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Bright Heresys? Dramatic, fix, for FREE.


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Originally posted by Klipschguy:

However, as stated earlier, the tweeers in my Herseys, before the modification, were TWICE as loud as the squawker when putting my ear alternately from driver to driver (on any decent recording, and this fact is independent of the room acoustics). Also, they sounded too bright in the same room with with my lovely sounding Cornwalls - so I really don't think it's a room problem.


Nope, it appears to be a problem in your Heresy's. But I wonder if it is only in yours? I have a pair, and by any means (if I do what you did) I find the tweeter to be much louder than the mid... in fact, I could say that im my case the mid is a bit stronger!


I just realiced that this is an old thread, so perhaps my comment is not relevant anymore!

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I solved my to bright tweeter in my Heresy 1's simply by replacing the 2 uF cap with a better quality 1.5 uF cap. This keeps the first order crossover and avoids any potential phase problems. I also have the P-trap on the squawker.

On my Heresy's, I improved the quality of bass by putting a layer of wool felt batting around the inner walls, then loosly stuffing the enclosure with polyfill. I also covered the woofer basket and squawker with plumbers putty. These mods transformed the bass. I do use a sub below 60 Hz.


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BTW, I tried laying my Heresy's on their side with the tweeters on the inside. If I sit with my head straight forward, they did image noticably better. However, when I turned my head from side to side, they did a very noticable venitian blind effect. I ended up putting them back in the upright position, because it was less distubing to me. YMMV.


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I'm a newbie to Heresies I. Got my pair from eBay last month. Did the mod today. The sound is getting better. Thanks Klipschguy!!


Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


But as John said in anther thread, the mid horn is also a little bid too harsh to me. Next, I'll follow John's suggestion (Here's the thread.) to move the mid horn's tap to 01 and add the 16 ohm resistor. This is John's idea:




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I jumped into this thread late, but had a comment about "Heresy brightness"; last year, I purchased a cornucopia of various Klipsch speakers - Forte's, KG2's, Heresy II's, Academy, and Cornwalls.

As a "recap", while setting up my HT initially, I had a set of Forte's as R/L, and no center channel. Before I was able to procure an Academy, I tried both the KG2 and Heresy II as center.

KG2 was close, but Heresy II was VERY BRIGHT compared to the Forte and was not useable whatsover. HOWEVER, what struck me one day during a segment of film (Talented Mr. Ripley), was a scene in the jazz bar, where the camera stares down the throat of a trumpet (then pans to the right). The sound of the horn coming through the Heresy II was BEAUTIFUL, and when it panned to the Forte, it was certainly and remarkably attenuated.

I would AGREE that the Heresy II is bright, BUT, if I had an opportunity to hear a complement of five of them in an HT setup, I believe the sound would be wonderful, especially in the upper frequencies!

With my current setup using Forte's as front and surrounds (and Academy as center), the system is WELL MATCHED, and has a wonderful fullness; the presence and strength of bass on the Forte is unmistakeable. Yet I have to ask - would the Forte NOT have been better "brighter" - perhaps with a Heresy tweeter? I think both speakers have their strengths - but neither is the "ideal", sad to say.

To stay "on track", as far as mods are concerned - if someone has an interesting mod to share (as this thread), then I am happy to hear of it, whether I would personally apply it or not. Such is the "nature of the beast", and it is always interesting to hear new ideas.


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I posted this to show how long people have been working on mods.

For y Heresy Mod:

Brace cabinet with 1x2s all 4 sides with liquid nails.

Use Dyna-mat on metal Mid and tweeter avoiding driver.

line rest of Cabinet with Dyna Mat

added fibre-fill.

Lowered efficiency a bit, female voices, acoustic guitar - having a friend play alongside, piano sounded better.

Tightened Bass up a hair. Did not, was not feel bass would be extended.

Would I do again, yes, did one, played Streisand, Also Sprague Zarathustra, Organ, piano dominate music, both enjoyed modified Speaker.


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I've been experimenting a lot with my old Heresy's the last few days. I've found that moving both the squawker and tweeter down a notch on the autoformer sounds better. I added 16 ohm resistors to each horn to correct the mismatch in impedance this caused. Next, I put the box in the corner on the floor. This brought the lower part of it's bass range up. Really rocks now! Balance is good, detail is still there but my ears don't burn with upper mids and highs anymore. First time I've ever heard a box speaker that sounds good in the corner. Didn't seem to affect the tone or imaging of the horns at all. I'm cranking out all my 20 watt Scott tube integrated can put out and the sound is clean, detailed and BASS PUNCHY! Cool! 10.gif


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I have a pair that i purchased new around 19780or 79. Listened to them regularly until i moved in 1996 .Bubble wrapped them and stored them until today. Dont even rememer how they sound. Gonna hook them up and check them out. I was gonna sell them but maybe ill refinisk the casees and keep. Do these speakers have any value ti=o a collector?



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Pkeller suggested trying the Heresys on their sides and so I did. To my taste I like the improved imaging very much. I noticed better detail and the Heresys disappear completely into a nice tight soundstage. I noticed, however, that off to the sides of the sweet spot the soundstange collapses and the music comes more directly from the speakers. This is very different from what I experienced with the upright set-up where the soundstage is still coherent even to the sides of the sweetspot but there is a loss of image detail. Holographic soundstaging, though missing image detail, is much better in upright position when off axis.

SO, my final conclusion. For most of the time when I am listening alone I will listen with the speakers sideways (tweeters in) and when I am sharing music time with a friend or friends the speakers will go back to upright (that is after they get to hear the sideways set-up in the sweet-spot just so I can see the look of wonder on their faces!).

YMMV and just for your own reference I am just coming off 6 months with Audio Physic Spark IIIs - talk about hyper edged imagery, holographic soundstage, and amazingly refined detail. The Sparks lacked a soul though which is why I came back to the Heresys. What they lack in detail and "refinement" they more than make up in sheer musicality and yes, "soul".

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