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9 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:



What new speakers did you get?

I know. Legacy audio Focus in rosewood (been looking for a pair in this finish).   I'm having my first kid in November and the lowest level listening will come into play more often. The 396s just aren't the right system for me all considered coming up. Price was right on the legacy speakers and they are being hand delivered by seller to my door. Can't go wrong.  

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11 minutes ago, Thaddeus Smith said:


It's only for a short period of time. At 5 and 7 I don't even worry about turning it down after bed time.

Eh, I made up my mind and committed to what I wanted that will work better for me. I miss the legacy speakers as I had them before and have been lookign casually for the pair I bought since I sold the large ugly pair I had prior. But thanks 

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13 minutes ago, Fido said:

wow - those Lagasy Audio Focus seem to be in another league from the speakers you are replacing - congrats

I didn't want to say that, but you may be onto something there.... Especially in the space I have. Those legacy have amazing bass and imaging. Much much different than any klips H I have heard. They also have realistic dynamic swings similar to klipsch. One of the better non horn speakers I have heard.  

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11 hours ago, Cinema_head said:

Are you selling the 396s?

Think he did already in another thread.


Bump for a good guy that honestly appraises the gear he puts up here!

Godzilla Sized Subwoofer!

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