clean

Cars mopar cover                              VG


*Take it to pm if you want in on this!


more late 60s to 74   a through c to follow when I can go through them

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hahahahaha John!  You're getting into the thick of it all now.  Can't wait to sit back and smirk at you.  Cleaning, sorting, listening, nosin.  Don't forget the alphabetical order!  hahaha  Hope ya know what's clean and what's not.  No you can't take a black Sharpie and write your name on the front!  Yea I'm laffin but we've all been there.  It's a lot of work but also a lot of fun. 


Had a lumber company build my oak cabinet when I first began.  Solid inch oak, recessed glass door slider tracks top and bottom on each of the 4 shelves.  Had to really think it through cause I didn't want the bottoms of the LP's getting torn up pulling them and dragging them over the track.  They thought I was absolutely insane to put that kind of money in a cabinet for "records."  Now I wish I had 3 or 4.  At today's prices that's not gonna happen.  Have been thunkin though.  Bwa, ha ha  You thought I was nuts...  Welcome to the world and you got a great price on your stuff.  Thought I might see somethin in your list but nope, got em all.   😂  😂  😎

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That GB air force had me listening for something good it's kinda like chromatic scales with inaccurate off kilter drums mixed in. I think the end of side C is where I heard a song finally, a live one. Just not my cup of coffee. Cars was kinda nappy 80s sound but not the hair band type, think I'll let go of my two jovi bon records and Tesla (maybe not).

Getting on towards cleaner lps now had to turn the machine off and put new stuff into it. Putting some mileage on from the records to the restorer in the next room to rinse off in the big kitchen sink, then dry and tape up the busted sleeves after zapping the static out of them and the covers. found no dirt or sand (FL decade) inside so that is good.


They're still alphabetical but not chronological per artist like they were before. Gotta get this done before the three hundred pounds of vinyl gets here, he might surprise me and do that soon.

America and the Flying Burrito Brothers are pretty mellow at least the couple I've listened to. Bread? OMG I had that lp long ago! Nay! Nay! I cannot survive on that, the Horse with No Name LP might can stay it's kinda CSNY harmony-like.

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6 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

The GB is just....

Have you pulled it up on youtube and listened to it? Strange indeedB)

That was his Africa phase 

It’s his version of jazz mixed with African rhythmic sounds 

It’s an acquired taste - best listened to every now and then 

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Had some spare time this morning 

Still going through the older jazz records in the collection 


Today it’s Dixieland from 1962

Artist - The Dixie All-Stars ‎

Title - Dixieland With A Twist Beat

ID - https://www.discogs.com/The-Dixie-All-Stars-Dixieland-With-A-Twist-Beat/release/8123952







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On 1/26/2020 at 11:17 PM, Full Range said:

A little nostalgia this morning as I was moving things around the collection and found this little beauty 💎

As I’m going to be a grandfather around May 2020 I came across a 45RPM single from the TV series Skippy - and just had to play it 

I know my US friends would not have had this TV program - but I’m sure youtube would have some episodes to have a look 

I had watched every single episode of that show while growing up 

Ahh the memories 😎


Artist - Eric Jupp

Title - Skippy The Bush Kangaroo 







All my youth, when I was a child I watched Skippy on French TV ORTF in 1968 and 1969, it was exotic for us in France, because here there are not these animals.

there was also Flipper the dolphin, in the same years, but that was American. It was just as exotic for me and a dream life to have these animals as a companions.



Note I love Scott Joplin 

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Ah, Flipper.  I too wished for a pet dolphin and a small boat with an outboard as a child.  Check this out from the Flipper dolphin wrangler:  But it's OK because the Japanese are so nice, right?



"Westerners... kill and eat cows. Easterners eat dolphins. What's the difference?"  LOL.  You tell me.  Is anyone that stupid not to know?

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So you liked the last record spin
Well here is another Ragtime record 


Artist - Various  ‎

Title - They All Played The Maple Leaf Rag


A Scott Joplin composition - that became the model for all ragtime pieces that followed 

Scott Joplin is considered the father of ragtime 







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