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What I Got Today!


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Just now, oldtimer said:

I had some goodyear's once.  Never again.  Michelin pilots are a good choice, I went with conti dws and love'em.


Hah, yeah not a tire I would have chosen, but it came as OEM equipment.  The F1 G:2 supercar is actually a very good track tire.  It works best heated up and will provide in excess of 1 G lateral traction on this car.  The Pilots are a downgrade in absolute grip in a road course environment, but an upgrade for the street (better traction when cold, better rain grip, and will last probably 2x as many miles).  If I take this car to a track day it will be with a track only wheel/tire set.  This latest iteration of the PSS is already known to have issues at the track unfortunately.

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@A1UC nice rubber for that HD truck. 

I've had an 87 S-10 4WD, 89 Silverado and a 97 Sierra. Before the first month was up on the second two (after learning with the S-10) sold those tiger-paw hydroplaners and got Dunlop Radial Rovers. Good not too noisy, you gotta be able to keep going in those rainstorms, they did not have a 20k tread life with me though.

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