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Found something I'd never heard of, Tommy Bolin. He was playing for Deep Purple when he released this record of his own. OD'd in `76. Good on the guitar he played for others too. Took one look at the cover and wasn't interested but when I pulled it up on youtube it's pretty good!





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Tossed these on Sunday evening.

Janis Ian, folk rocker who admired Joan Baez released this in 1967.  Different sound then but she had a nice lil following




"Listen Like Thieves" is a 1985 release by that Aussie group INXS.  Their fifth album spent two weeks at #1 down under then migrated to the US.  Considered their breakthrough album here in the US peaking at #11.




Billy Idol released "Vital Idol" in 1980 comprised of many of his hits to that date.


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Spending a lil time today just nosin a bit after some running around.  Some may have heard of Mike Portnoy.  Neil Peart's buddy who Peart first met when he was like 15 and became very good friends with over time.  Mike spent like 10 years w/the group Dream Theater and other groups since.  If you've never heard of him let me introduce you to him.  He CAN hold his own!  Enjoy  :)



"Train of Thought" was Dream Theater's 7th studio album released in 2003.  Portnoy said it was written in response to a heavier and even darker audience of heavy metal fans taking only 3 weeks to write.  Trust me it IS that! 



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Got those two for a BullAngus with a VG cover and G vinyl. Kinda progressive and early 70s rock mixed up. It's possible that Kansas listened to them before rockin my socks off! Think the guy at the used record store wanted it himself. 


Love Billy G!:)

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This is a fantastic thread. I love records and have collected over 1,200 pieces myself over 40 years. But I can't read all 442 pages. I only browsed the last 40 pages and YES I don't know that much American music.I have to work through here in peace. Here are a few records from my collection. I hope they have not been mentioned on the previous pages and if it is not so bad ... I hope.



Ry Cooder kleiner.jpg







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